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Warning: biohazard

Anti-virus protection gets worse

Antivirus software is getting worse at protecting users from new threats, according to two reports which found malware authors are getting better at disguising their creations.
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New Red Hat CEO checks open source claims

The news that the operations chief from a major US airline, Jim Whitehurst from Delta, is taking over at Red Hat from Matthew Szulik is a further sign of the growing legitimization of open source and Linux in the eyes of corporate, mainstream America. It underscores how the “suits to sandals” ratio in the open source and Linux movement sliding further towards the suits.

DCMS inks IT deal with Atos Origin

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport has announced a £14m contract with Atos Origin for IT services.
Kablenet, 21 2007
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Gov departments need better data systems, NAO says

The National Audit Office wants improvements in the data systems used to measure performance across Whitehall
Kablenet, 21 2007
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Fayrewood waves au revoir to French periperals unit

Fayrewood Plc confirmed yesterday that it had sold French outfit Banque Magnetique SAS to DCC Plc's retail disty subsidiary.
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Russian Feds close in on Pinch Trojan authors

Russian authorities have identified the authors of the notorious Pinch malware creation toolkit. Arrests are expected to follow.

Sony Ericsson Walkman W910i motion-controlled phone

Review Sony Ericsson takes moving to the music literally with its motion-sensor based “shake control” track-changing gadgetry. But there’s far more to the HSDPA 3G-enabled Walkman W910i phone than slick moves.

Who's archiving IT's history?

Column The relaunch of the IT History Society (formerly the Charles Babbage Foundation) exposes a problem which the Web has brought to journalism and historians - stuff is not being preserved. There are people, however, who are trying to build proper records of the past.
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Chambers number 2 walks out of Cisco

Cisco number two Charles Giancarlo, who was widely tipped to become the firm's next CEO, has resigned.
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Microsoft goes beta for Xmas as CSC leaves staff pie-eyed

Microsoft gives Christmas beta Microsoft gave punters an early Christmas when it spat out a beta of the final Windows XP Service Pack. It's almost four years since the last service pack. Punters see this as a relief – Microsoft, clearly, would rather they quietly move to its Vista OS. What's that? You'd rather get the flu for …
Joe Fay, 21 2007
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BOFH: The trivia quiz

Episode 43 BOFH: The Trivia Quiz
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MIT in pedal-powered 'super' computer stunt

A group of MIT students and staff has used stationary cycles to power a computer, in a feat that was described by one of them as "something that will hopefully lead to maybe solutions for alternative energy, something like that".
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Sharp, Toshiba to share LCD TV toys

Sharp and Toshiba have agreed to work together on the development of their LCD TV product lines.
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Europe to save citizens from rubbish Web 2.0 media

The European Union's Directorate of the Bleeding Obvious* has concluded, essentially, that the media is full of rubbish and that its audience is ill-equipped to assess the quality of the information that it is offered. Furthermore, the audience itself is now complicating matters by producing its own rubbish in multiple overlapping and intersecting formats. It follows, says the European Commission, that media literacy "becomes even more essential for active citizenship and democracy."

Handhelds dominate Japanese pre-Xmas console sales

Nintendo's DS Lite continues to dominate the attention of Japanese consumers, notching up ever increasing weekly sales through the past four pre-Christmas weeks - even as Sony's PSP pushed ahead of Nintendo's other star, the Wii.

IBM forges Solid acquisition

IBM announced this morning that it will buy privately-held database software developer Solid Information Technology for an undisclosed sum.

Plunging player prices to reveal Blu-ray vs HD DVD winner?

A clear leader in the battle to be the top next-generation optical disc format could emerge next year as player prices plummet and take of the cost of entry out of the equation, market watcher Understanding & Solutions (U&S) has claimed.
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US air force, Boeing press on with alternative jet fuel tests

Boeing, manufacturer of much of the world airliner fleet, is to test the feasibility of using biofuels derived from non-standard feedstocks in its aircraft. Meanwhile, the US air force effort to develop domestically-supplied fuels continues.

Chip overflow puts dent in 2008 forecast

The semiconductor biz looks set for a bumpy start to the New Year with analysts downgrading worldwide spending and sales expectations amid oversupply woes, high energy costs, and credit crunch fears.
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Indignant reader defends Idiot 2.0™

FoTW Oh dear, oh dear - it appears CNET's blogging pundits are not actually a legitimate target for us proper hacks, those of us who've done English O-Level and read a couple of novels.

