18th December 2007 Archive

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  • Get stuck in to Visual Studio 2008

    LINQ big, better teamwork needed

    Software 18 00:02

  • Heavily armed cops raid IM chat

    Closet swatting

    Security 18 00:43

  • US fails to reverse online gambling ban

    EU bone thrown

    Law 18 01:00

  • How to avoid the model quagmire

    Part one: Analysis paralysis

    Software 18 06:02

  • New DARPA scramjet-drone contract award

    'Hypersonic tech vehicles' for test in 2009

    Science 18 09:58

  • Bikini-clad pin-ups cover old school jailbreak

    New Jersey lags do a Shawshank Redemption

    Bootnotes 18 10:01

  • MoD trumpets 'Innovation Strategy' for buying kit

    5 pillars, 6 towers, 4 centres and 'ginger groups'

    Policy 18 10:02

  • CSC throws mince pies at diminishing workforce

    Fruit and nutty bonus scheme

    The Channel 18 10:23

  • Do composting toilet worms get the blues?

    NZ council probes 'psychological impact' of crap job

    Science 18 10:34

  • Ichitaro vuln used to launch Trojan

    Latest regionally-targeted attack hits Japan

    Security 18 10:35

  • Sony posts PS3 DivX firmware update

    Better Blu-ray support too

    Games 18 10:38

  • Fayrewood in talks with North Atlantic Value LLP

    Possible bid to follow?

    The Channel 18 11:00

  • Beeb censors Fairytale of New York

    'You scumbag, you maggot, you cheap lousy f-----'

    Bootnotes 18 11:02

  • Virgin Media network collapses nationwide

    Silent night

    Broadband 18 11:03

  • Intel readies 16GB SSD for UMPCs

    Smaller-capacity versions coming Q1 2008

    Hardware 18 11:07

  • 'Death Star' galaxy blasts neighbour

    Black hole death ray caught on camera

    Science 18 11:19

  • T-Mobile and 3 hook up for 3G coverage

    Taking the best from both and still failing to cover the UK

    Networks 18 11:24

  • MS to bundle 'broken' random number tool in Vista SP1

    Developers urged to avoid built-in backdoor

    Security 18 12:04

  • EU mandates electronic IDs for sheep and goats

    Pilot program for the last judgement?

    Policy 18 12:05

  • Samsung YP-T10 4GB MP3 player

    Another solid shot at the title

    Hardware 18 12:13

  • Man uses networked 'crazy' toaster to hack PC

    Then gets grilled at hacker fest

    Security 18 12:59

  • Watchdogs probe Sky dominance on pay-TV

    Should we be able to watch the football how we want?

    Broadband 18 13:01

  • Germans debut kitesurf-powered autonomous windjammer

    Avast there, Mr Computer, unfurl the sails

    Science 18 13:04

  • Ribbit leapfrogs into Web 2.0

    Voice 1.0 is so 20th century

    VoIP 18 13:59

  • Data breach officials could be sent to the big house

    No, we don't mean a conference centre with golf course

    Policy 18 14:07

  • MP3 players

    Music to your ears

    Hardware 18 14:21

  • Brussels mandates Energy Star for green procurement

    Cooling the continent

    The Channel 18 14:39

  • Ethernet dances the light fantastic

    Fibre protocols over Ethernet for the Linux set

    Data Networking 18 14:59

  • Mio intros 'true' 3D GPS

    Science 18 15:21

  • Japan scores ballistic missile shootdown bullseye

    Navy Self-defence force in 100-mile-high skeet shoot

    Science 18 15:35

  • Dutch regulator slaps spyware purveyors with €1m fine

    Millions of PCs infected

    Security 18 16:01

  • Asus Eee PC as 'hard to get your hands on as a Wii'

    Meanwhile, Japan's getting a 16GB version

    Hardware 18 16:02

  • Toshiba borgs into IBM's 32nm alliance

    Intel stays outside the tent

    Hardware 18 16:39

  • Google spanks memory, disk and networking vendors

    Calls for proportional response

    Servers 18 17:43

  • HMRC mislays 1.5kg of Bolivian marching powder

    Child benefit claimants not at risk, however

    Bootnotes 18 18:27

  • Best Buy churns out the profits in Q3

    Burnt out in Q4?

    The Channel 18 19:15

  • Truth, anonymity and the Wikipedia Way

    Why it's broke and how it can be fixed

    Media 18 19:43

  • eBay: A tale of two listings

    A balancing act deciding what auctions get pulled

    Small Biz 18 20:19

  • US warrantless wiretapping predates 9/11

    Fuel to the fire

    Government 18 21:00

  • Peter Jackson to lord over 'Rings' prequels

    More than one way to skin a Hobbit

    Bootnotes 18 21:18

  • BusinessWeek novel turns Google's cloud into epic hero

    Search giant invented science and the future

    Servers 18 22:02