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Facebook and white trash data centers make Rackable smile

A flush Facebook nudged Rackable Systems' revenue higher during the fourth quarter.

Java and PHP to exchange sweet nothings

SugarCon 2008 SugarCRM, one of the open source community's darlings, is taking steps towards improve interoperability between its PHP architecture and Java.
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Cisco outlook an investor Chambers of horrors

Cisco posted a decent 2008 fiscal second quarter, yet remains gloomy about its near-term sales forecast in the US and Europe.

Pillar adds 'application awareness' to Axiom arrays

Storage unstartup Pillar Data Systems is hawking a new application-aware storage feature for its Axiom arrays as "the world's first and only true" form of the management service.

Cable cutter nutters chase underwater conspiracies

The failure of four undersea cables in less than a week is stoking suspicions that saboteurs want to disrupt internet traffic passing between Europe and the Middle East. But there's little more than suspicions to work with since no one has yet to even reach the damaged cables.
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Forth Road Bridge hack redirects to smut bazaar

Updated Hackers turned the Forth Road Bridge website into a filth jamboree after breaking into its systems to plant script designed to redirect surfers to a Turkish site hosting malware.
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MoD goat-bothering boffinry to cease

The UK Ministry of Defence is to cease experiments involving goats in compression chambers, it has announced. The British forces now believe they have all the data they need regarding the likely effects of different decompression regimes, making further testing unnecessary.

PC World cuts £250 off the price of Apple's MacBook Air

Want a MacBook Air for £949? Pop over to PC World's website and order the skinny Apple and an HSDPA wireless broadband package from carrier 3 and the retailer will knock £250 off the price of the Air.
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Germans demand Nokia return funding

Nokia has responded with astonishment to the attempt by the North Rhine-Westphalia Bank and local government to reclaim subsidies given to the mobile phone maker in 1999, claiming they invested more money and created more jobs than the subsidy demanded - even though they've now closed the factory.
Bill Ray, 07 2008
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New England Patriots victims of trademark hubris

American football team the New England Patriots applied for a trademark on the phrase 19–0 to represent the 18 games leading up to last Sunday's Super Bowl and the victory they had predicted for themselves. They lost.

Just because it’s SaaS doesn’t make it good

The prevailing view among SaaS evangelists seems to be that if it’s hosted and charged for on a price per user per month basis, or better still free, then it must be good. This is a religious standpoint that is no more useful or valid than oft-heard claims that open source software is universally better than the commercial …
Dale Vile, 07 2008
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US navy-v-dolphins judge says Bush can't overrule her

A federal beak whose judgement against US Navy sonar exercises in waters off California was countermanded by George Bush has now ruled that the President's order was invalid. The dispute has arisen following assertions by environmentalist groups that naval sonars cause harm to marine mammals such as whales and dolphins.
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Management cull fires BT profit slump

BT's ongoing round of sackings has caused a slump in profits as it counts the cost of offloading middle managers, the national telco said today.
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Thais rate rat 'better than chicken'

Thailand's roadside fast-food vendors are enjoying booming sales of the country's latest fave dish - rat.

Orange France iPhone total hits 90,000

Orange has sold 90,000 iPhones since releasing the handset to French buyers in November 2007, the carrier's parent, France Telecom, told reporters yesterday.

Server sales drive Sun's MySQL strategy

SugarCon 2008 Sometimes it takes a faker to say it like it is. Taking time out from satirizing alpha-male Larry Ellison and dissing the sainted Ray Ozzie's timelessly clunky Lotus Notes, Fake Steve Jobs - AKA Forbes senior editor Daniel Lyons - got serious for a moment Wednesday as he opened SugarCRM's developer conference.

Palm to bring latest Palm OS smartphone to UK

Palm is to bring its Palm OS-based Centro smartphone to Europe, the company announced today.

Samsung launches black U600 to tickle your fingers

Samsung’s U600 handset has several similar-looking stablemates, including the G600. So the South Korean manufacturer has decided to set it aside from the rest by re-launching the U600 in a sultry black shade and adding in fingertip vibration.

Add-on maker punts Wii-styled speaker set

Console peripherals specialist 4Gamers has created a speaker system for the Wii.

Stealthy Adobe Reader update fixes mystery security bugs

Adobe has pushed out a stealthy - but important - update to its Reader software that fixes a number of unspecified security problems.
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Britt Ekland on board for 'Wicker Man 2'

NSFW Fans of 1973 cult classic The Wicker Man will be delighted to learn that Britt Ekland and Christopher Lee are on board for a sequel to the virgin-roasting paganfest.
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Glaswegian piracy drive yields just 41 'possible' offenders

The BSA claims its month-long campaign to clamp down on software piracy in Glasgow is a “major success” – despite uncovering just 41 potential pirates after haranguing thousands of businesses by letter.
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Sky broadband customers blindsided by SMTP switch-off

Sky broadband customer have been caught on the hop this week as the firm switched off its in-house SMTP servers and completed outsourcing its email provision to Google.

Flash makers tout near-term speed, capacity boosts

The world's Flash memory makers have been busy this week talking up the technology's immediate future: essentially, higher capacity, higher speed chips.

