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Dell torches US kiosks

Dell is shutting down its 140 US store kiosks, made obsolete by the company's decision to jump into bed with retailers.
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Polished NetBeans means Ruby

NetBeans and Ruby, part 1 Let's be honest, the rise of the Eclipse development platform is the best thing to ever happen to Sun Microsystems' NetBeans integrated development environment (IDE).
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Tech support gets religion

What you really get on those Microsoft, Novell and Cisco courses...

Online advertiser pays $200,000 for deceptive claims

An online advertiser that falsely claimed consumers had won free prizes has agreed to pay a $200,000 penalty to the Federal Trade Commission, which says the outfit failed to disclose that people had to spend money first.
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Top secret UK data network goes live two years late

A system to link a secure communications network used by UK intelligence agencies with other government departments and posts overseas has finally swung into operation, two years later than originally expected.

Second-gen O2 XDA Orbit goes on sale

True to its word, network operator O2 has confirmed that its XDA Orbit 2 PDA phone is available to UK customers from today.
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EU data ruling slaps filesharers with red herring

Analysis Internet users in the UK can safely ignore this week's EU Courts of Justice ruling on data protection for filesharing: it's already irrelevant.
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Transport Dept. IT: 23 years late, £100m over-budget

The Liberal Democrats have got their calculator out again and added up all the cost over-runs and delays at the myriad IT projects at the Department for Transport.
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Vodafone takes Ofcom to court over number porting

Vodafone is mounting a legal challenge to Ofcom's call for mobile operators to allow their customers to shift their number to another network within two hours.

Dell developing Google Android handset, moles claim

Dell will unveil a smartphone based on Google's Android platform and it'll do so at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) show in Barcelona next month.
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Consult the Oracle for great book savings

Site offer IDC reports that Oracle now has a 44.4 per cent market share and the latest release of Oracle 11g carries forward their vision for the database market. The titles below provide comprehensive coverage of this latest release and nearly all are 40 per cent off* on Register Books now.

Samsung PS42Q97HDX 42in plasma HD TV

Living Room Review You know how it is - you're sitting one day in front of your trusty CRT watching Apocalypse Now when you're suddenly struck by the feeling that you really aren't getting the full-fat cinematic experience.

Apple delays Apple TV movie rental update two more weeks

Apple has delayed its major Apple TV software update "a week or two", the company annnounced last night.

SAS extends fingerprint ID system for domestic flights

Swedish airline SAS is extending a biometric security program on national flights from Stockholm and Gothenburg and will roll it out to international flights in the near future.

Apple ships Air

Apple has begun shipping its skinny MacBook Air laptop, a product that's managed to generate more controversy than even the iPhone has.
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Premium rate watchdog launches 'Am I being ripped off?' text line

PhonepayPlus, the daftly-named regulator formerly known as Icstis, has set itself the tall task of rebuilding trust in the premium rate industry. A new text service for consumers will check whether a top rate line is dodgy or not.
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Lenovo builds up profits in Q3

Computer maker Lenovo is getting out of the mobile business after seeing handset sales slide in the third quarter.
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KCom undermined by managed IT services business

Telecoms group KCom has blamed its ailing integration and managed IT services unit for the firm's lower than expected earnings in the last quarter.
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Veggies a 'perversion of nature': Official

NSFW We know how you lot like your scientific analysis: adequately researched, well-balanced and backed with solid evidence.

Garmin takes on iPhone with satnav mobile

Is it a satnav, or is it a mobile phone? Garmin’s hoping you’ll think its latest device is both, because the Nüvifone lets you find locations and make calls through a fancy touchscreen UI.
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How to lose $7.2bn with just a few Basic skills

Special report As I swept through Kent and Calais on a Eurostar last week, the financial markets again threw some entertainment my way in the shape of the SocGen debacle.

Panasonic punts HD printer

It may look like a Nintendo DS that's missing its bottom screen, but the Panasonic KX-PX30 is actually a miniature printer that’s able to print still images from a High Definition video source.

Russian FSB 'protecting' Storm Worm gang

The creators of the Storm Worm botnet are known to US authorities but a lack of co-operation from their counterparts in St. Petersburg, Russia, is preventing action being taken.
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Who’s got the buzz?

Reg Tech Panel Reg Tech Panel As we all know, cold logic and due diligence are only part of the story when it comes to buying and deploying technology. For a myriad of reasons, we are all subject to ‘the buzz’ – that is, the swirling clouds of fact, opinion and hearsay that accompany IT vendors wherever they go. To separate the leaders from …
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Swedish plods cuff remote-access robbery ring

Swedish crooks almost managed to rob a bank using remote access gear attached to a computer, according to reports. The movie-style* ploy was foiled only at the last minute by an alert employee unplugging the kit, according to local prosecutors and cops.

