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NetApp thinks big with SAN management vendor buy

Network Appliance is buying the privately-owned storage service management vendor Onaro for an undisclosed sum. The Marker, an Israeli tech pub, reports NetApp is putting $120m on the table, but chief marketing officer Jay Kidd declined to confirm the figure.

Toxic chemicals suit dumped on IBM

A group from IBM's home turf of Endicott, New York is suing the company over alleged decades of dumping toxic and hazardous contaminants into the environment.
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NetFlix sics troops on Apple TV

NetFlix is going toe-to-toe with Apple TV. And then some.
Cade Metz, 04 2008
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'Ragtag' Russian army shows the new face of DDoS attacks

In late April, a Russian-speaking blogger upset with recent events in Estonia posted a series of dispatches calling on like-minded people to attack government servers in that country.
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Beware of pickpockets and malware-laced banner ads

If you haven't patched that media player or web browser in a while, now might be a good time. MySpace, Excite and Blick have been caught serving banner ads that attempt to install malware on machines running unpatched software.

Sony confirms Skype coming to PSP

There's no doubt now that Skype is coming to the Sony PlayStation Portable - Sony's own website, updated to preview next week's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, admits as much.

Which is the best DVR?

I want a high-quality digital video recorder which also records content onto DVDs. Which one do Reg Hardware readers think is best?
M Walsh, 04 2008

Nvidia readies mid-range GeForce 9600 GT

Nvidia has begun attempting to tempt its graphics card manufacturer partners with the GeForce 9600 GT chip, leaked presentation slides have revealed. Nvidia will pitch the part as "big on performance, easy on the wallet".

Secret Crush widget spreads adware on Facebook

A "malicious widget" on Facebook is leaving love-hungry social networkers feeling crushed.

Intel walks out of OLPC project

The controversial One Laptop Per Child project, which aims to provide children in the developing world with access to $100 laptops, has fallen out with Intel.

Nintendo Wii set to beat MS' 17.7m all-time Xbox 360 sales tally

Microsoft has sold 17.7m Xbox 360 games consoles since the machine was introduced in late 2005, 4.3m of them since the beginning of October 2007, the company claimed yesterday.
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Alcoholic rats' boozing slashed by mutant superpower drug

Scientists based in Chile and Colorado have carried out astonishing research which appears to offer a cure for that scourge of modern society - alcoholism in rats.

Samsung shapes shock-resistant phone

Samsung has rolled out its first "ultra-durable" mobile phone, and with its water-, dust- and shock-resistant shell, the Samsung M110 Solid mounts a chunky challenge to Sonim's "indestructible" XP1.

Spam King Ralsky indicted over stock spam scam

Notorious spammer Alan Ralsky and ten others have been indicted in the US over the alleged use of junk mail to promote stock fraud scams.

MS 'disappointed' with Xbox Live connectivity woes

Microsoft is to offer gamers a free game download to compensate them for all the connectivity problems many of them experience accessing its Xbox Live service during the past few weeks.

Cameron blames Labour naivety for NHS IT woes

Tory leader David Cameron used a speech in Trafford yesterday to make another attempt to gain credibility for his party's management of the NHS.

Apple gets fans juices flowing with iMac-like laptop dock

The latest Apple patent filing to excite the Mac masses shows the manufacturer's iMac recast as a docking station for a MacBook laptop.
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Nato secrets USB stick lost in Swedish library

The discovery of a USB memory stick containing classified NATO information in a library in Stockholm has prompted a meeting between the Swedish Military Intelligence and Security Service and foreign defence officials.

MS preps critical Vista patch for Tuesday

Microsoft plans to issue two security patches next Tuesday, one of which earns the dreaded rating of critical, in this year's first edition of its regular Patch Tuesday update cycle.

