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Microsoft readies Hal 9000

It gives a whole new meaning to the word "micromanager."
Cade Metz, 03 Jan 2008

Microsoft scoffs at antitrust extension seekers

Microsoft is pshawing claims that it needs another five years of legal babysitting.
Austin Modine, 03 Jan 2008

Sears admits to joining spyware biz

A Harvard researcher has accused one of America's biggest retailers of sneaking privacy-stealing spyware from ComScore onto customers' machines.
Dan Goodin, 03 Jan 2008

Music industry hails China deep-linking victory

A Chinese court last month found Yahoo! China liable for copyright infringement by deep-linking to songs. Both Yahoo! and Baidu, China's largest search engine, provide search tools for finding music, most of which is unlicensed.
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Jan 2008

Oz crematorium menaced by exploding dog

We're very much obliged to Oz's ABC News this morning for clarifying something which has been bothering us for some time: do frozen dogs present an explosion risk?
Lester Haines, 03 Jan 2008

Dixons shares spanked after profit warning

Dixons Store Group International saw its shares fall more than 20 per cent this morning after the company admitted Christmas trading had been poor.
John Oates, 03 Jan 2008

MPs call for stronger data protection laws

A committee of MPs has dismissed government denials that recent data losses were the result of individual failures and called for legislation to punish such reckless treatment of private data in future.
John Oates, 03 Jan 2008

Lenovo readies IdeaPad laptop line

Lenovo's otherlaptop brandname, the 3000 series, doesn't quite have the same ring to it as ThinkPad. Enter, then, IdeaPad, the new name for the company's consumer notebooks, three of which debuted in the US yesterday.
Tony Smith, 03 Jan 2008

Telltale signs your model is stuck

Teams can get stuck wallowing in trivial details when modeling in UML. Sweating such details can lead to frustration and premature, and rash, decisions on using UML later in a project. But how do you know when a particular nuance is inconsequential and when it's an important item to specify?
Matt Stephens, 03 Jan 2008

Nokia snaps up Apertio for €140m

Nokia Siemens Networks is to buy customer-management company Apertio for about €140m, with the cash deal set for completion before April.
Bill Ray, 03 Jan 2008

Hitachi hypes 'world's most capacious' laptop hard drive

Hitachi's Global Storage Technologies group has rolled out what it claims is the world's most capacious laptop-friendly hard drive - a 500GB monster that notebook maker Asus has already said it will build into future machines.
Tony Smith, 03 Jan 2008

Former beauty queen cuffed for torturing ex

A University of Arizona law school student and former Miss Arizona contestant has been indicted on five felony charges for kidnapping her ex-boyfriend, holding him for ten hours in Tuscon "while torturing and robbing him", the Arizona Daily Star reports.
Lester Haines, 03 Jan 2008

USB 'compact cassette' promises 1980s nostalgia, home taping

Relive music piracy the way it used to be done, back in the days when even Shawn Fanning was a glint in someone's eye*, let alone his original Napster app and the P2P world it spawned. Yes, we're talking cassette tapes and a 21st Century take on this format of yesteryear.
Tony Smith, 03 Jan 2008

WiHD boys signal imminent arrival of 'wireless HDMI' tech

The companies behind the Wireless HD (WiHD) standard - Intel, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, LG, Matsushita and NEC among them - have completed the first full version of the specification.
Tony Smith, 03 Jan 2008

Archos to launch against Apple TV next week

French media player maker Archos will next week take on the Apple TV with a small white Wi-Fi-enabled box designed to be connected to your telly of its own.
Tony Smith, 03 Jan 2008

Mobile phone users should drive faster says prof

People who use mobile phones while driving are spoiling it for the rest of us - by driving more carefully and slowing down traffic, according to US researchers.
Bill Ray, 03 Jan 2008

Creative X-Fi ExpressCard soundcard

Unwired Video ReviewCreative’s X-Fi has been a darling of the desktop world, particularly when it comes to gaming. This notebook soundcard promises uprated sound and more flexible outputs. Will it have the same appeal?
Wil Harris @ Unwired, 03 Jan 2008
HMRC Her Majesty Revenue and Customs

