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Netgear extends next-gen Wi-Fi into 5GHz band

CESNetgear today launched a raft of 802.11n Wi-Fi networking devices that take the technology into the uncrowded 5GHz band. The new kit also incorporates clever new “metamaterial” antennae to cram up to eight aerials inside each box.
Tony Smith, 06 Jan 2008

Pioneer presents first ever 'hybrid' navigation system

CESPioneer this morning presented what it claimed is the first ever "hybrid" navigation system, a GPS box designed to work with almost any mobile media source, including iPods and Bluetooth-equipped mobile phones.
Scott Snowden, 06 Jan 2008

Netgear preps power-passing powerline adaptor

CESNetgear's CES announcement may have centered on its 5GHz 802.11n kit, but the company also, quietly, announced an updated 200Mb/s powerline Ethernet adaptor – this time with a pass-through power socket. Interestingly, Netgear also embraced the second of two rival 200Mb/s technologies.
Tony Smith, 06 Jan 2008

Panasonic shows 32GB SDHC at CES

CESHere's the 32GB SDHC card Panasonic promised today. It's the most capacious memory card of its kind, the company claimed, though the one it showed was a prototype ahead of the SDHC's “Spring 2008” arrival.
Tony Smith, 06 Jan 2008

Systemax saves CompUSA from knacker's yard

Systemax is buying the CompUSA brand name, its ecommerce operations and up to 16 stores in the great CompUSA close-out sale. The big US computer reseller hails CompUSA as a "strong complementary" business to its own retail TigerDirect brand and is paying up to $30m for its new baby, depending on how many stores it actually buys.
Drew Cullen, 06 Jan 2008

Sennheiser to show 'CD quality' wireless 'phones

CESHeadphones specialist Sennheiser will tomorrow show off a set of wireless earphones based on a technology it claims delivers true CD quality lossless sound in place of the compressed, lossy audio you get with Bluetooth 'phones.
Tony Smith, 06 Jan 2008

Panasonic preps Blu-ray, iPod-friendly home theatre kit

CESPanasonic has combined two the consumer electronics industry's major buzzwords in a single product: a home theatre rig that incorporates not only a Blu-ray Disc player but also an iPod dock.
Tony Smith, 06 Jan 2008

Logitech revamps Squeezebox as Duet

CESSay hello to the Squeezebox 4. It's actually called the Squeezebox Duet, and it's the first version of the networked music player released since Slim Devices was snapped up by Logitech.
Tony Smith, 06 Jan 2008

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