17th January 2008 Archive

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  • Mandriva and TurboLinux unveil 10-person strong Manbo

    Like a kernel tweaking Rambo

    Operating Systems 17 Jan 01:47

  • Salesforce.com bitten by the ALM bug

    Can you feel the force.com

    Applications 17 Jan 06:21

  • Motorola brings VoIP to the shop floor

    Barcode readers you can talk to

    VoIP 17 Jan 07:02

  • Tarantino plans Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! remake

    Starring Britney Spears?

    Media 17 Jan 08:49

  • iPhone turns blue as IBM creates Lotus client

    Who says the iPhone is consumer-only?

    Mobile 17 Jan 09:41

  • Minister calls for boffins to engage with public

    And for government to listen to advice...

    Science 17 Jan 10:04

  • UK.gov says no plans for FBI DNA database hookup

    What do you mean when you say 'plan'?

    Government 17 Jan 10:11

  • MWg unveils the Zinc II smartphone

    Another element to its range

    Mobile 17 Jan 10:21

  • AMD updates Catalyst

    Version 8.1 for Windows posted

    Hardware 17 Jan 10:43

  • Video game ad banned for 'realistic' violence

    Stranglehold promo strangled

    Games 17 Jan 11:08

  • EDS offers 2,500 UK staff voluntary redundancy

    But only 1 in 10 will get the golden ticket

    The Channel 17 Jan 11:16

  • Hauppauge pitches Pay TV add-on for PCs

    CAM cards at the ready

    Hardware 17 Jan 11:19

  • Peeved HTC smartphone owners offer bounty for driver fix

    Fix drivers, win cash prizes

    Mobile 17 Jan 11:37

  • Polish scientists quantify perfect legs

    Longer than average, and attached to Kylie Minogue

    Science 17 Jan 11:45

  • Bush overrules judge in US navy-v-dolphins sonar case

    Flipper gets pinged

    Science 17 Jan 11:46

  • Samsung SGH-G800 5Mp cameraphone

    G600 + 3G = G800

    Phones 17 Jan 12:02

  • Cops admit CCTV no use in deterring drunken violence

    'Did you see me smack that geezer? Class, wasn't it'

    Government 17 Jan 12:10

  • Everex follows Asus Eee to announce 9in sub-notebook

    Unreleased CloudBook follow-up named

    Hardware 17 Jan 12:22

  • Face of Mankind DoS teen perp reprimanded

    Stupid boy

    Security 17 Jan 12:43

  • The Dark Knight - 2008's biggest movie?

    The Times sticks its neck out

    Media 17 Jan 12:45

  • FlipStart halves handheld PC price

    Yours for $699 now

    Hardware 17 Jan 12:48

  • 2008 - the year VoIP gets hacked?

    The drawbacks of IP everywhere

    Networks 17 Jan 12:49

  • Surgeons to turn to Wii to sharpen their scalpel skills?

    Forceps... swab... Nunchuk...

    Games 17 Jan 12:55

  • Outrage over Nokia factory closure

    Connecting people?

    Mobile 17 Jan 13:59

  • Global PC shipments up in Q4

    Dell 'turns corner' as HP marches on

    The Channel 17 Jan 14:02

  • US Marine Corps wants an awful lot of computers

    Government pork barrel ahoy!

    The Channel 17 Jan 14:04

  • Hackers go after Excel

    Poisoned spreadsheet peril

    Security 17 Jan 14:06

  • Online gamer murders rival clan member

    Net violence spills into real world

    Security 17 Jan 14:12

  • Nominet to hand out £5m to online charity cases

    New trust to divvy up domain sales surplus

    CIO 17 Jan 14:24

  • Former DEA agents sue over American Gangster

    'Most of the movie is not true'

    Media 17 Jan 14:26

  • Home Sec in anti-terror plan to control entire web

    'I will remove illegal material from internet'

    Government 17 Jan 14:37

  • Fertility watchdogs approve first human-animal hybrids

    Chimeric embryonics is go

    Science 17 Jan 15:14

  • Get a celebrity autograph on your mobile phone

    Sign your £££s away

    Mobile 17 Jan 15:17

  • Boro council in child data theft flap

    Nine nicked laptops hanging on the wall

    Security 17 Jan 16:04

  • DVLA's 5m driver details giveaway

    Sale of driver details is out of control

    Government 17 Jan 16:24

  • TVs to play DivX thanks to AMD

    Chip deal

    Hardware 17 Jan 16:34

  • IT industry plugs into UK.gov green scheme

    Power off

    Hardware 17 Jan 16:48

  • The OLPC XO laptop

    Is the mean, green thing hacker-friendly?

    Hardware 17 Jan 17:15

  • 'EcoDisc' allegedly trashes man's optical disc drive

    Maybe he should have read the warning label

    Hardware 17 Jan 18:06

  • Anti-spammer fined $60K for DNS lookup 'hack'

    Whois also ruled dodgy by North Dakota court

    Security 17 Jan 19:05

  • Online crime gangs embrace open source ethos

    Malware gets globalized

    Security 17 Jan 20:19

  • Nick Carr's Big Switch

    A computer revolution - or the next Fail?

    Servers 17 Jan 20:23

  • Wireless industry slams NAB's white space 'misinformation'


    Broadband 17 Jan 21:36

  • Ovum puts the 'O' into Oops

    Which letter did Sun buy again?

    Bootnotes 17 Jan 21:39

  • RIAA told to pay legal fees for harrassed defendant

    Pigopolist pursuit penalized

    Media 17 Jan 22:13

  • IBM touts low-end Power6 and fresh mainframe onslaught

    On, Boxen!

    Servers 17 Jan 22:14

  • Time Warner moots billing based on bandwidth usage

    Worth watching

    Broadband 17 Jan 22:48