22nd January 2008 Archive

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  • Brazil bans the evil sold in EverQuest and Counter-Strike

    No, this isn't a repost from 1999

    Media 22 00:28

  • Toshiba touts oddball handset that's also a modem

    Make calls and get online

    Phones 22 08:02

  • Paul Burrell pulls website amid 'hate mail' blitz

    Di's former butler 'shocked' by public anger

    Bootnotes 22 09:54

  • 3 fails in court bid to uncover evidence of alleged collusion

    Requests not specific enough

    Mobile 22 10:22

  • MoD coughs to laptop triple whammy

    'We lost three unencrypted laptops, not one'

    Government 22 10:33

  • eBay's dotcom survivor boss to quit auctioneering

    Going... going...

    Financial News 22 10:35

  • Seagate releases 250GB laptop HDD

    Playing catch-up

    Hardware 22 10:58

  • Japanese to launch paper plane from ISS

    Splendidly pointless origami re-entry mission

    Science 22 11:00

  • A green solution? So what?

    That don't impress me much... yet

    Servers 22 11:03

  • Latest iPhone firmware unlocked

    More jailbreaks than a spaghetti western

    Mobile 22 11:05

  • Couple sue over Shanghai metro snog vid

    Caught on camera, exposed on YouTube

    Bootnotes 22 11:34

  • Hackers KO Panama's National Assembly website

    US ne'er-do-wells suspected

    Security 22 11:48

  • Nokia touts 'loose change' handsets

    Spare some change for a Nokia?

    Phones 22 11:57

  • Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H3 'superzoom' camera

    Is it a compact? Is it a DSLR? No, it's a 'superzoom'

    Hardware 22 12:02

  • Swedes to probe cow-belch threat to planet

    Bovine methane menace

    Science 22 12:19

  • Mobile phone signals prevent sleep, claim boffins

    Keeps the Sandman at bay

    Phones 22 12:35

  • Star Trek XI teaser trailer beams onto web

    Enterprise: The Early Years

    Hardware 22 12:43

  • Love lure used to spread mobile malware

    Symbian slimeware spreads slowly

    Security 22 12:53

  • EU debates privacy of IP numbers

    Google says 'there's no black and white answer'

    Law 22 13:06

  • Tiscali bandwidth throttling flub fix flops

    You fail at internet

    Broadband 22 13:08

  • Former top brass call for first-strike nuke option

    Nato to fight WMD with instant sun?

    Science 22 13:09

  • IBM snubs OS/2 open source plea

    A Warped view of history

    Operating Systems 22 13:14

  • Man wields soldering iron, welds eight new devices into Eee PC

    Mother of all mods?

    Hardware 22 13:47

  • Israel electric car project aims to wipe out oil

    Sell them like mobile phones, kill oil by 2020

    Science 22 14:20

  • Spirit discovers life on Mars

    Panoramic snap reveals mystery 'figure'

    Science 22 15:11

  • EU moves to establish gibberish as lingua franca

    Brussels docs to teach translation software

    Applications 22 15:14

  • Apple colours iPod Nano pink

    One for the ladies?

    Hardware 22 15:36

  • Microsoft prints get-out-of-jail card for Vista Home

    Vista's virtual escape to victory

    Servers 22 15:48

  • MoD laptop losses expose government data indifference

    We don't care so they don't care

    Government 22 16:06

  • General Electric brings blink-recognition digicams to UK

    Blink and you'll miss it

    Hardware 22 16:17

  • Heathrow PC security probe launched

    Hacker discovers 'wide open' public access terminal

    Security 22 16:50

  • Software pirates put sizeable dent in UK economy

    Shiver me timbers, they're taking our jobs

    The Channel 22 17:26

  • Librarians challenge Web 2.0 youf-work myths

    Search reality check

    Software 22 19:36

  • Apple cripples Sun's open source jewel

    Hollywood love inspires DTrace bomb

    Servers 22 19:54

  • EMC limps into SaaS game

    'There's a new acronym we can hitch our disk to?'

    Storage 22 20:12

  • 'Highly critical' security bug bites HP Virtual Rooms

    More ActiveX insecurity

    Security 22 20:27

  • HP to, like, totally buy Exstream Software

    Will sign a few papers then hit the half pipe

    Financial News 22 20:41

  • Major HTML update unveiled

    Media mark-up

    Applications 22 21:36