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'Extortionist' turns Wi-Fi thief to cover tracks

An Australian man arrested in an undercover sting has been charged for allegedly tapping into home wireless networks so he could anonymously send threatening emails.
Dan Goodin, 11 Dec 2007

Ofcom offers more spectrum

Another week, another spectrum auction. This time, Ofcom is parcelling up 16 lots of 1.7 MHz each in the 1452-1479.5 MHz band, and one prize chunk of 12.5 MHz in the same band.
Andrew Orlowski, 11 Dec 2007

NASA Mars droid in ET life discovery shock

NASA boffins believe the space agency's solar-powered Martian droid rovers have found something interesting. They believe their discovery points to an increased likelihood of life on the Red Planet.
Lewis Page, 11 Dec 2007

Steve McClaren secures 2007 Foot in Mouth award

Lenny Henry will tonight present the Plain English Campaign's 28th annual awards (pdf) for obfuscation or clarity in our beloved mother tongue.
Lester Haines, 11 Dec 2007

Researcher: 'Second wave' HD adopters favour HD DVD

More people thinking of buying an HD TV in the next six months are also thinking of buying an HD DVD player than those who are thinking of buying a Blu-ray Disc machine.
Tony Smith, 11 Dec 2007

Sat nav fingered in shock Arsenal defeat

Sat nav technology has been blamed for many wrongdoings - from lorries turning sleepy villages into scenes of HGV chaos, to directing owners of prestige vehicles into rivers.
John Leyden, 11 Dec 2007

Citizens Advice coughs to laptop loss

A laptop containing client information has been stolen from the car of an employee of Citizens Advice in Northern Ireland.
Kablenet, 11 Dec 2007

Wii buyers follow French Connection for consoles

If you’re after a Nintendo Wii this Christmas then you’d better get your credit card out - and maybe start brushing up your French too.
James Sherwood, 11 Dec 2007

Info chief calls for data safeguards in wake of HMRC debacle

Organisations and individuals must step up the fight against identity fraud, the Information Commissioner's Office will say today.
Kablenet, 11 Dec 2007

Solwise Simple Connect powerline Ethernet adaptor

ReviewHow important is security for a powerline Ethernet network? It's a lot less of an issue than it is with wireless networking, that's for sure. Most powerline connections are shielded by all the gubbins at the meter, but folk in buildings with many dwellings or offices and only one feed to the outside world will need to tweak the technology's security feature.
Tony Smith, 11 Dec 2007
Netsuite logo

Netsuite goes Dutch on IPO

Netsuite is going ahead with its auction IPO with the help of Credit Suisse Securities.
John Oates, 11 Dec 2007

Smut vid outfit sues PornoTube

A major producer of adult videos yesterday filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles federal court against YouTube clone PornoTube for "allowing its users to post videos that include copyrighted material".
Lester Haines, 11 Dec 2007
Pirates ahoy!

Microsoft fires broadside of writs at China pirates

Microsoft has fired off more than 50 lawsuits in its ongoing fight against counterfeit software.
Kelly Fiveash, 11 Dec 2007
Christmas tree

Santa putting children's information at risk, warn experts

Santa Claus could be breaking privacy laws in his collection and use of data about British children, experts have warned. Yuletide cheer-bringer Claus could be putting the personal data of millions of children at risk.
OUT-LAW.COM, 11 Dec 2007

LiPS Forum completes mobile Linux spec

A group looking to establish interoperability standards to make it easier to develop applications for Linux-based mobiles has released the first cut of its specs.
John Leyden, 11 Dec 2007

Ofcom tells BT to buck up on unbundling

Ofcom all but congratulated BT yesterday for progress the telco has made since 2005, but said it still had more work to do with Openreach - the division which wholesales BT lines for comms providers. The regulator was reporting back on BT's performance since signing a statement of undertakings in 2005.
John Oates, 11 Dec 2007

Boeing announces 'Laser Gunship' completion

Airliners'n'deathware behemoth Boeing announced yesterday that it had fitted a high-energy laser cannon aboard a C-130 Hercules military cargo plane, creating a "Laser Gunship". The company expects to commence blasting "mission representative" test targets next year, firing deadly energy bolts from a "rotating turret that extends through the aircraft's belly".
Lewis Page, 11 Dec 2007

HP plots path to server accelerator madness in '08

Let's be clear right up front. HP refuses to confirm or deny much of anything in this story. But, if we read the non-answers provided by HP high performance computing (HPC) manager Ed Turkel right, then HP has a heck of a lot of goodies prepared for its high-end server customers next year.
Ashlee Vance, 11 Dec 2007
Computer 2000

C2000 hires storage Crew

IT distie Computer 2000 (C2000) has beefed up its storage biz unit by hiring Jonathan Crew as business manager.
Kelly Fiveash, 11 Dec 2007

