29th January 2008 Archive

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  • VMware sales slowdown triggers stock meltdown

    Fun while it lasted

    Financial News 29 Jan 00:09

  • Isilon soups up chips in clustered storage boxes

    Makes a really big deal over it

    Storage 29 Jan 00:30

  • Experience overcomes Microsoft's broken promises

    People-unready database ready

    Software 29 Jan 00:31

  • Apple on the lookout for one million unlocked iPhones

    Steve Jobs' strategic headache

    Mobile 29 Jan 00:53

  • Judge bars unauthorized sales of phone records

    Pretexting rebuffed

    Security 29 Jan 02:00

  • SanDisk remembers how to make a Q4 profit

    Passes bump in the road, sees another ahead

    Storage 29 Jan 03:33

  • Malaysia flirts with Google over world's biggest data center

    Hopes to taunt India and Vietnam with boxes

    Servers 29 Jan 04:40

  • Penguin-powered UML modeling

    Vista relief is here

    Software 29 Jan 07:02

  • Logica boss says adios

    But sets up new division first

    The Channel 29 Jan 09:13

  • MPs slam costly war-tech projects at MoD

    All the gear, no idea

    Government 29 Jan 09:40

  • Maxdata Belinea s.book 1 sub-notebook

    Hard drive-equipped Eee killer?

    Hardware 29 Jan 10:02

  • Smile! Nikon's smile-spotting camera is watching you

    Smile-recognition is the new face-recognition

    Hardware 29 Jan 10:13

  • Nikon's D60 digital SLR blows in - literally

    Internal airflow removes dust

    Hardware 29 Jan 10:26

  • IPS sticks to fingerprint plan

    Denies print register drop report

    Government 29 Jan 10:57

  • CCTV must not record conversations, warns new guidance

    'Intrusive and unnecessary'

    Law 29 Jan 11:08

  • Sony intros Intel 'Penryn'-based Vaios

    Desktops and notebooks

    Hardware 29 Jan 11:10

  • Maxima shares slide on below-par expectations

    Blames loss of big client and economic blues

    The Channel 29 Jan 11:22

  • Spain bows before la blogosfera

    English-derived neologism bids for world domination

    Bootnotes 29 Jan 11:26

  • Hitachi follows Moto with e-ink handset

    Blotting paper not required

    Phones 29 Jan 11:27

  • IPFI chief says it's time to hose down the networks

    Sketching out a big label future

    Media 29 Jan 11:46

  • Amateur code breaker honoured for defeating Colossus

    Bestride this

    Bootnotes 29 Jan 11:48

  • Sky must sell off ITV stake

    Expensive mistake

    Financial News 29 Jan 11:49

  • DARPA seeks $750m for hypersonic roboplane testbed

    Bad news for tinfoil-sporting 'Aurora' diehards

    Science 29 Jan 12:06

  • SpringSource pounces on Covalent

    Open source 'supergroup'

    Developer 29 Jan 12:18

  • Germans launch flights for nudists

    Careful with that coffee, Klaus

    Bootnotes 29 Jan 12:20

  • Monster-capacity PS3 in the pipeline?

    Rumours claims 120GB or 160GB version coming

    Games 29 Jan 12:40

  • Firm builds iPod speakers from packaging

    Recycling never sounded so good

    Hardware 29 Jan 12:47

  • Sharp's 'slimmest' LCD TV to hit Europe this Autumn

    Start saving up now

    Hardware 29 Jan 13:01

  • Miserable? It must be U

    44 - the most depressing age of the lot

    Science 29 Jan 13:24

  • Forget passports - teachers and kids are the new ID card targets

    Trust and inclusion foregrounded in desperate rescue plan

    Government 29 Jan 13:26

  • iRobot inks deal for laser-radar droidvision sensors

    Now the machines can follow you into the building

    Science 29 Jan 13:27

  • Device routes audio across powerline LANs

    Link PC to hi-fi over the mains

    Broadband 29 Jan 13:30

  • MySpace wins UK domain name that pre-dated its service

    Myspace.co.uk was registered 'abusively'

    Law 29 Jan 13:46

  • California deploys dope-vending machines

    Prescription only, sadly

    Bootnotes 29 Jan 13:50

  • Windows 7 fake spotted on BitTorrent

    Nothing to see here, please move along

    Operating Systems 29 Jan 13:50

  • Intel calls time on some 'Merom' Core 2 Duos

    Mobile chips for the chop

    Hardware 29 Jan 14:11

  • US boffins tune into carbon nanotube radio

    Really small challenge to silicon semiconductors

    Science 29 Jan 15:32

  • Relieving the systems management burden

    Where's that X?$$ing report? Oh, here it is

    Reg Technology Panel 29 Jan 15:35

  • UK gov issued 250k snoop licences in nine months

    Regulator says system working beautifully

    Law 29 Jan 15:35

  • Nokia plays strong Linux hand withTrolltech buy

    Shifts towards open source for handsets and tablets

    Mobile 29 Jan 15:40

  • HD snapping comes to Panasonic

    The Lumix range expands

    Hardware 29 Jan 16:02

  • Ryanair incurs wrath of Sarko the Terrible

    Cut-price ticket ad alludes to Bruni nuptials

    Bootnotes 29 Jan 16:13

  • O2 sweetens its iPhone deals

    iPhone changes

    Mobile 29 Jan 16:34

  • Pink shades wash over Palm and BlackBerry

    Valentine's Day phones

    Phones 29 Jan 17:02

  • American LaFrance blames IBM for bankruptcy

    Big Blue silences sirens

    Applications 29 Jan 17:11

  • EU supremes: ISPs don't always have to finger filesharers

    National beaks can decide for themselves

    Law 29 Jan 17:19

  • Skype Trojan wiretap plan leaks onto the net

    We have ways of hearing you talk

    Security 29 Jan 17:24

  • Juniper jumps into Ethernet switch game

    Wags ports at Cisco

    Data Networking 29 Jan 19:13

  • eBay: 'We will lower listing fees'

    'But we'll bilk you in other ways'

    Applications 29 Jan 19:16

  • Barracuda plays the hippie card in Trend Micro patent row

    Fight with us, soldiers of open source

    Law 29 Jan 19:31

  • Stellar EMC fails to impress investors . . . again

    Maybe the Hulk can help?

    Storage 29 Jan 21:23

  • Sun nails four buyers in 15 months with White Trash Data Center

    COPS: Silicon Valley

    Servers 29 Jan 21:30

  • Secret bidding for US airwaves tops $3.3bn

    Will it be Google? Or Verizon?

    Broadband 29 Jan 21:50

  • Streamline your search with Yahoo! Web Services and AJAX

    Google - not the only fruit

    Applications 29 Jan 22:04

  • Sun open sources doohickeys

    Tiny, sensor-driven devices exposed

    Data Networking 29 Jan 23:35