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Mac lambs line up for slaughter

The unveiling of Apple's super-thin MacBook Air promises to expand further the Mac user base. That's troubling news for a platform that, as it enjoys greater uptake, risks the darker side of fandom - stalkers. Or, in this case, hackers and virus writers.
Phil Manchester, 16 Jan 2008

Investors shred Intel over double-digit Q4 gains

Intel today turned in record fourth quarter revenue and then saw investors pummel its share price in after-hours trading. Thank for the effort, guys.
Ashlee Vance, 16 Jan 2008

REALbasic for iPhone?

Macworld 2008Uncertainty over Apple's iPhone SDK is making a least one potential partner cautious about backing the phone, despite its popularity.
Gavin Clarke, 16 Jan 2008

IBM: Treasure Island Revisited

CommentIf ever there was proof that the financial community does not understand the basics of a legacy IT company, the euphoria over yesterday's IBM results preview said it all. News of IBM's profit sent the technology sector up,which in turn drove up the broader markets, confusing many IT observers. IBM a stellar performer - I don't think so!
Cormac O'Reilly, 16 Jan 2008

Trademark fast-track launched, but value questioned

Trademark applicants will soon be able to pay an extra £300 to be fast-tracked through the system, but one expert has said the new plan will only shave a few weeks from a process that can take years.
OUT-LAW.COM, 16 Jan 2008

E-government is working for DVLA

A report from the National Audit Office (NAO) on the use of technology by UK vehicle licensing agencies has found that rare beast - a working government IT project.
John Oates, 16 Jan 2008

T-Mobile looks to ADSL for mobile backhaul

T-Mobile has completed German trials using ADSL to backhaul data from 3G base stations by encapsulating HSDPA data in the IP stream. In doing so it has proven the technology is viable for the next generation of mobile services.
Bill Ray, 16 Jan 2008

C&W eyes Pipex access network

The remains of Pipex are being picked over by Cable and Wireless as part of a planned outsourcing deal. Engineers and consultants arrived onsite yesterday for talks to take over the running of the access network that connect customers to Pipex's London core network and the internet.
Christopher Williams, 16 Jan 2008

Clash of the compacts: Eee vs Air

The hottest mobile products of the moment? Undoubtedly, Apple's MacBook Air and Asus' Eee PC. So how do these would-be pinnacles of ultra-portability compare?
Tony Smith, 16 Jan 2008

DIY Russian war robot plays nanny to inventor's kid

Today's dodgy robot story comes from Russia, where reports have it that a powerful wardroid under development has been given unusual duties. The deadly combat machine, doubtless more accustomed to mowing helpless fleshies like grass, has been reassigned in a cheesy sitcom-style twist as a robo-nanny in charge of looking after the inventor's baby son.
Lewis Page, 16 Jan 2008

Star Wars USB Flash drives touch down

If you’re working on plans for a Death Star III, then there’s a new gadget in the galaxy designed to secure your vital blueprints: a Star Wars-themed USB memory stick.
James Sherwood, 16 Jan 2008

Intel holds back 3.2GHz gaming CPU release

Intel's next Core 2 Extreme gaming processor, the QX9770 - reviewed here - won't debut until late February/early March and not this month after all, it has been claimed.
Tony Smith, 16 Jan 2008

Crazy Frog millionaires invest in Facebook

The three brothers who coined millions from the Crazy Frog phenomenon have followed Microsoft in taking a stake in Facebook.
Christopher Williams, 16 Jan 2008
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Acquisition-happy Game not anti-competitive

Game Group today learned that its acquisition of rival firm Gamestation has been formally cleared by the Competition Commission.
Kelly Fiveash, 16 Jan 2008
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Dell tells customer 'Mac is good option'

Computer giant Dell stunned a Reg reader seeking a processor upgrade when it told him he might want to consider a "Mac".
Kelly Fiveash, 16 Jan 2008
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Amazon defies French courts over shipping costs

Amazon.fr is continuing to pay daily fines rather than comply with a court order which forbids it from offering free shipping for some purchases made from its French website.
John Oates, 16 Jan 2008

US boffins create darkest material ever

US researchers announced yesterday they'd concocted the darkest material on the planet - a carbon nanotube substance so black it absorbs more than 99.9 per cent of light, Reuters reports.
Lester Haines, 16 Jan 2008

Vodafone USB Modem 7.2

ReviewIt's shiny, white and looks like a bar of soap. But hook it up to your computer and you can surf the internet at speeds of up to 7.2Mb/s - in theory, at least. Yes, it's Vodafone's latest wireless modem, the Mobile Broadband USB Modem 7.2.
Tony Smith, 16 Jan 2008

FDA approves cloned animal products

The US's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) yesterday declared foodstuffs derived from some cloned animals safe.
Lester Haines, 16 Jan 2008
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BEA finally says yes to Oracle - for $8.5bn

Oracle has signed a definitive agreement to buy BEA for $8.5bn.
John Oates, 16 Jan 2008

Tom Cruise Scientology vid leaks onto net

A nine-minute video showing Tom Cruise chatting about his Scientology beliefs has leaked onto the net, allegedly much to the chagrin of the Church of Scientology.
Lester Haines, 16 Jan 2008
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OOXML marks the spot, says research firm

Large organisations that are considering a move away from Microsoft's Office Open XML (OOXML) in favour of rival standard (Open Document Format) ODF should think again, concludes a new report.
Kelly Fiveash, 16 Jan 2008

Motor titans crowd aboard 'green' bandwagon

The struggle among motor-industry biggies regarding who can seem the greenest (while simultaneously not actually doing very much about carbon emissions) continues. Toyota and GM are vying for supremacy in the plug-in hybrid stakes, Ferrari has dipped a toe in biofuel, and out of left field come French and Indian contenders with a car powered by compressed air.
Lewis Page, 16 Jan 2008

