21st December 2007 Archive

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  • Anti-virus protection gets worse

    What is this thing you call heuristics?

    The Channel 21 03:05

  • New Red Hat CEO checks open source claims

    Not my bag, baby

    Servers 21 09:19

  • DCMS inks IT deal with Atos Origin

    Overcomes seven year itch to sign £14m contract

    Financial News 21 09:51

  • Gov departments need better data systems, NAO says

    8% 'not fit for purpose'

    Government 21 10:00

  • Fayrewood waves au revoir to French periperals unit

    DCC snaps up firm for €12m

    The Channel 21 10:47

  • Russian Feds close in on Pinch Trojan authors

    Tales from the Underground

    Security 21 10:48

  • Sony Ericsson Walkman W910i motion-controlled phone

    The shake of things to come

    Phones 21 11:03

  • Who's archiving IT's history?

    The mishandling of Babbage's baggage

    Storage 21 11:41

  • Chambers number 2 walks out of Cisco

    CEO wannabe Giancarlo not a team player

    Data Networking 21 11:49

  • Microsoft goes beta for Xmas as CSC leaves staff pie-eyed

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    Business 21 11:50

  • BOFH: The trivia quiz

    Test your skill. Place your bets!

    BOFH 21 12:02

  • MIT in pedal-powered 'super' computer stunt

    'Maybe a solution for alternative energy, or something'

    Servers 21 12:02

  • Sharp, Toshiba to share LCD TV toys

    Plan to buy each others' kit

    Hardware 21 12:13

  • Europe to save citizens from rubbish Web 2.0 media

    Media studies education for all, apparently

    Government 21 12:25

  • Handhelds dominate Japanese pre-Xmas console sales

    DS rules the roost

    Games 21 12:44

  • IBM forges Solid acquisition

    Xmas shopping for in-memory database software

    Storage 21 12:59

  • Plunging player prices to reveal Blu-ray vs HD DVD winner?

    'Format clarity' coming in 2008, says analyst

    Hardware 21 13:02

  • US air force, Boeing press on with alternative jet fuel tests

    Virgin scum-jumbo trial next year could rattle Saudis

    Science 21 13:03

  • Chip overflow puts dent in 2008 forecast

    Talks of pesky recession ain't helping much either

    Hardware 21 13:48

  • Indignant reader defends Idiot 2.0™

    'Bugger off out the office'

    Letters 21 13:54

  • Ad hijacking Trojan targets Google

    Misdirection ruse

    Security 21 13:57

  • N-Gage First Access debut date slips... again

    November December 2008?

    Phones 21 14:09

  • Sun gets EMEA boss at last

    Early Christmas present

    The Channel 21 14:34

  • Russian railways in robot repairman revue

    Dwarf droid dancers in TV debut

    Science 21 14:36

  • Private equity firm snaps up Northgate

    Shares surge, investors line pockets

    The Channel 21 14:56

  • Skipton in lost laptop security woes

    14,000 accounts suspended after latest data breach

    Security 21 15:06

  • Tesco to start flogging Dell computers

    Pile-high sell-cheap squared

    The Channel 21 15:08

  • Censor to challenge Manhunt 2 release in court

    Judge says it has a case

    Games 21 15:09

  • Third round of consultations on 2.6GHz auctions

    Get your spectrum here, lovely spectrum, we got all sorts

    Networks 21 15:40

  • One in five apps are insecure

    Survey exposes patching woes

    The Channel 21 15:44

  • Ofcom, US senators turn on to cognitive radio

    You are entering the white space

    Networks 21 15:56

  • Samba shakes hands with Microsoft

    No royalties to pay in interop deal?

    Servers 21 16:46

  • Dell buys UK storage networking consultancy

    Methodist hymn

    Storage 21 21:06

  • Compaq returns to Germany - as brand for bottom-feeders

    Faded glory

    The Channel 21 22:51

  • Wishing you an EMF-free Christmas

    Christmas gifts for the truly paranoid

    Broadband 21 23:02

  • Click here to turn your HP laptop into a brick

    More bundled software madness

    Hardware 21 23:12

  • US TKOs Antigua in bizarre WTO arbitration decision

    Dispute strangely reaches climax

    Law 21 23:19

  • Serious Flash vulns menace at least 10,000 websites

    No patch anytime soon

    Security 21 23:44