3rd January 2008 Archive

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  • Microsoft readies Hal 9000

    The corporate lie detector

    Software 03 00:30

  • Microsoft scoffs at antitrust extension seekers

    With a little kick to Netscape's corpse

    Servers 03 00:50

  • Sears admits to joining spyware biz

    On page 10 of 54-page diatribe

    Security 03 01:04

  • Music industry hails China deep-linking victory

    Never mind Baidu, look at Yahoo!

    Media 03 01:29

  • Oz crematorium menaced by exploding dog

    When mutts go bang

    Bootnotes 03 09:24

  • Dixons shares spanked after profit warning

    Share price down a fifth

    The Channel 03 09:43

  • MPs call for stronger data protection laws

    And more cash for ICO

    Government 03 09:55

  • Lenovo readies IdeaPad laptop line

    ThinkPads for consumers

    Hardware 03 10:27

  • Telltale signs your model is stuck

    Analysis paralysis: part two

    Software 03 10:42

  • Nokia snaps up Apertio for €140m

    Finns take plunge into Bristol channel

    Networks 03 10:56

  • Hitachi hypes 'world's most capacious' laptop hard drive

    500GB drive coming to Asus laptops

    Hardware 03 11:17

  • Former beauty queen cuffed for torturing ex

    'Promising' Arizona law student on five felony raps

    Bootnotes 03 11:34

  • USB 'compact cassette' promises 1980s nostalgia, home taping

    Phony Sony, Maxel, TDK etc.

    Hardware 03 11:56

  • WiHD boys signal imminent arrival of 'wireless HDMI' tech

    WirelessHD 1.0 ready for implementation

    Broadband 03 12:53

  • Archos to launch against Apple TV next week

    Hardware 03 13:29

  • Mobile phone users should drive faster says prof

    Drivers go slow when on a call

    Mobile 03 13:44

  • Creative X-Fi ExpressCard soundcard

    We sound out Creative's slip-in soundcard

    Hardware 03 14:04

  • HMRC union calls for strike

    Data losses exacerbated by job losses

    Government 03 14:56

  • Kent council approves 'cleaner' coal-fired plant

    Greenpeace unimpressed

    Science 03 14:59

  • LCD monitor biz squeezed at both ends

    Demand for TVs and laptops to blame

    The Channel 03 15:03

  • Chinese shun sex for a good, old-fashioned bank

    Google.cn word search results

    Bootnotes 03 15:03

  • Ransomware Trojan locks up infected PCs

    UK regulator probes pay-by-phone extortion

    Security 03 15:08

  • World's Dumbest File Sharer loses lawyer, sells knickers

    Maritime attorney sets sail

    Media 03 15:16

  • Debian update addresses multiple flaws

    Back from the holidays

    Operating Systems 03 15:21

  • What's the best way to unlock a UK iPhone?


    Hardware 03 15:48

  • French government decides mobiles 'may not be safe'

    As Air France trials in-flight mobile use

    Mobile 03 16:15

  • Microsoft patents Wish Lists

    Just what you always wanted

    Applications 03 16:46

  • Emacs diet for Visual Studio?

    A whole .Net less

    Software 03 16:47

  • RealPlayer users warned over unpatched vuln

    Proof of concept exploit sparks full disclosure row

    Security 03 16:51

  • SETI@home needs You!

    Search for alien life needs more processors

    Science 03 16:55

  • Facebook's phony Bhutto pranks media

    Journalism 2.0

    Media 03 18:17

  • Something awful happens to somethingawful.com

    Falls off the internet

    Data Networking 03 18:19

  • Macworld invites kiddies to 'Make Bouncy Bouncy'

    The 'game you can control with one hand'

    Bootnotes 03 18:20

  • Novell congratulates itself for snogging Microsoft

    Dowry for Linux-Windows nuptials tops $350m

    Servers 03 18:27

  • IBM chases the little people with hardware re-org

    Division of labour

    The Channel 03 20:09

  • Nigerian firm demands $20m from OLPC

    Non-profit org slapped with infringement suit

    Hardware 03 20:26