Hungarians unleash dog bark translator

Hungarian scientists are apparently working on computer software which analyses dog barks and potentially offers people the chance to "better recognise" their mutts' emotions, Reuters reports.
Lester Haines, 16 Jan 2008

Messenger reveals Mercury's hidden side

NASA's Messenger has beamed back the first picture of Mercury's hitherto unseen side, snapped from a distance of about 17,000 miles after its first fly-by of the planet yesterday.
Lester Haines, 16 Jan 2008

Boeing knocks back Dreamliner first flight

Boeing today announced that the first flight of its 787 Dreamliner will not now take place until "around the end of the second quarter" of 2008 - a roughly three month delay which will see the first aircraft delivered "in early 2009, rather than late 2008".
Lester Haines, 16 Jan 2008

Sun pulls MySQL into its orbit

Updated:Sun Microsystems is to pay $1bn for open source database developer MySQL.
John Oates, 16 Jan 2008

Skullcandy headphones ditch the MP3 player

Skullcandy’s cottoned onto the idea that people don’t always like carrying an MP3 player around, and has developed a pair of headphones that do away with it altogether.
James Sherwood, 16 Jan 2008

DLO debuts HD-ready iPod dock

Philips-owned audio add-ons maker DLO has created a docking station to let Apple fans connect their dockable iPods up to an HD TV.
James Sherwood, 16 Jan 2008

Shure Music Phone Adaptor

Unwired Video ReviewFor many of us who are both music and iPhone addicts, the handset's own earbuds aren't really up to the task of hammering out top tunes. But they do have a built-in microphone, which makes it easy to switch between music and calls. Thanks to this gadget, now Shure's top-end 'phones do too.
Wil Harris, 16 Jan 2008

TalkTalk and Carphone on the naughty step

UpdatedTalkTalk and its parent company Carphone Warehouse have been slapped by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) for failing to look after customers' data properly, in breach of the Data Protection Act.
Bill Ray, 16 Jan 2008

Hasbro fires off legal letters over Scrabulous

Hasbro Inc, which owns the US and Canadian rights to Scrabble, has asked Facebook to remove its online version "Scrabulous", Reuters reports.
Lester Haines, 16 Jan 2008

BPI chief hits back at ISPA over villain of the year jibe

The boss of the UK record industry lobby has hit back at ISPA today, branding it out of touch and accusing it of attempting to stall new rules which could disconnect persistent copyright infringers.
Christopher Williams, 16 Jan 2008
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Should BEA have said yes to Oracle?

Mini PollWell, the shareholders succumbed in the end, and BEA is now to be part of the mighty machine that is Oracle (see here if you missed the news). This probably didn't come as that much of a surprise to the pundits, and the BEA shareholders must obviously think they're getting a good deal. Beyond the wheeling, dealing and competitive shenanigans, though, we'd be interested in your views of how the move is likely to impact those that matter the most – the customers.
Dale Vile, 16 Jan 2008
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Computerland appoints brace of directors

UK IT services company Computerland has appointed two new directors for sales and service directories.
John Oates, 16 Jan 2008

Which is the best 5Mp cameraphone?

I need your help choosing what mobile phone to buy. Here's what it has to do:
T Fighter, 16 Jan 2008

Laptop web and weather innovations

Since Apple’s MacBook Air laptop will soon be available for drooling over, Mac fans everywhere will need sure-fire web access and a way of protecting the super-thin machine from the elements.
James Sherwood, 16 Jan 2008

UK police release fugitive paedophile

South Yorkshire police arrested and released a child abuser who was on the run, despite him being listed on a recently-launched online "most wanted" database.
Christopher Williams, 16 Jan 2008

i-mate denies putting itself on the market

Windows Mobile device manufacturer i-mate has denied rumours that the company is up for sale, but admits having a "strategic review" of the options given the lacklustre performance of the last 12 months.
Bill Ray, 16 Jan 2008
Warning: biohazard

Mystery web infection grows, but cause remains elusive

The mystery over a cluster of poisoned websites distributing a toxic malware cocktail may be better understood but it's still not solved.
Dan Goodin, 16 Jan 2008

Dip into concept programming

It's always a good time for a new paradigm in software development and one of the latest is concept programming. Originated as a private project by Hewlett Packard (HP) software engineer Christophe de Dinechin in 2000, interest in concept programming is on the rise following publication of an updated description late last year.
Phil Manchester, 16 Jan 2008

Sun stashes more cash in Q2

Lost in all the hullabaloo over the $1bn MySQL buy were Sun Microsystems' preliminary second quarter results.
Ashlee Vance, 16 Jan 2008

Quad-core Xeons use small power plant to maul Opterons

A recent benchmark comparing quad-core chips asserts that Intel Xeon-based servers have an edge in performance but are complete power hogs when compared to the dainty energy appetite of AMD Opteron-based servers.
Austin Modine, 16 Jan 2008

Former Brocade boss gets 21 months in prison

Gregory Reyes, the former chief of Brocade, today was sentenced to 21 months in prison and fined $15m for masterminding a securities scheme using backdated options.
Austin Modine, 16 Jan 2008

Showdown over encryption password in child porn case

A bid by the US government to force a child porn suspect to surrender his encryption password has sparked fierce debate about whether the move violates constitutional protections against self-incrimination.
Dan Goodin, 16 Jan 2008

Meet the world's premier open source vendor - Sun

AnalysisAlmost five years ago, Sun's then CEO Scott McNealy told me his company had little intention of entering the great database fray. "You know, we haven't decided that is a war we want to go fight," he said. "Why not let them all beat each others' brains in?".
Ashlee Vance, 16 Jan 2008

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