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Mind your languages with Microsoft LINQ

We've been hearing a growing amount this year about LINQ - Microsoft's Language Integrated Query. You can expect a lot more next year, starting in February as Microsoft launches Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008. LINQ promises to close the skills and knowledge gap for developers using C# and VisualBasic trying to connect to different data types and sources.
Mark Whitehorn, 10 Dec 2007

VMware clobbers the world, while big, solid disks rise

Year in reviewOur most recent orbit around the sun has been a busy one for the world of servers, chips and storage.
Austin Modine, 10 Dec 2007

Brown knew data loss was disaster waiting to happen

The loss of the child benefit was a disaster waiting to happen and the Prime Minister was warned about inadequate data protection procedures years ago.
John Oates, 10 Dec 2007

Qinetiq wins Watchkeeper drone test contract

The UK's ongoing effort to develop a domestic flying-robot business - and, incidentally, to supply a small number of such robots to the British forces - has handed out some more nourishment to the arms-tech biz.
Lewis Page, 10 Dec 2007

We can reQall it for you wholesale

A new service, launching in the UK today and the USA come January, aims to remember all those things you're destined to forget in the run-up to Christmas by taking voice memos over your mobile and transcribing them into emails and a to–do list.
Bill Ray, 10 Dec 2007

Zep fans warned off touted tickets

Led Zeppelin have warned that anyone buying illicit tickets for the band's O2 Arena gig will likely not get past the tout-busting "stringent security measures", the Daily Telegraph reports.
Lester Haines, 10 Dec 2007

AMD anoints Accelerated Computing chief

AMD has hired former MIPS CTO Mike Uhler to spearhead efforts around co-processors.
Ashlee Vance, 10 Dec 2007

Labour hit by another anonymous donor scandal

The Labour Party has been receiving secret donations from another anonymous donor.
John Oates, 10 Dec 2007

Nvidia G92-based GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB

ReviewThe GeForce 8800 GT slipped into Nvidia’s line-up towards the top of the range by offering similar performance to the existing 8800 GTS with 320MB of memory. This was achieved with an updated version of the 'G80' chip called 'G92', which moved the fabrication process to 65nm, changed the memory controller, raised the core speed and increased the number of unified shaders - or Stream Processors.
Leo Waldock, 10 Dec 2007
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Skype update plugs critical bug

Users running older versions of Skype risk attack from a newly disclosed vulnerability.
John Leyden, 10 Dec 2007

MoD: Frontline troops must have silent Xmas crackers

Friends of the UK forces seeking to send a bit of festive cheer to troops fighting on the front line have almost been thwarted by bureaucracy. Volunteers were forced to defuse 650 Christmas crackers before the British Forces Post Office would accept them, on "safety" grounds.
Lewis Page, 10 Dec 2007

Nintendo kills Wii ads due to console shortage

Nintendo is replacing a series of ads for its Wii console this Christmas, despite the games machine being the subject of the most searched for term on eBay.
James Sherwood, 10 Dec 2007

Asus: memory upgrades will not void Eee PC warranty

Asus has bowed to the desire of Eee PC buyers to tinker with their teeny laptops and said it will continue to honour the machine's warranty even if users open the unit's memory hatch.
Tony Smith, 10 Dec 2007

Football horns could spread Black Death, says Interpol chief

Bioterrorists stand poised to unleash plague bacteria, killing "thousands, even millions" with the aid of "hundreds of simple horns, the kind that children use at sporting events", Interpol secretary general Ron Noble appeared to claim last week. Speaking in Lyon, sane and rational Ron was kicking off a measured and realistic Interpol "table top exercise", a two day wargame for law enforcement officials, entitled "Black Death."
John Lettice, 10 Dec 2007

Fark attempts to trademark NSFW

Fark.com has filed an application to trademark "Not Safe For Work", offering the delicious possibility of mass litigation against roughly half of net content providers including, of course, El Reg (link NSFW, natch).
Lester Haines, 10 Dec 2007

Samsung's Wi-Fi VoIP mobile pops up on T-Mobile

The rumoured Samsung Katalyst slider handset finally appeared on the radar this morning courtesy of a partnership with T-Mobile.
James Sherwood, 10 Dec 2007