Manhunt 2 UK release edges closer

UK gamers may yet find copies of controversial videogame Manhunt 2 underneath the Christmas tree this year, following a decision by the Video Appeals Committee (VAC) to overturn the British Board of Film Classification decision to effectively ban on the game.
James Sherwood, 11 Dec 2007
Pound Sterling

UK claims millions saved by scrapping redundant regs

The government claimed today that its red tape reduction drive is already saving UK businesses £800m a year.
Joe Fay, 11 Dec 2007
Sony PlayStation 3

US HD hardware sales 3:1 in Blu-ray's favour by year end

US households will together own 948,000 HD DVD playback devices and almost 3m Blu-ray Disc-capable machines come the end of 2007, market watcher DisplaySearch has estimated.
Tony Smith, 11 Dec 2007

Japan launches parent-proof phone

Japanese network operator NTT DoCoMo today unveiled the ultimate mobile phone for over-protective parents.
James Sherwood, 11 Dec 2007

Nokia develops eco phone concept

Nokia is challenging traditional mobile phone concepts and seeking to help the environment in one go, with the unveiling of its Eco Sensor Concept handset design.
James Sherwood, 11 Dec 2007

Daring Register raid snatches key government URL

UpdatedOn Friday the UK government announced a joint industry-government marketing strategy designed to promote the UK's expertise in Information Communication Technology (ICT). The strategy, said Trade & Investment Minister Lord Digby Jones, "is a catalyst to stimulate discussion amongst Government and business about how we sell the UK ICT sector to the world."
John Lettice, 11 Dec 2007

EMC and VMware perform virtualization upgrade together

EMC and wealthy chum VMware celebrated the glories of virtualization together this week. We'll start with Vmware, since it's the virtualization darling but do promise that EMC has some new virtual tweaks of its own to flog.
Ashlee Vance, 11 Dec 2007
MS Windows Vista logo

Windows Service Pack refuseniks offered temporary respite

Microsoft has released a tool that allows enterprises to side-step a wave of upcoming Windows service packs.
John Leyden, 11 Dec 2007
Flag France

Frenchman calculates 13th root of 200-digit number

Frenchman Alexis Lemaire yesterday broke his own record for calculating the 13th root of a randomly-generated 200-digit number, pulling off the impressive mental feat in just 70.2 seconds.
Lester Haines, 11 Dec 2007

Boffins slashed in big-science budget blunder bloodbath

Unforeseen increases in the running costs of flagship science projects may result in hundreds of top UK physics brains losing their jobs, boffins have warned. The government has reportedly agreed to consider extra funding, but offers no guarantees.
Lewis Page, 11 Dec 2007

UK.gov loses driver ID data

Unencrypted computer discs containing the names and addresses of 6,000 Northern Ireland motorists has gone missing in the post.
John Leyden, 11 Dec 2007

BBC's iPlayer launches Christmas Day

The official launch, or "marketing launch", of the BBC's iPlayer is happening on Christmas Day.
John Oates, 11 Dec 2007
Flag India

Gartner says offshore work is booming

India will likely remain the offshore king when it comes to firms farming out IT skills abroad, but businesses are increasingly looking to spread the risk by adopting several locations, according to Gartner.
Kelly Fiveash, 11 Dec 2007

Merseyside health authority gives away staff data

Sefton Primary Care Trust has sent thousands of staff records to four organisations it is refusing to name.
John Oates, 11 Dec 2007

Megan's Law snafu fingered in rapist's murder

The stabbing death of a convicted rapist 35 days after he was released from prison may have stemmed from a public database that erroneously described him as a child molester, California police say.
Dan Goodin, 11 Dec 2007

JBoss serves stuffed Eclipse IDE

Red Hat hopes to stand out from other vendors offering Eclipse-based Java tools by not discriminating between "free" and "useful" when it comes to features in its JBoss Developer Studio, released this week.
Phil Manchester, 11 Dec 2007

Google flaunts white space wireless magic

Google is running its very own "white space" tests, as it continues to push a master plan to stream high-speed internet access over unused television airwaves.
Cade Metz, 11 Dec 2007

Skype confirms / denies job cuts

Voice over Internet Protocol provider Skype has neither confirmed nor denied it is cutting jobs at its London office.
John Oates, 11 Dec 2007

Rogue servers point users to impostor sites

Researchers have uncovered a large network of rogue servers that threatens end users by silently feeding them counterfeit versions of trusted websites.
Dan Goodin, 11 Dec 2007

Full Oracle Fusion due 2009, beta 2008

ExclusiveOracle will hit its goal of delivering Fusion applications next year in name only, with applications ready for testing but the full suite not due until 2009.
Gavin Clarke, 11 Dec 2007

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