HMRC union calls for strike

The Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union will on Monday begin balloting members on possible strike action to protest at continuing redundancies at Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC).
John Oates, 03 Jan 2008

Kent council approves 'cleaner' coal-fired plant

Kent's Medway Council has controversially voted in favour of building the UK's first new coal-fired power station for 24 years at Kingsnorth, near Rochester.
Lester Haines, 03 Jan 2008

LCD monitor biz squeezed at both ends

The LCD monitor industry could be set for a bumpy ride in the year ahead with a forecast shortage of panels expected to cut deep into the second quarter of 2008.
Kelly Fiveash, 03 Jan 2008

Chinese shun sex for a good, old-fashioned bank

The Chinese appear to have dismally failed to grasp the primary use of Google, with searches on the word "sex" ranking way down the list of most-Googled terms in the country last year.
Lester Haines, 03 Jan 2008

Ransomware Trojan locks up infected PCs

A new strain of "Ransomware" that attempts to coerce victims into paying $35 to unlock their Windows PC, is doing the rounds.
John Leyden, 03 Jan 2008

World's Dumbest File Sharer loses lawyer, sells knickers

Things are looking up for the World's Dumbest File Sharer, Jammie Thomas, who became the first American to go to court in a P2P case in October
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Jan 2008

Debian update addresses multiple flaws

Debian users returning from the holidays need to update their Linux software following the release of a batch of security updates.
John Leyden, 03 Jan 2008

French government decides mobiles 'may not be safe'

The French health ministry has issued a statement saying that mobile phones might not be safe, and recommending the use of a hands-free kit at all times to keep the phone away from the body.
Bill Ray, 03 Jan 2008
vulture tv reporter

Microsoft patents Wish Lists

Microsoft has been granted a patent for electronic Wish Lists. The patent, 7,315,834, was filed in April 2005 and granted on New Year's Day.
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Jan 2008
Microsoft .NET logo

Emacs diet for Visual Studio?

The grapevine is buzzing with the news Microsoft is looking for developers with knowledge of the Emacs Lisp-based editing tool. The big question is what Doug Purdy - Microsoft's group programme manager for Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and web services guru - wants with a 30-year-old text editor that is generally confined to super-techies and how it will fit in with Microsoft's .NET.
Phil Manchester, 03 Jan 2008

RealPlayer users warned over unpatched vuln

Security watchers warn that an unpatched vulnerability in RealPlayer poses a severe risk.
John Leyden, 03 Jan 2008

SETI@home needs You!

SETI@home, the distributed computing project, is calling for more volunteers willing to donate their computers' downtime to the project which scans radio telescope data for evidence of intelligent alien life.
John Oates, 03 Jan 2008

Facebook's phony Bhutto pranks media

Lazy hacks have been suckered by the miracle of Web 2.0, again. This time it's not Wikipedia, but a phoney Facebook profile created for 19-year old Bilawal Lawalib that found its way onto the journalists' clipboards - and out back onto the Web.
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Jan 2008

Something awful happens to somethingawful.com

Somethingawful.com - the best place to go for something awful - is recovering from Domain Name Server problems yesterday that left the site unaccessible for many users.
John Oates, 03 Jan 2008

Macworld invites kiddies to 'Make Bouncy Bouncy'

We suspect they might lead rather sheltered lives down at Macworld, where one journo is quite innocently punting to wide-eyed kiddies the simple pleasures of making "Bouncy Bouncy".
Lester Haines, 03 Jan 2008

Novell congratulates itself for snogging Microsoft

Novell wants you to know that selling its soul to Steve Ballmer was a really good idea.
Cade Metz, 03 Jan 2008

IBM chases the little people with hardware re-org

IBM is rejigging its hardware business around customer types, rather than by product, according to an internal memo obtained by the AP.
Drew Cullen, 03 Jan 2008

Nigerian firm demands $20m from OLPC

Lagos Analysis Corporation (Lancor) is continuing its legal attack against the One Laptop Per Child foundation. Lancor is demanding $20m in damages against OLPC through the Nigerian court and has obtained a temporary injunction banning the non-profit from selling its XO laptops in the country.
Austin Modine, 03 Jan 2008

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