31st December 2007 Archive

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  • Sony renounces rear-projection TVs


    Hardware 31 09:02

  • Santa brings 3 more sats for Putin's GPS rival

    Father Frost predicts GLONASS dog-collars for '08

    Science 31 11:30

  • Antarctic Xmas punch-up airlift cost £45k

    Expensive Yule fisticuffs

    Bootnotes 31 11:38

  • Fujitsu pulls plug on low-profit plasma

    Euthanasia performed on its PDP TV range

    Hardware 31 11:42

  • Nintendo Wii hack opens door to homebrew games

    Jeux sans frontier

    Security 31 11:44

  • Game throws out bullish forecast

    Wii very happy, awaits CC decision

    The Channel 31 12:28

  • UK gov backs Trading Places DNA study

    Dan Ackroyd, Eddie Murphy unavailable for comment

    Policy 31 12:30

  • UK shamed in world privacy league

    We beat China though! Go team!

    Law 31 13:14

  • Oz govt pushes mandatory net filters

    Yellow brick road blocks

    Law 31 13:23

  • Japan confirms world's fastest maglev plan

    310mph, $45bn project

    Science 31 13:28

  • Car crash driver blames pterodactyl

    Washington man in audacious dino-defence

    Bootnotes 31 14:11

  • UK.gov New Year resolution: must build nuke powerplants

    Greenpeace feels it has stronger mandate

    Science 31 14:23

  • CA issues false warning on JavaScript apps

    Pete Tong on New Year's eve

    Security 31 14:26

  • Now RIAA says copying your own CDs is illegal

    Infringes even if only for personal use

    Law 31 15:19

  • NYC hit by bedbug epidemic

    Rich or poor, they're after your blood

    Science 31 15:24

  • More woe for SCO as Nasdaq says 'go'

    Patent lawyers' benevolent fund 86'd in ticker bicker

    Operating Systems 31 15:28

  • Voda boss could reap £45m for just hanging on

    Worth waiting for summer 2009

    Mobile 31 15:48

  • Red Dwarf even more dwarfish

    Old clips glued together to make mobisodes

    Mobile 31 15:55

  • Old school VXers calling it quits

    Grownup, shutdown

    Security 31 16:02

  • Vonage shakes off patent disputes

    Annus horribilis ends with Nortel agreement

    VoIP 31 16:19

  • Kid's 'new' MP3 player was preloaded with smut

    'I wish I could take the thoughts out of her head'

    Media 31 16:25

  • US Army loads up on Apples for 'better security'

    Mac users to suffer Chinese backdoor invasion?

    Servers 31 16:32

  • Microsoft warns on Home Server bug

    This year the turkey came late

    Operating Systems 31 17:10