18th January 2008 Archive

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  • How and why MySQL grabbed $1bn in five weeks

    Mickos and Sun's Green dish the dirt

    Open Season 18 00:17

  • IBM ignores foundering economy with top notch Q4

    2008 looking okay too

    Financial News 18 00:24

  • Developer heads are in the cloud, Andreessen says

    Build a platform and they will come

    Developer 18 00:39

  • AMD gains altitude in Q4 but hit by ATI scud missle

    Still expects profits in Q3 '08

    Financial News 18 01:43

  • Seagate posts good-ish quarter, fuels Wall Street jitters

    Ain't no pleasing some folk

    The Channel 18 03:00

  • Software firm bills council over high website traffic

    You're not Entitledto free service...

    Policy 18 08:02

  • Digital deals screwing the indie labels?

    Stick together, advises IODA chief

    Media 18 09:59

  • Your views on the Green debate

    The Americans are ahead again

    Reg Technology Panel 18 10:02

  • Jobs: Blu-ray wins HD format war then loses to downloads

    Physical media out-evolved, apparently

    Hardware 18 10:16

  • Finance watchdog warns about being 'seduced' by IT partnerships

    Don't fall for smooth talk

    Policy 18 10:23

  • HTC Pharos smartphone lit up on web

    Sleek GPS handset revealed

    Mobile 18 10:39

  • Carphone results flat but outlook unchanged

    Don't mention the iPhone

    Mobile 18 10:51

  • Got an amicable a*se? We have the job for you

    'Generous package' for right set of buttocks

    Bootnotes 18 10:56

  • Carl Zeiss tries its hand at iPod-friendly video goggles

    Watch TV with your specs

    Hardware 18 10:56

  • Wii Fit gets mat

    End Balance Board slippage misery

    Games 18 11:00

  • Mexico and Africa to become malware hotspots

    It's the socio-economy, stupid

    Security 18 11:11

  • US Army proto-Dalek combat robots enter testing

    Flying wastebin wardroids a taste of things to come?

    Science 18 11:32

  • Arbor snaps up Ellacoya to move out of security ghetto

    Look deep into this packet and tell me what you see

    Security 18 11:36

  • US biotech firm in new human cloning claim

    Hwang on a minute...

    Science 18 11:47

  • Mickey Mouse CIO joins Microsoft

    Replaces one Scott with another

    Management 18 12:00

  • Nude Italian models in kit-on protest

    Strike over pay and conditions

    Bootnotes 18 12:01

  • BOFH: Defusing the enthusiast

    We don't need Linux's best-kept secret

    BOFH 18 12:02

  • Researchers share video contact lens vision

    Rabbit beta testers demand wider content selection

    Science 18 12:21

  • USB 3.0-sporting devices start to appear... sort of

    New-style portage spotted

    Hardware 18 12:48

  • Sparks fly over electric shock dealing Dell laptop

    Has your XPS M1530 given you a tingling sensation?

    Hardware 18 13:05

  • BBC: Death by a thousand top-slices

    Share the dosh, says Culture Minister

    Media 18 13:07

  • Apple MacBook Air

    How skinny is that?

    Hardware 18 13:27

  • EC goes after Microsoft, Sun buys MySQL and Oracle buys BEA

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    Business 18 13:34

  • Heathrow 777 crash flattens servers

    Pilot service PPruNe downed

    Science 18 13:49

  • Microsoft puts dusty, old Office code on web

    ODF fans say, 'we're not simple, we're elegant'

    Software 18 13:55

  • Bobby Fischer checkmated at 64

    Eccentric grandmaster dies in Reykjavik

    Bootnotes 18 14:27

  • Storm Worm turns one

    Many unhappy returns

    Security 18 14:40

  • Germans send teen tearaway to Siberia

    Boot camp cure for violent youth

    Bootnotes 18 14:50

  • Lindsay Lohan packed off to morgue

    Close brush with death for DUI thespiatrix

    Bootnotes 18 14:57

  • Vote for the World's Worst Unboxing

    Unveiling the Golden Goldfish

    Bootnotes 18 15:34

  • Epson Stylus D120 colour inkjet printer

    See Em Why Kay Kay

    Hardware 18 15:39

  • Pentagon in $75m electropulse blast-ray programme

    Terawatt RF zap weapons sought

    Science 18 15:41

  • Skype blocks poison movie peril

    Video pwnd the radio star

    VoIP 18 16:24

  • AT&T to replace 17,000 IPTV box batteries

    Explosive TV

    Hardware 18 16:39

  • Chinese firm sets legal dragons on Microsoft

    Pay up, please

    Law 18 16:56

  • Sprint axes 4,000 jobs, closes 125 stores

    Workers tumble through gaping subscriptions hole

    Mobile 18 17:08

  • Mashups haunted by past experience

    User-generated IT support

    Applications 18 19:57

  • From water wheels to the Google brain

    Nick Carr's scary take on the future of computing

    Semi-Coherent Computing 18 20:02

  • Personal data for 650,000 customers vanishes into thin air

    Bad timing for J.C. Penney CEO

    Security 18 21:16

  • Supermicro plays Earth-child card with SAS storage chassis

    Save the caribou via disk

    Storage 18 23:21

  • Rackable kicks Xeon 7000 chips into fresh, beefy server

    Now with 25 per cent more teal

    Servers 18 23:25