Oscar nominees win ROKR E8 first refusal

If you see someone ordinary carrying Motorola’s upcoming ROKR E8 handset later this month, then call the police, because they’ve probably mugged a superstar. Motorola’s planning to award ROKR E8 handsets to Oscar nominees, before letting the huddled masses know when the phone goes on sale.
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Brits split on ID cards

The British public is evenly split on ID cards - 47 per cent think they're a good idea while 50 per cent think not.
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Boffin says Astronomical Unit should be binned

An astronomer based in Canada has published a paper arguing that distances within the solar system should no longer be measured using Astronomical Units (AU), which is currently standard practice.
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Operators race to pre-empt Euro data roaming cap

Five operators across Europe have banded together and agreed to cut wholesale data rates to €.25 per megabyte. The agreement should reduce customer prices over the next 12 months, though whether that will be enough to fend off the formidable Ms Reding remains to be seen.
Bill Ray, 07 2008
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Swedish cops probe flying fermented fish attack

Swedish police are probing a malodorous fermented flying fish incident in which an open can of local delicacy surströmming was launched through the bedroom window of a 52-year-old Motala man.
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Major labels 'face DoJ antitrust probe'

Two major labels have been served notice of a fresh antitrust investigation, a music business newsletter reports today. MusicAlly's daily Bulletin suggests that the as-yet-unlaunched TotalMusic service, currently backed by Universal and Somy BMG, has prompted notices from the US Department of Justice. The report suggests all four major labels have been contacted.

Sony Ericsson Walkman W960i music phone

Review The new W960i may sit atop the Sony Ericsson music phone tree but is it supposed to be a smartphone or a music phone? Maybe a bit of both. The problem with the phrase 'a bit of both' is that it's seldom the harbinger of anything other than compromise or muddled thinking.

Critical bugs surge in reduced flaw haul

The number of software vulnerabilities discovered last year dropped last year after several years of growth.
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Scottish government drafts Cat Welfare Code

The Scottish government has tackled the thorny issue of cat welfare by issuing a Draft Cat Welfare Code of Practice aimed at providing "basic information and guidance to those responsible for cats on how to care for them".
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Google shouts 'Go team' at businesses, schools

Google Apps today sprouted a new limb to lure more US business users and school kids away from collaboration software rivals Microsoft and IBM.

Boy burned in PSP trouser blaze

A 12-year-old boy was yesterday treated in hospital for second-degree burns after his Sony PlayStation Portable apparently spontaneously combusted in his trouser pocket.
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Customers peel away from Orange broadband

Orange has bucked the broadband market growth trend to report a net loss of 4,000 customers in the last three months of 2007, despite a high-profile TV advertising campaign*.
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Ordinary-fuel scramjet prototype suffers test failure

An innovative hypersonics programme has suffered a failure, with a prototype scramjet missile failing to perform properly and crashing into the Pacific after less than a minute in the air.

Nasty JavaScript code can zap new iPhone, iPod Touch

Security researchers have discovered you can crash an iPhone through the medium of a cleverly crafted webpage.
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US spooks won't get UK census access

US spooks will not get access to English and Welsh census information even if the census contract is won by US defence firm Lockheed Martin.

HTC Vista UMPC to hit the UK within weeks

HTC’s long-awaited Shift UMPC is set to arrive in the UK later this month and, rumour has it, you’ll also be able to buy it from Orange.
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Big Brother firm tech exec locked up in UAE

The head of technology at TV production firm Endemol has spent almost two weeks in jail in Dubai without charge, accused of drug smuggling.

Best way to stream Sky HD content to multiple TVs?

I'm looking to take a single SkyHD source and distribute it to three TV's in my house. I've heard this can be done over CAT 5/6. Can anyone advise to how this could be done?
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Web pioneer hits critics with Lisp gauntlet

Maverick programmer and venture capitalist Paul Graham is challenging all comers to beat him after finally releasing a working version of his Lisp update – called Arc.
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Archived Chinese scholar to sue Google and Yahoo! over search censorship

A pro-democracy Chinese activist plans to sue Google and Yahoo! for removing his name from their web search results.
Cade Metz, 07 2008
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Regulators probe SocGen over rogue trader scandal

Société Générale may face a US inquiry on its handling of the rogue trader scandal that cost the company €4.9bn ($7.2bn).
Second Life

US spooks see Sadville as potential terrorist paradise

US intelligence officials are growing increasingly wary of Second Life and other virtual worlds, which they say could soon become havens for terrorists, money-launderers and criminals engaged in corporate espionage.

Microsoft! snuggles! with! Yahoo! on! OpenID!

Call it co-incidence or call it necessity, but Microsoft has jumped on-board a Yahoo!-backed initiative to give internet users a single digital identity.

Carbonite sprinkles some fancy over online backup service

It's a prudent time for fledgling online backup firm Carbonite to spit-shine its software now that EMC is serious about nurturing a rival, Mozy.
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Dell makes exploited hamster cry

The only thing worse than the "Wisdom of Crowds" may be the "Graffiti of Crowds."