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IBM gives Itanium five years to live

Despite HP's healthy rise in Itanium server sales, IBM think its major rival and Intel will have to give up on the processor in the near future due to basic economics.
Ashlee Vance, 10 Jan 2008
Nexsan logo

Nexsan gives 42TB array a make-over for picky Apple fans

Storage system developer Nexsan Technologies is releasing a new version of its SATABeast disk array designed for Apple XServe and Mac Pro systems.
Austin Modine, 10 Jan 2008

Beware the populist mash oozing out of Facebook and YouTube

And NinthlyYep. It felt just like that, didn't it?
Otto Z. Stern, 10 Jan 2008

Eye-Fi pitches camera-friendly memory card with... Wi-Fi

CES on VideoIt's an SD card for your digital camera that manages to cram Wi-Fi in too. Plug it in and wireless transfer your pics to your computer...
Will Head, 10 Jan 2008

The cordless phone is reborn for the IM era

CESVTech has catapulted the cordless home phone into the 21st Century. It’s unveiled the LS6117, which boasts a full Qwerty keyboard and instant messaging capabilities.
James Sherwood, 10 Jan 2008

Broadcom hooks up with Trolltech for Linux VoIP

Days after Trolltech announced it had signed up with LiMo Foundation, after dropping out of the LiPS Forum last year, it has signed a deal with Broadcom to optimise its code for the chip vendor's VoIP hardware.
Bill Ray, 10 Jan 2008

FTC issues ad-tracking guidelines

US consumer protection body the Federal Trade Commission has backed a tightening of rules on internet advertising and the use of personal information. It has proposed stronger industry regulation of the tracking of users' habits.
OUT-LAW.COM, 10 Jan 2008

Judge bounces ex-Brocade chief's appeal bid

A federal judge has denied a bid by Greg Reyes, the former CEO of storage switch maker Brocade, to launch an appeal against his conviction for stock options fiddling.
Christopher Williams, 10 Jan 2008

GPS finds its way onto the PSP

Any gamers that thought Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP) had lost its way of late may soon be proven wrong. The company has announced a GPS navigation system for the portable gaming device.
James Sherwood, 10 Jan 2008

Don't shed any tears for Pandora

Guest OpinionSo 2008 brings another battle in the war over the value of music.
Paul Sanders, 10 Jan 2008

Government rejects elephants for pets e-petition

We're very sorry to announce that Her Maj's government has decided to reject the following e-petition which attracted a creditable 655 signatures:
Lester Haines, 10 Jan 2008

3 to carry MVNO

3UK, the 3G provider much derided for coming late to the UK mobile party, can now count itself among the grown-ups as it agrees to provide network infrastructure to a new MVNO from Gamma Telecom.
Bill Ray, 10 Jan 2008

Want faster broadband soon? Move to Kent, says BT

BT will dip its toe in the rapid waters of fibre-to-the-home broadband this year, when it'll run optic cables to 10,000 new homes being built at Ebbsfleet in Kent.
Christopher Williams, 10 Jan 2008

Aussies whip out their a*se antlers

Lovers of the English language in all its glory have until 31 January to vote for the online Macquarie Dictionary word of the year from a splendid selection of neologisms and rather more familiar terms.
Lester Haines, 10 Jan 2008

Japan to lose 20GB and 60GB PS3

Sony plans to end sales of its 20GB and 60GB PlayStation 3 (PS3) models in Japan, within just two months.
James Sherwood, 10 Jan 2008

Sensory jacket simulates the speed experience

CESTN Games, the company behind the 3rd Space FPS sensory gaming vest - first seen in October last year, has premiered the GFR racing vest and the HXT helmet at CES in Las Vegas.
Scott Snowden, 10 Jan 2008

Voltaic solar bag steps up to laptop size

CESThe manufacturers behind the original solar backpack, Voltaic Systems, has launched a new bag that generates enough power from the sun's rays to charge laptops. Notebook users will now be able to unplug from the power grid and power up from the sun.
Scott Snowden, 10 Jan 2008

Horizon downplays drop in profits

System builder and IT distributor Horizon Technology Group said today that revenue fell below expectations in the last quarter partly because of a dip in orders in December.
Kelly Fiveash, 10 Jan 2008

HP to reduce PC energy consumption by a quarter

HP's ambitious plan to slash energy consumption in its PCs by 25 per cent by 2010 has been greeted with scepticism in some quarters.
Kelly Fiveash, 10 Jan 2008

WowWee demos FemiSapien robotrix

CES on VideoRoboSapien gets a mate...
Will Head, 10 Jan 2008

UK.Gov green lights nuclear power

The Brown government has committed itself publicly to the continued use of nuclear power in Britain, shrugging off the orthodox green lobby's calls to eliminate the technology completely.
Lewis Page, 10 Jan 2008

