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Remembering the Commodore SX-64

This Old BoxWe're shrinking away this week from monolithic supercomputers with This Old Box for something a little bit smaller. In fact, we'll be looking at the world's first commercial full-color portable computer. Fantastic!
Austin Modine, 20 Jan 2008

Alcohol where the sun doesn't shine, and nanotubes darker than that

CommentsPolish limb boffins have concluded that 'perfect' legs are 5 per cent longer than average. They had volunteers rate silhouettes according to attractiveness, and found that a bit of legginess went a long way. Unfortunately for the lanky among us, however, limbs 10 per cent longer than average were considered even less attractive than run-of-the-mill legs. Kylie was inevitably trotted out as an example of top celebrity leg.
Robin Lettice, 20 Jan 2008

Her Light Materials, Volume I

Stob'So that's how I came to be mysteriously orphaned and, on my ninth birthday, just three years ago today, sent to work as a junior grader at the Ah-Poo! Toilet Tissue reclamation factory at Fort Wirth', explained Jo, our heroine, a feisty, scruffy and independently-minded young tomboy whose more mature, more feminine side we won't really encounter until volume three.
Verity Stob, 20 Jan 2008

Join the army, get your ID pinched - MoD laptop goes AWOL

Personal details of the 600,000 people who have applied to join the armed forces over the last ten years were stolen with an MoD laptop earlier this month, it was admitted late on Friday. The computer was stolen from the car of a junior naval officer, which was parked outside his house overnight in Edgbaston, Birmingham.
John Lettice, 20 Jan 2008

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