Nokia pledges eco-friendly AC adaptors

Nokia is building on recent pledges to sell more eco-friendly handsets, by promising to halve the power consumption of its battery chargers.
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NASA uses vertical treadmill to simulate zero-G jogging

NASA boffins have developed a curious new method of simulating the effects of exercise on astronauts in weightless conditions. They plan to conduct Earth-based trials on human test subjects suspended horizontally in mid-air while running on a vertical treadmill.
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Reg readers bring down HMRC website

Today is the last day for filing UK self-assessment tax returns, and believe it or not Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs website is struggling to keep up with demand.
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Pirate Bay slapped with copyright charges

The Pirate Bay said it will live on no matter what the outcome of a case brought by a Swedish prosecutor who charged four men involved with the running of the torrent tracker site today.

Spyware another weapon for domestic abuse

Spyware is becoming a tool of domestic abuse, according to security researchers.
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UK military faces spectrum sell off

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) may sell off some of its reserved radio spectrum, potentially for large sums. Guidelines for sale of military frequencies are being drawn up by the communications regulator, Ofcom.

B&O reveals self-calibrating robo TV

HD TV manufacturers often claim their TVs provide a 1080p resolution, but how can you actually check it's delivering the best picture it can? Bang & Olufsen (B&O) has the answer: a robotic arm with a camera on the end.
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Writing ‘Green IT’ at the top of the business agenda

Reg Tech Panel Reg Tech Panel The level of importance placed on ‘green IT’ when it comes to choosing new kit and looking at different IT vendors isn’t that great, as 1,300 readers recently told us. It will be soon though, as the same survey revealed that while only about one in 20 say green related selection criteria are weighted highly in …
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'Facebook fatigue' kicks in as people tire of social networks

Updated Shhh! Can you hear a hiss? That's the sound of naughty facts deflating the social networking balloon a tad.

Sony begins tracking customers' movements

We’ve all looked through our photographs sometimes without any recollection of where they were taken. Thankfully, Sony’s developed a handy GPS widget that makes forgotten memories a thing of the past.
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Sarko Killer and Bruni sue Ryanair

French fromage grand Nicolas "Killer" Sarkozy and squeeze Carli Bruni have decided that Ryanair's cut-price ad featuring a snap of the beaming lovers is a publicity stunt too far, and will seek redress in the courts, the BBC reports.
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Times Online denies knowledge of link spam campaign

Times Online has blamed a rogue individual at its search engine optimisation contractor Sitelynx for the link spam campaign that rained digital derision upon the UK's oldest daily national newspaper today.
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IT problems force HMRC to extend tax deadline

IT problems have forced Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs to extend the deadline for filing tax returns to midnight on Friday.
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O2 may put iPhone on business rates

O2 is considering introducing business tariffs for customers who want to use iPhones at work.
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Email trail from navy man to London 'terror' site goes fuzzy

In pre-trial maneuvering this month the US government's case against ex-Navy signalman Hassan Abu-jihaad became more moth-eaten. Prosecutors filed an interesting brief indicating they had no evidence against the defendant of a terror plot modus operandi.
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EU watchdogs probe German and Swedish gambling blockades

German and Sweden are to be hauled over the coals by EU competition regulators for stopping online gaming firms entering their markets.
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Johnson pours fourth on SpringSource

Since it changed its name from Interface21 towards the end of 2007, open source tools developer SpringSource has been quick to capitalise on its position in open source.
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Secret bidder delivers 'open access' to US airwaves

As the US Federal Communications Commission auctions off the coveted 700-MHz "C Block" - a prime portion of the American airwaves - bidding has topped $4.6bn. And that's a key number.
Cade Metz, 31 2008
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Amazon turns up volume, buys Audible

Amazon.com said today that it has agreed to buy digital spoken word audio provider Audible Inc for $11.50 a share.
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Luddite and paranoid - why the big record labels failed at digital

Midem Interview This is the second of four interviews on the State of Digital Music from this week's Midem event in Cannes. We'll hear from AIM's Alison Wenham next, followed by a view from the songwriters and composers.

RealPlayer dinged by software watchdog group

A software watchdog group has branded the two most recent versions of the RealPlayer media program "badware" because they don't give users adequate control over software components that are activated during installation.
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Rackable adds 1/4th busload of servers with quad-core Xeons

Rackable Systems is willing to cram the Intel 5400 chipset into pretty much any chassis it can get its hands on. Today the server n' storage firm began selling 13 new servers based on Xeon 5000 series quad-core chips.