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Remembering the Cray-1

This Old BoxThe triumphant return of This Old Box! You begged and pleaded, and we listened.
Austin Modine, 05 Jan 2008
Warning: biohazard

Contest seeks the most diminutive XSS worm

Think you have a gift for writing compact code that replicates using one of the web's most vexing classes of security vulnerabilities? Then Security researcher RSnake (aka Robert Hansen) would like to hear from you. He has set up a contest to see who can write a self-propagating cross-site scripting (XSS) worm using the fewest number of characters.
Dan Goodin, 05 Jan 2008

Warner Bros gives all its hi-def loving to Blu-ray

Warner Bros is abandoning HD-DVD to settle down in monogamous bliss with Sony's Blu-ray. The company today cited "consumer demand" for its decision to stop selling HD-DVD-format movie titles at the end of May. It is the only movie major to sell high-definition DVDs in both formats, but has already tired of playing the field.
Drew Cullen, 05 Jan 2008

Verizon sues Alltel over homicidal guinea pig

Little more than two months after forking over one million smackers to settle accusations it was guilty of false advertising, Verizon Wireless has accused one of its biggest competitors of false advertising.
Cade Metz, 05 Jan 2008
Microsoft Office logo

'Draconian' Microsoft promises to make Office work again

UpdateMicrosoft has threatened to release a fix for an Office 2003 update that may well have the productivity suite work as intended once again.
Mark Whitehorn, 05 Jan 2008

Why there will never be another GSM

CommentOfcom is changing the way spectrum is licensed in the UK to remove usage restrictions, but the EU is calling for region-wide harmonisation of use to create economies of scale.
Bill Ray, 05 Jan 2008

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