Ad hijacking Trojan targets Google

Security researchers have identified a Trojan that hijacks Google text advertisements, replacing them with "ads" from a different provider that are likely to be laced with spyware.

N-Gage First Access debut date slips... again

Nokia's revamped N-Gage online gaming platform has fallen further behind schedule, the Finnish phone giant's official N-gage blog has admitted.
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Sun gets EMEA boss at last

Sun has finally found someone to take the reins of its European operation, just in time to sign this year’s Christmas card.
Joe Fay, 21 2007
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Russian railways in robot repairman revue

Russia's railway industry has thrown down the gauntlet to the rest of the world, exhibiting a team of dwarvish droids which can sing and dance on tables. Railways chiefs say that the machines will be used for tricky repair work in confined spaces.
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Private equity firm snaps up Northgate

Kholberg Kravis Roberts and Company has inked a £593m deal to buy UK HR software outfit Northgate Information Solutions Plc.

Skipton in lost laptop security woes

Skipton Financial Services has confessed to losing a laptop containing records of 14,000 customers. Information exposed by the breach includes names, addresses, National Insurance numbers, and fund investment details of clients of Skipton's Fidelity FundsNetwork.
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Tesco to start flogging Dell computers

Tesco has clasped Dell to its sizeable retail bosom, and will begin punting the firm's computers from next month.

Censor to challenge Manhunt 2 release in court

A judge has granted the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) a full court hearing for its argument that controversial videogame Manhunt 2 should not be released in this country.
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Third round of consultations on 2.6GHz auctions

Ofcom has announced a third consultation on the bidding process for 2.6GHz and 2010MHz, both frequencies being desirable for the next-generation telephony crowd including both the WiMAX and LTE standards.
Bill Ray, 21 2007

One in five apps are insecure

One in five software apps installed on computers are insecure or out of date, according to data from an online security inspection service.
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Ofcom, US senators turn on to cognitive radio

Ofcom's Digital Dividend review has given a clear endorsement to the unlicensed use of cognitive radio - devices able to seek out unused spectrum - ahead of EU approval and indeed the existence of any such devices. Meanwhile, the FCC has today received a letter signed by five senators promoting the same technology.
Bill Ray, 21 2007

Samba shakes hands with Microsoft

The Samba team has reached an agreement with Microsoft, with the software giant agreeing to disclose technical and legal information to the software libre project. Samba is by far the most widely-used software stack that allows non-Microsoft computer to talk to Windows machines, and use proprietary Microsoft network services.

Dell buys UK storage networking consultancy

Dell is buying a UK data storage consultancy for an undisclosed sum. It's called The Networked Storage Company (TNWSC) and the founder, Simon Pennock, ran EMC in the UK and Ireland for a while. Dell likes the methodologies TNWSC has devised to evaluate, choose and install storage networks, and will roll the service out across its consultancy division. You can read more about TNWSC here. ®
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Compaq returns to Germany - as brand for bottom-feeders

From January, HP is to start selling Compaq PCs in Germany again - because it needs a downmarket brand to help it better compete with the local market leader Fujitsu Siemens Computers (FSC).
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Wishing you an EMF-free Christmas

With Ofcom auctioning off spectrum left, right and centre, there has never been a better time to panic about what all those frequencies might be doing to your body, regardless of the lack of scientific evidence that it does very much at all. So if you're looking for a last-minute Christmas gift for the electromagnetic paranoid in your life then look no further, as we have everything you need right here.
Bill Ray, 21 2007

Click here to turn your HP laptop into a brick

A second bug in HP laptop utilities creates a means for hackers to turn PCs into "unbootable" bricks.
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US TKOs Antigua in bizarre WTO arbitration decision

The long-running dispute between little Antigua and the mighty US over the cross border provision of gaming services came to a head this morning, with the announcement of a US $21 mil award in Antigua’s favor. The amount was quite a bit less than the $3.4 bil demanded by the Antiguans, but considerably more than the $500,000 offered by the US.

Serious Flash vulns menace at least 10,000 websites

Researchers from Google and a well-known security firm have documented serious vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash content which leave tens of thousands of websites susceptible to attacks that steal the personal details of visitors.