2nd January 2008 Archive

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  • Fear and loathing in 2008 - tell us about it!

    Shape of things to come

    Software 02 Jan 00:02

  • AJAX wave evades vendors

    Free and independent

    Applications 02 Jan 00:02

  • California judge says Californian company can infringe patents

    At least until 2009

    Mobile 02 Jan 10:20

  • Asus to show second-gen Eee PC next week

    WiMAX, bigger screen on board?

    Hardware 02 Jan 10:23

  • Saudis cuff 'outspoken' blogger

    Held for 'purposes of interrogation'

    Law 02 Jan 10:50

  • Nvidia's AMD-aimed nForce, GeForce chipsets due this month

    Hybrid SLI, three-way SLI and more

    Hardware 02 Jan 10:56

  • World outlook worst since dot-com crash

    And a very happy new year to you too...

    Financial News 02 Jan 11:15

  • Panasonic preps slimline Blu-ray drive for laptops

    Hardware 02 Jan 11:19

  • Motorola and Metrologic lay down arms

    Season of goodwill to all IT companies

    Mobile 02 Jan 11:34

  • Toshiba sues DVD duplicator Acme

    Claims manufactured discs unlicensed

    Hardware 02 Jan 11:41

  • German privacy activists cry foul over data retention law

    Data logging? Nein danke

    Law 02 Jan 11:43

  • Sony models budget 7.2Mp snapper

    Hardware 02 Jan 12:14

  • USB Chameleon rolls eyes, bizarrely doesn't change colour

    Hardware 02 Jan 12:39

  • Thom Yorke dismisses net-only album paradigm

    Idea 'stark raving mad', says Radiohead frontman

    Media 02 Jan 12:44

  • NASA denies cover-up on airline safety

    Nothing to see here

    Science 02 Jan 13:08

  • Junk food ads target net

    TV ban drives marketing online

    Science 02 Jan 14:08

  • Consumers binged on chips in November

    But late rush still needed to make full year forecast

    The Channel 02 Jan 14:10

  • FBI's 'idiot dude' fails to boost US Navy terror emails

    Wiretap excerpts hint at rich vein of pointless tedium

    Law 02 Jan 14:20

  • Lindsay Lohan crowned 2007's worst actress

    While 300 secures best movie title

    Bootnotes 02 Jan 14:21

  • Barcode faking for fun and profit

    Mischief in black and white

    Security 02 Jan 14:23

  • US flight authorities tighten rules on gadget battery storage

    Regulations cover what you pack and where you pack it

    Hardware 02 Jan 14:24

  • PC scuppers NYE fireworks in Seattle

    Blue touchpaper screen of death?

    Bootnotes 02 Jan 14:29

  • Burma hits satellite TV where it hurts

    Hikes licence fee to 'three times the average annual salary'

    Law 02 Jan 14:32

  • China link puts 3Com takeover in doubt

    US government extends investigation

    Data Networking 02 Jan 15:02

  • Office update disables MS files

    Service pack says 2003 a very bad year

    Operating Systems 02 Jan 15:15

  • US colon cancer risk blamed on English couple

    Founder genetic mutation fingered

    Science 02 Jan 15:21

  • UK gov sets rules for hacker tool ban

    Consultants in frame? Definitely Maybe

    Security 02 Jan 15:54

  • Rock Xtreme X770 laptop with Nvidia GeForce 8800M graphics

    Stellar gaming performance

    Hardware 02 Jan 16:01

  • IBM swallows Tel Aviv storage firm

    Buys privately-held XIV

    Storage 02 Jan 16:08

  • Highways Agency forecasts last year's traffic

    2008? Never heard of it

    Bootnotes 02 Jan 16:19

  • Information security breaches quadrupled in 2007

    Slippy fingers and leaky servers

    CIO 02 Jan 17:27

  • Shell expected to slash 3,200 IT jobs

    Oil firm 'loath' to confirm number

    CIO 02 Jan 17:54

  • Google to reinvent UK newspaper biz

    You knew it was coming

    Media 02 Jan 18:21

  • Hitachi, Fujitsu spurn miniature HDDs

    Firms left unsatisfied with disks under two inches

    Storage 02 Jan 20:04

  • Google researcher calls for Flash flush

    10,000 sites need scrubbing (or more)

    Security 02 Jan 21:14