4th February 2008 Archive

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  • Reg Dev wants you!

    Show off

    Software 04 00:02

  • Intel single-core 'Silverthorne' to sport HyperThreading

    One-core UMPC chip acts like a Core 2 Duo

    Hardware 04 05:02

  • Are your staff adequately trained?

    Avoiding the false economy trap

    Management 04 06:02

  • Asus reschedules 8GB Eee PC to Q2, moles claim

    Pesky Flash disks...

    Hardware 04 08:52

  • Pentagon pundits demand sensible raygun research

    Call for end to 'death ray myth'

    Science 04 10:09

  • Microhoo! marriage hits Google salaries hard

    Job ad points to tough times ahead

    Bootnotes 04 10:14

  • Intel makes MacBook Air processor available to all

    But the Air clones will be coming anyway

    Hardware 04 10:22

  • Straw launches inquiry into Muslim MP bugging case

    Paper claims visiting room wired for sound

    Law 04 11:13

  • Blu-ray winning in Europe

    We've seen the US picture - how's the war waging over here?

    Hardware 04 11:16

  • Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! play pots-and-kettles 2.0

    Welcome to the information super threeway

    Financial News 04 11:21

  • LG unveils unveiling of slimline sliderphone

    Full specs next week

    Phones 04 11:24

  • Sage holds line on Q1 trading

    But north American unit still struggling

    The Channel 04 11:26

  • Air pollution driving midweek rain

    Wetter Thursdays, drier Saturdays

    Science 04 11:31

  • Slim’n’light PS3 en-route?

    Console on a diet

    Games 04 11:33

  • Old aircraft artefacts become office accessories

    Buy your boss a B-52 bomber seat for a big bundle of bucks

    Hardware 04 11:40

  • Yahoo! tunes! out! of! music! subscription!

    Get on your feet...

    Media 04 11:52

  • AMD ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 dual-GPU graphics card

    Do two GPUs equal double the value?

    Hardware 04 12:02

  • Ofgem, MoD attack pricey terror-friendly windmills

    Military, regulators take Quixotic stance

    Science 04 12:36

  • Fraud cases breached £1bn level in 2007

    UK.gov = number one victim

    Small Biz 04 13:05

  • HK star in rumpy pumpy piccy rumpus

    Harvested photos spark south China police crackdown

    Bootnotes 04 13:14

  • China to get Windows Mobile 6 'iPhone'

    Well, it looks like one...

    Mobile 04 13:39

  • Sony Ericsson ponders detachable-screen clamshell

    Remove display, use it separately

    Mobile 04 13:43

  • DS Lite dock debuts

    No more pesky power cables

    Games 04 14:02

  • A380 superjumbo in natural-gas powered test flight

    Slipping the surly bonds of the oil market

    Science 04 14:03

  • Trial for T5 mandatory biometrics kicks off at Heathrow

    Terminal 1 passengers get to be lab rats

    Security 04 14:08

  • Brits can't distinguish history from the TV listings

    Historical figures only real if named after a pub

    Bootnotes 04 14:10

  • Teen-mum flick gets filmgoers hungry for hamburger phone

    I want ice cream! And pickles! And communications equipment!

    Phones 04 14:20

  • Moto to get ASBO?

    For sale: One ailing mobile phone business

    Mobile 04 14:40

  • Can my Mac run Windows apps?


    Hardware 04 14:56

  • Acer shakes up exec team after Packard Bell buy

    Three-pronged brand-attack

    The Channel 04 15:00

  • Pod slurping licks a*se antlers to claim Oz word of the year


    Bootnotes 04 15:05

  • MS bundles Vista SP1 and Server 2008 out the door

    Released to manufacturing

    Operating Systems 04 15:26

  • HMRC lifts fine threat for late tax filers

    Taking the 'dead' out of 'deadline'

    Small Biz 04 16:12

  • Cigarette ash proves a drag for Nintendo's Wii

    Don't smoke around my baby console

    Games 04 16:14

  • BitTorrent admin's police bail extended (again)

    Further delay for milestone OiNK investigation

    Law 04 16:39

  • Remembering the Coleco Adam

    Electromagnetic pulse bomb in a beige box

    Vintage 04 16:51

  • IPv6 roots planted on the net

    Another small step towards the next generation

    Data Networking 04 16:59

  • Easy iPhone unlocking for $30?

    Definitely not Apple certified

    Phones 04 17:03

  • Straw: Police can bug MPs without asking Cabinet

    Launches inquiry into alleged snooping on Sadiq Khan

    Law 04 17:21

  • MySpace to throw out code

    Social slump

    Applications 04 18:00

  • PostgreSQL packs record punch

    Speedy release

    Applications 04 20:43

  • Dell quick to ship first EqualLogic box

    What, no honeymoon?

    Storage 04 20:53

  • Microsoft forgers get jail time in Taiwan

    Syndicate controlled '90 per cent' of all fakes

    The Channel 04 23:05

  • Hollywood writers abandon Hollywood for web

    Google licks its chops

    Media 04 23:09

  • ClearSpeed clears out staff

    Pink slip acceleration

    Servers 04 23:21

  • Sun aims for '09 with Rock boxes

    All systems slow

    Servers 04 23:51