9th January 2008 Archive

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  • Xbox 360 could back Blu-ray

    Microsoft covers its high-definition derrière

    Games 09 Jan 01:51

  • Covenant energy sword added to Halo 3 replica arsenal

    If we could get the Chief's MA5K carbine too...

    Games 09 Jan 01:56

  • LG lifts skirt, reveals watchphone

    But don't tell anyone...

    Hardware 09 Jan 04:44

  • Excuse me sir: there's a rootkit in your master boot record

    Undetected by most AV apps

    Security 09 Jan 05:34

  • Dengue fever threatens continental US

    West Nile virus - the sequel

    Science 09 Jan 09:04

  • Six firms cough for unlicensed software

    BSA hands out the fines

    Software 09 Jan 09:06

  • Fluorescent sow drops glow-in-the-dark piglets

    China hails transgenic porker breakthrough

    Science 09 Jan 09:08

  • Reaper airborne war-droids to patrol 2012 Olympics

    Now we could all be Olympic torches

    Science 09 Jan 10:50

  • Noxon 2 and iPod Touch trouble


    Hardware 09 Jan 11:02

  • Google turns Irish town 3D

    Whatever next?

    Applications 09 Jan 11:02

  • Ion readies USB-connected VHS player

    Rip your old tapes

    Hardware 09 Jan 11:02

  • Lord Triesman on P2P, pop-ups and the Klaxons

    The Great Copyright Debate

    Law 09 Jan 11:15

  • Digital cert glitch trips up UK passport site

    Secondary IPS site in shared credentials snafu

    Government 09 Jan 11:28

  • Apple cuts UK iTunes prices

    Heads off EC investigation

    Media 09 Jan 11:33

  • Computacenter shrugs off economic fears

    But dealer's shares follow market down

    The Channel 09 Jan 11:45

  • NY corpse attempts to cash welfare cheque

    Two cuffed for wheeling dead pal to Pay-O-Matic

    Bootnotes 09 Jan 11:46

  • Blackberry Pearl 8120 smartphone

    Now with Wi-Fi and other refinements

    Phones 09 Jan 12:02

  • Email security: Where are we @?

    It's trouble, but we love it anyway

    Security 09 Jan 12:15

  • RSA loses sales and security jobs in EMC restructuring

    Corporate indigestion

    Security 09 Jan 12:25

  • UK gov scraps '£1bn' prisoner tracking system

    Strategic review orders strategic retreat

    Government 09 Jan 12:55

  • Amiga explains AmigaOS 5 AmigaAnywhere

    Bill McEwen's elevator pitch

    Operating Systems 09 Jan 13:02

  • Sysadmin jailed for 30 months over failed logic bomb

    Tick, tick, tick, tick... oh

    Security 09 Jan 13:24

  • Parents to get classroom spynet in 2010

    Schools minister sets all-seeing-eye targets

    Government 09 Jan 13:33

  • Qualcomm quietly buys up Bluetooth experts

    While everyone distracted by patent spats

    Phones 09 Jan 13:52

  • LG laptop goes up in flames

    Journalist on the scene in less than seconds

    Hardware 09 Jan 14:03

  • A Bluetooth headset just for women

    It's not for girls - oh wait, yes it is.

    Hardware 09 Jan 14:04

  • Is it or isn't it? Brown keeps bottling the ID card question

    Straight answers not compulsory either

    Government 09 Jan 14:21

  • Alienware heads off on a curve with gaming screen design

    PC maker makes its pitch

    Hardware 09 Jan 15:02

  • GM sees future: Cars and drivers full of booze

    Autopilot alcomobiles for drunk drivers

    Science 09 Jan 15:11

  • IT contractors cry foul over HMRC income splitting law

    'Stop crippling us, we're not tax dodgers'

    Small Biz 09 Jan 15:15

  • T-Mobile bundles Wi-Fi with Web 'n Walk

    Don't be using Voip though

    VoIP 09 Jan 15:19

  • SoBig anniversary marks birth of the botnet

    Five by five

    Security 09 Jan 15:27

  • Ofcom's radio carve-up could cut out mesh

    Consultation doc hits doormats

    Data Networking 09 Jan 15:34

  • Toshiba raises colours in portable storage battle

    320GB 2.5in HDD

    Hardware 09 Jan 15:48

  • Wii Fit sells 1m copies in Japan

    The virtual flab fighter

    Games 09 Jan 15:51

  • Cash-strapped NHS seeks Project Manager

    Modest salary for Leeds IT gig

    Bootnotes 09 Jan 16:00

  • Lenovo waves around ultra-light sub-laptop

    Pitching the IdeaPad

    Hardware 09 Jan 16:02

  • LG shows gadget based on next-gen Intel UMPC chip

    45nm 'Silverthorne' not even out yet

    Hardware 09 Jan 16:51

  • Panasonic unveils web-enabled Plasma TVs

    Telly-based surfing

    Hardware 09 Jan 17:06

  • Revealed: USB 3.0 jacks and sockets

    Next incarnation of the bus standard makes an appearance

    Hardware 09 Jan 18:37

  • Fully patched PCs are a rare breed

    Security: We've heard of it

    Security 09 Jan 19:08

  • Sadville bans usury

    Virtual money-lenders must go

    Media 09 Jan 19:22

  • Feds to probe Comcast's BitTorrent busting

    What is "reasonable network management"?

    Broadband 09 Jan 19:36

  • SWsoft strokes Apple with Parallels Server beta

    Into the hypervisor fray

    Virtualization 09 Jan 20:21

  • Build a Silverlight media player

    Going for gold

    Applications 09 Jan 20:32

  • Xbox Live account takeovers put users at risk

    Celebrity gamer wants his virtual armor back

    Security 09 Jan 20:44

  • Aruba Networks takes to AirWave for $37m

    Will use white flag of neutrality to shoot at Cisco

    Data Networking 09 Jan 22:19

  • Google's Android - big name, big question on payment

    Inside the mobile matrix, part 2

    Mobile 09 Jan 23:09

  • UK spooks deliberately leaked 'Squidgygate' tapes

    So says Diana's bodyguard

    Security 09 Jan 23:16

  • Microsoft set to milk mobile Messenger mavens?

    'We don't want your money now. But we might sometime soon'

    Applications 09 Jan 23:46