31st January 2008 Archive

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  • Dell torches US kiosks

    Direct Stores scorned for retail relationships

    The Channel 31 00:10

  • Polished NetBeans means Ruby

    Eclipse beater?

    Applications 31 00:36

  • Tech support gets religion

    Monk and his IT junk

    Software 31 00:59

  • Online advertiser pays $200,000 for deceptive claims

    When 'free' isn't free

    Security 31 04:40

  • Top secret UK data network goes live two years late

    And promptly loses 'operational data'

    Policy 31 05:02

  • Second-gen O2 XDA Orbit goes on sale

    Company sends phone into orbit

    Mobile 31 07:02

  • EU data ruling slaps filesharers with red herring

    BPI: You don't have to show us any stinkin' personal data

    Law 31 08:02

  • Transport Dept. IT: 23 years late, £100m over-budget

    And that's a successful one...

    Management 31 09:51

  • Vodafone takes Ofcom to court over number porting

    And hits 3Q targets

    Mobile 31 10:05

  • Dell developing Google Android handset, moles claim

    Mobile World Congress outing?

    Mobile 31 10:32

  • Consult the Oracle for great book savings

    40% off a range of Oracle 11g titles

    Site News 31 11:01

  • Samsung PS42Q97HDX 42in plasma HD TV

    Out of the lab and into the living room; Samsung's plasma in the real world

    Hardware 31 11:02

  • Apple delays Apple TV movie rental update two more weeks

    Haven't finished it on time

    Hardware 31 11:10

  • SAS extends fingerprint ID system for domestic flights

    All voluntary - for now

    Security 31 11:11

  • Apple ships Air

    Love it or hate it, it's here

    Hardware 31 11:33

  • Premium rate watchdog launches 'Am I being ripped off?' text line


    Mobile 31 11:39

  • Lenovo builds up profits in Q3

    Lets go of mobile division

    The Channel 31 11:44

  • KCom undermined by managed IT services business

    Show me the money

    The Channel 31 11:49

  • Veggies a 'perversion of nature': Official

    Also suffer from 'low boiling point', claims Pravda

    Bootnotes 31 11:52

  • Garmin takes on iPhone with satnav mobile

    Make calls, plan routes

    Science 31 11:54

  • How to lose $7.2bn with just a few Basic skills

    SocGen: it could've happened anywhere - and still might

    Management 31 12:01

  • Panasonic punts HD printer

    Snap, pause and print

    Hardware 31 12:02

  • Russian FSB 'protecting' Storm Worm gang

    Prosecution on ice

    Security 31 12:05

  • Who’s got the buzz?

    The IT industry winners and losers, as voted by you

    Reg Technology Panel 31 13:12

  • Swedish plods cuff remote-access robbery ring

    Virtual villains unplugged in foiled bank blag

    Security 31 13:14

  • Nokia pledges eco-friendly AC adaptors

    Chargers to use less power

    Phones 31 13:15

  • NASA uses vertical treadmill to simulate zero-G jogging

    Astronauts driven up the wall

    Science 31 13:22

  • Reg readers bring down HMRC website

    You deadline-dodging rotters

    Government 31 13:58

  • Pirate Bay slapped with copyright charges

    Claims business as usual

    Law 31 14:08

  • Spyware another weapon for domestic abuse

    Remote controlling spouses

    Security 31 14:37

  • UK military faces spectrum sell off

    Forces rely on air power to pay the bills

    Networks 31 14:38

  • B&O reveals self-calibrating robo TV

    The set that watches itself

    Hardware 31 15:05

  • Writing ‘Green IT’ at the top of the business agenda

    Are we all pulling in the same direction?

    Reg Technology Panel 31 15:10

  • 'Facebook fatigue' kicks in as people tire of social networks

    Seven Two year itch poke

    Applications 31 15:19

  • Sony begins tracking customers' movements

    If you want them to, of course

    Science 31 15:40

  • Sarko Killer and Bruni sue Ryanair

    Better run run run run run run awaaaay....

    Bootnotes 31 16:09

  • Times Online denies knowledge of link spam campaign

    Black sheep at SEO firm

    Media 31 16:37

  • IT problems force HMRC to extend tax deadline

    Put down your tax return and get down t'pub

    Small Biz 31 16:38

  • O2 may put iPhone on business rates

    And Vodafone rejigs data tariffs

    Mobile 31 16:53

  • Email trail from navy man to London 'terror' site goes fuzzy

    Shifty attitude becoming prosecution's main plank

    Law 31 16:55

  • EU watchdogs probe German and Swedish gambling blockades

    Bookies sans frontières

    Law 31 17:05

  • Johnson pours fourth on SpringSource

    Enterprise support and that Sun "take over"

    Applications 31 18:51

  • Secret bidder delivers 'open access' to US airwaves

    And Eric Schmidt will die in 2039

    Broadband 31 19:21

  • Amazon turns up volume, buys Audible

    Ear ear

    Media 31 19:29

  • Luddite and paranoid - why the big record labels failed at digital

    Martin Mills

    Media 31 19:49

  • RealPlayer dinged by software watchdog group

    RealNetworks promises changes

    Security 31 20:08

  • Rackable adds 1/4th busload of servers with quad-core Xeons

    (Load based on the average seating of a Greyhound bus)

    Servers 31 23:09