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Sun reveals war on data centers

Sun Microsystems plans to give up on data centers by 2015. How do you like that?
Ashlee Vance, 12 Jan 2008
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Poisoned MySpace page masquerades as Windows Update

Doom watchers at McAfee have discovered a booby-trapped MySpace page that foists malware on users by spoofing a Microsoft update down the center of the profile.
Dan Goodin, 12 Jan 2008

Canucks kill second attempt at 'iPod tax'

Canada's controversial "iPod tax" has once again been struck down in court. The Federal Court of Appeal yesterday rejected a decision by Canada's Copyright Board to collect fees from would-be MP3 player customers to compensate artists for revenue lost to "private copying."
Austin Modine, 12 Jan 2008

Crucial solid-state drive passes vibrator test

CES on VideoVigorously shake a hard drive and you'll kill it. Lexar Crucial reckons that's just not a problem with Flash-based solid-state drives, and it set out to prove it...
Will Head, 12 Jan 2008

Sony Ericsson touts talker trio

CESSony Ericsson has gone on the handset offensive and launched two music-orientated handsets, alongside an extra clamshell just for luck.
James Sherwood, 12 Jan 2008

Elephants take over transport network, mandate sex parties

CommentsResearchers at San Diego State University have found that, contrary to the general rule that men get more heavily plastered at parties, women tend to booze more if the parties involve sexual themes and fancy dress. Why? They don't know, but you all agree that they must have had fun trying to find out:
Robin Lettice, 12 Jan 2008

Freecom USBCard 4GB Flash drive

Unwired Video ReviewForget about keyring drives, here's a USB storage product that you can slip into your wallet as easily as it'll slip into a computer...
Wil Harris, 12 Jan 2008

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