5th February 2008 Archive

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  • Exploit for 'extremely critical' Yahoo Jukebox vuln goes wild

    ActiveX strikes again

    Security 05 01:53

  • Nvidia to purchase Ageia

    Physics chip maker gobbled by GPU giant

    Hardware 05 03:32

  • Amazon buys into Lovefilm

    For £9.99 per month, postage included

    Media 05 05:02

  • NEC goes Back To The Future with XP for biz users

    Vista-ectomy won't hurt a bit

    The Channel 05 06:02

  • HMRC still waiting for EDS cash

    Due to a systems error...

    Policy 05 09:54

  • Veracode hunts for backdoors in outsourced code

    Sniffing out malicious code

    Security 05 10:08

  • Model checkers get Turing Prize

    Medals and money...

    Science 05 10:09

  • Local copper: Met secret police requested MP bugging

    A bigger boy made me do it

    Law 05 10:14

  • Satin PS3 to launch in Japan

    They have the choice now of black, white and silver

    Games 05 10:14

  • Dutch fire up petrol-pumping robot

    'What could possibly go wrong?' wonders Reuters

    Science 05 10:48

  • Xbox 360 Arcade announced for Japan

    New console to arrive on same day as satin PS3

    Games 05 10:50

  • Computer maker to focus on computers

    Dell's mobe business? Like, no business

    Mobile 05 10:55

  • IFPI wins Danish block on Pirate Bay

    Who should 'scape whipping?

    Law 05 11:24

  • Atlantis looks good to go

    Shuttle launch Thursday, weather permitting

    Science 05 11:31

  • Irish distie DCC trims profit forecast

    Blames weak pound

    The Channel 05 11:35

  • Intel Skulltrail high-end gaming system

    Intel's showcase gets Nvidia SLI and AMD CrossFire

    Hardware 05 12:02

  • Wii predicted to win 2008 sales race

    On your marks. Get set. Sell

    Games 05 12:15

  • Iran fires rocket 'into space', plans satellite for '09

    'Nothing for anyone to worry about'

    Science 05 12:24

  • Swedish police cuff seven for online pill sales

    Suspiciously bulgy packages

    Security 05 12:34

  • Scientists warn on climatic 'tipping points'

    Amazon and ice sheets heading for 'catastrophic collapse'

    Science 05 12:37

  • 16GB iPhone to launch today

    New iPod Touch and iPhone with double-sized memory

    Phones 05 12:59

  • 'Crash tested' e-voting machines spread doubt on Super Tuesday

    Six states at 'high risk'

    Government 05 13:02

  • Samsung slider handset en-route?

    Potential release next week

    Phones 05 13:52

  • Freeview lobby cries foul on Ofcom HDTV plans

    Haves and have-nots

    Bootnotes 05 13:57

  • Music industry sues Baidu

    Linking to songs

    Media 05 14:04

  • Tax credit mistakes cost Joe Public £1bn a year

    Taxing Peter to overpay Paul

    Government 05 14:13

  • N-Gage makes it into software

    For the N81 at least

    Mobile 05 14:15

  • Get a head start with Windows Server 2008 online training

    Master the server

    Developer 05 15:10

  • Healthy? You're a burden on the state

    Smoke cigarettes, die young, save NHS money

    Science 05 15:23

  • Sarko and Bruni take Ryanair for €60k

    Court awards damages over cut-price ticket ad

    Bootnotes 05 15:25

  • Kodak sheds light on Z1012 digicam

    A man's camera. A man's man's camera

    Hardware 05 15:37

  • MIT and TI to produce low energy chips

    Body-powered RFID just one exciting app

    Hardware 05 15:47

  • Text-to-pee service launched

    Seriously, spending a penny

    Hardware 05 15:56

  • EDS hits job cut target

    Nearly 200 staff take voluntary redundancy

    The Channel 05 16:18

  • Physicists go nuclear with online protest at funding cuts

    Boffins highlight the gravity of the situation

    Science 05 16:19

  • Microsoft fast-forwards Surface launch

    But just forgot to say when

    Hardware 05 16:42

  • More remote workers squatting next door's broadband

    Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's Wi-Fi

    Data Networking 05 16:56

  • Eclipse giants squeeze into iPhone's leather pants

    I'm a lady!

    Mobile 05 18:55

  • Brit scientists brew up three-parent embryo

    Two mums and one dad fight hereditary diseases

    Science 05 19:24

  • M&S flogs lingerie model with 'durable hardwood feet'

    'Frame exceeds the British Standards set for heavy domestic use'

    Bootnotes 05 19:50

  • US Army struggles with Windows to Linux overhaul

    The greatest penguin migration of all time

    Servers 05 20:53

  • Apple retail kills Apple retail outlet

    'You just can't take Apple on head-to-head in the High Street'

    The Channel 05 20:58

  • Is Verizon gaming Google in US wireless auction?

    Divide and blanket

    Broadband 05 21:16

  • Ruby project yields to Microsoft

    All for one

    Applications 05 21:38

  • DHS official moots Real ID rules for buying cold medicine

    Slippery slope

    Government 05 23:18

  • IBM explores 67.1m-core computer for running entire internet

    Ruby on Rails on Rails on Rails on Rails

    Servers 05 23:37