Casio broadens its Exilim range, again

Casio has once again expanded its Exilim brand of digital cameras. It has created four additional models, including one that’s purportedly the world’s smallest and thinnest ten-megapixel digicam.
James Sherwood, 10 Jan 2008

Ticketopolists win backing for online tax

AnalysisWhy is the Recording Industry Ass. of America still Diablo Numero Uno for so many people? The major record labels are at an advanced stage of terminal illness, sit on a diminishing asset base, and unable to make more than token gestures at preventing online file sharing. Perhaps it's because some people now make it a point of moral principle not to pay for music online. Or perhaps it's because "RIAA" fits so nicely on a bumper sticker.
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Jan 2008

YouTube biker clocked at 189mph

Gloucestershire Police are investigating a YouTube video which appears to show a Kawasaki ZX10R clocking up an impressive 189mph:
Lester Haines, 10 Jan 2008

Guitar Hero gets true air axe

CES on VideoWho needs a fancy electronic axe to slam out power chords? Guitar Hero the way it's really meant to be played...
Will Head, 10 Jan 2008

Bloke finds missus working in brothel

A Polish bloke got a bit of a shock when he decided to nip out to a brothel - his missus was among the establishment's employees.
Lester Haines, 10 Jan 2008

Super Soaker inventor touts solid state heat-2-leccy

A former NASA engineer, most famous for inventing the noted "Super Soaker" squirtguns, may be on the track of a radical new energy technology which could have important implications for power generation.
Lewis Page, 10 Jan 2008

Everex targets Eee PC with higher spec mini laptop at same price

CESEverex, the US-based PC selling division of Taiwan's First International Computer (FIC), this week took the fight to Asus' popular Eee PC sub-notebook. It also launched a desktop-oriented mini PC.
Tony Smith, 10 Jan 2008

Citizen's panels to put DNA database under microscope

The government is bankrolling a massive “citizen’s inquiry” that will see its DNA database policies scrutinised by panels of “ordinary” people, including criminals and youngsters, instead of scientists and legal professionals.
Joe Fay, 10 Jan 2008

Microsoft backpedals on Blu-ray for Xbox 360 comments

Microsoft today stressed that it believes HD DVD is the best optical disc for consumers and that it has no plans to support Blu-ray Disc on the Xbox 360, despite recent comments from company staffers that it might.
James Sherwood, 10 Jan 2008

Beeb's iPlayer reaps streaming traffic dividends

The BBC's Flash-based streaming service has gifted a massive traffic boost to the iPlayer site since it went live in mid-December, independent figures have revealed.
Christopher Williams, 10 Jan 2008

DisplayLink demos multi-monitor USB dongle

CES on VideoWant to connect your PC to six monitors? You heard right - six screens. DisplayLink's small USB dongle is what you need...
Will Head, 10 Jan 2008

ACS pays $60m for Syan

Affiliated Computer Services has paid $60m in cash for British outsourcer and IBM specialist Syan Holdings.
Joe Fay, 10 Jan 2008

Sprinting towards a WiMAX future

Sprint Nextel is on schedule to launch its WiMAX service at the end of April, but won't be subsidising devices or requiring long-term contracts.
Bill Ray, 10 Jan 2008
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LA grand jury probes MySpace teenage suicide case

A federal grand jury in Los Angeles has subpoenaed MySpace and others in connection with a teenage girl who hanged herself after receiving cruel messages on the site from people posing as a 16-year-old boy.
Dan Goodin, 10 Jan 2008

IBM no comments way to optical Power7 confirmation

Not satisfied with flexing its machismo through the zippy 4.0+GHz Power6 chip, IBM appears to have a couple rather radical notions in mind to improve its Unix server performance over the next couple of years.
Ashlee Vance, 10 Jan 2008

Network Solutions games net domain biz

Network Solutions is front running domain name registrations, temporarily preventing competitors from selling domains that web users show interest in. But the popular registrar insists this is merely a way of preventing others from front running.
Cade Metz, 10 Jan 2008
Intel logo teaser

New York launches antitrust probe against Intel

New York state is joining the growing line to probe Intel's paperwork over charges of anticompetitive behavior against chip rival AMD.
Austin Modine, 10 Jan 2008

Academics slam Java

The choice of Java as a first programming language in computer science courses is undermining good programming practice, according to two leading academics.
Phil Manchester, 10 Jan 2008

Telcos yank FBI wiretaps

FBI wiretaps used to eavesdrop on suspected criminals have been repeatedly canceled by telephone companies because the bureau failed to pay their bills on time.
Dan Goodin, 10 Jan 2008

Microsoft takes a shine to Logitech?

Microsoft wants to buy mouse maker Logitech, if investor speculation is to be believed.
Tony Smith, 10 Jan 2008

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