Dell shrinks 15.4in Inspiron laptops by 25%

Dell has revamped its 15.4in Inspiron laptop line by launching a new model clad in an array of four patterned colour lids. It's also three-quarters of the size of the previous version and 190g lighter.
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Network down? Must be New Year's Eve gunfire

Gun-touting buffoons and a pesky raccoon were among some of the more bizarre reasons why a number of Americans suffered power and comms outages during the New Year period.
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Apple targeted in DRM monopoly suit (again)

Steve Jobs has received a New Year nastygram from a woman who is upset that iPods won't play Microsoft DRM-crippled songs as well as Apple DRM-crippled songs.
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Pope tells astronomers to pack up their telescopes

The Pope has given the Vatican's Jesuit astronomers their marching orders, banishing them and their infernal instruments from his summer palace and billeting them in a disused convent instead.
Joe Fay, 04 2008
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EU's online Red Tape pledge

While many scare stories about EU regulation turn out to be myths - here's one that unlike "bendy bananas" may well come true.

Nvidia nForce 780i SLI chipset

Review Nvidia’s new nForce 780i SLI chipset is heavily – that’s HEAVILY – based on the nForce 680i SLI, adding just two key new features. The first is support for 45nm Intel 'Penryn' processors and the second is the addition of PCI Express 2.0 for top graphics performance. It’s safe to say that the 780i SLI is Nvidia’s answer to Intel’s X38 chipset, but it’s not a direct comparison as Nvidia is sticking with DDR 2 memory instead of making the shift to DDR 3.

My iPod Classic won't charge up

I have a iPod Classic which I brought just under a year ago. I have tried to get it fixed as it just stopped working. It won't charge up - it just dies.
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Atos wins Highways Agency £75m contract

Outsourcing outfit Atos Origin yesterday beat out rivals HP, Fujitsu, and LogicaCMG by winning a five year support contract with the Highways Agency (HA) worth £75m.

Firefox spoofing bug raises phishing fears

Flaws in the way the latest version of Mozilla Firefox presents authentication dialog boxes leave the door open for cybercrooks to trick users into handing over login credentials, a leading security researcher warns.

Linux squeezes into connected devices

OpenMoko, the open source Linux platform designed for mobile phones, has found its way into a connected GPS device as well as a consumer-friendly mobile phone, showing what Google's Android could do if OpenMoko wasn't already doing it.
Bill Ray, 04 2008
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Hundreds of US fighter aces reassigned as drone pilots

The recent surge in use of remotely-controlled robot aircraft by US forces for the Wars on Stuff has meant that substantial numbers of American pilots are now being pulled off normal flight status and assigned to drone-driving duty, according to reports.

Sling unveils 1080i-streaming Slingbox ahead of CES

Slingbox maker Sling Media has announced a new version of its Slingbox Pro set-top box that has its own HD TV tuner and can send out a 1080i HD picture over the network.
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Schools minister touts 'one interweb per child' pork barrel

The schools minister, Jim Knight, has decided that every child in the country absolutely must have broadband at home, and has called on technology vendors to help him make it happen.
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McAfee spies malware in legit JavaScript apps

A dodgy anti-virus update from McAfee on Wednesday wrongly identified legitimate JavaScript files as a virus in the second such screw-up by a major security vendor in less than a week.
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Tiscali to go mobile in 2008

Tiscali is set to relaunch the Toucan Mobile brand it acquired as part of last year's Pipex buyout, though it's still talking to the networks about which lucky operator gets to carry Toucan customers.
Bill Ray, 04 2008
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Is this the first Human-Martian hybrid?

Interbreeding between humans and aliens is a recurrent theme of science fiction - and late night talk radio. But could an example we've unearthed from near San Francisco, California, prove to be the first living example?
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Sony BMG to drop Custer stance on DRM

Sony BMG, the last major record label that won't sell you music without DRM kneecapping will reverse its stance in February, according to a report today.
Evesham Technology

Evesham Technology goes into liquidation

British computer maker Evesham Technology today told the majority of its remaining staff not to return to work on Monday because the company has gone into liquidation.

Microsoft opens Server 2008 licensing a smidge

Microsoft plans to cut web server licensing restrictions from Windows Server 2008 to better compete against open-source alternatives, according to CRN.
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Camouflaged code threatens security apps

Antivirus firms are concerned about the emergence of techniques that could render meaningless the use of checksums to mark applications as safe.

Google preps Street View Big Mac search

Google already indexes the text buried inside your email messages. So it's no surprise that the search engine cum world power is fiddling with the idea of indexing the text buried inside your photos and videos.
Cade Metz, 04 2008