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Yahoo! backs! OpenID!

Yahoo! has pledged to support OpenID from the end of the month, giving a massive boost for the online identity framework that aims to cut password headaches.
John Leyden, 19 Jan 2008

Perl.com sends visitors to porn link farm

Visitors to Perl.com, the O'Reilly Media-owned resource, were redirected yesterday (Thursday) to a link farm pushing porn sites.
Dan Goodin, 19 Jan 2008

Revo pitches wireless internet wireless

Internet radio is an unlimited source of stations for music and banter, but if you can’t be bothered to turn your laptop on to enjoy them, then it’s not much use. Thankfuly, manufacturer Revo has created a Wi-Fi alarm clock that’ll help lull you off to sleep and wake you up with music from anywhere around the world.
James Sherwood, 19 Jan 2008

Apple MacBook Air wins Greenpeace's approval

Apple has finally scored a few positive points from Greenpeace. The environmental organisation has given the MacBook Air a thumbs up for its eco-friendly qualities.
James Sherwood, 19 Jan 2008

Electrical contact lenses created for in-eye displays

While many of the gadgets that Register Hardware writes about have us shouting 'cool!' and 'I want one of those', there are a few that make us scream 'Cyborg!' However, news of a contact lens that acts like a heads-up display inside the wear’s eye made us feel a little uneasy.
James Sherwood, 19 Jan 2008

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