Sony website leaks PS3 DualShock debut date

The PS3’s upcoming DualShock 3 controller will offically arrive in early 2008, according to a morsel of text on a US Sony website.
James Sherwood, 10 Dec 2007

Radiohead backs WW2-style austerity program

Misery will be compulsory, if top rockers Radiohead have their way. The band have thrown their weight behind a "World War 2"-style programme of austerity measures: including restrictions on behaviour, and higher taxes.
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Dec 2007

Forces pay mess blamed on human error

Reports of problems with the British forces' new pay and personnel computers continue to rumble on, with some personnel saying that pay has been withheld for months. The Joint Personnel Administration (JPA) system was provided for £250m by EDS, everyone's favourite gov-IT provider.
Lewis Page, 10 Dec 2007

Got a supercomputer in the closet?

When we think of supercomputing we think of water-cooled Crays and Deep Thought, but features that once used to be reserved for lab-coated researchers are today often found in the most unexpected of places.
Tony Lock, 10 Dec 2007

Ex-Microsoft manager in $1m expenses fraud rap

A former Microsoft worker who managed the IT giant's domain name trades faces charges over an alleged $1m expenses scam.
John Leyden, 10 Dec 2007

Small IT biz gets voice in Europe

A pan-European trade body aims to be a better voice for the views of smaller IT businesses across the continent.
John Oates, 10 Dec 2007

Toshiba roadmaps 128GB SSDs for March '08

Toshiba will next year become the latest hard disk maker to embrace Flash technology as an alternative to magnetic media when it puts solid-state drives of up to 128GB in capacity into mass production.
Tony Smith, 10 Dec 2007

ESA hoping for Galileo sat nav on line in 2013

Following outline agreements on funding between EU member states, the revised schedule for Euro-collaborative sat nav project Galileo is emerging. Planners hope to have the system globally operational in 2013.
Lewis Page, 10 Dec 2007

Virgin Media eases off bandwidth throttling

Fewer Virgin Media subscribers will fall foul of the cable company's bandwidth-throttling policies for shorter periods when they are rejigged in the new year.
Christopher Williams, 10 Dec 2007
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Microsoft wins seven figure sum from distie

Microsoft has won a seven figure sum from a distributor found guilty of selling tens of thousands of items of dodgy software.
John Oates, 10 Dec 2007
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CompUSA goes titsup

CompUSA has thrown in the towel on the hypercompetive US electronics retailing scene.
Drew Cullen, 10 Dec 2007

Violin plays AMD for memory monster

AMD and Violin Memory have ignited a love affair around Hypertransport that should result in what the industry technically refers to as huge DRAM appliances being connected to Opteron-based servers.
Ashlee Vance, 10 Dec 2007

Warner to back a single HD disc format?

Warner Home Video, the only major content distributor supporting both HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc, is rumoured to be about to put its full weight behind one of these next-gen optical disc formats, a senior studio exec has claimed.
Tony Smith, 10 Dec 2007
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Gates' spontaneity highlights IE data gap

In the old days just before you left military service, you were expected to become "demob" happy and go a little crazy. With only six months to go before he "transitions", it seems Bill Gates is showing the first signs of being demob happy - or at least losing touch with what Microsoft is up to.
Phil Manchester, 10 Dec 2007

IBM to get high-k with all its friends at 32nm

IBM and Intel love their nanometer wars. One week IBM is straining something first in order to make faster, smaller chips, and the next week Intel has found some forgotten element and placed it at the center of a revolutionary effort. You won't find Big Boys getting excited about shrinkage very often in the real word, but in the chip game, that's how things are done.
Ashlee Vance, 10 Dec 2007
Warning: roadworks

ITIL deeds don't go unpunished

It shouldn't be a surprise as to why IT's automation needs often fall to the bottom of the stack: because most companies are not in the technology business, investments in people, processes, or technologies that are designed to improve IT only show up as expenses on the bottom line. And so while IT is the organization that is responsible for helping the rest of the business adopt various automated solutions, IT often goes begging when it comes to investing in its own operational improvements.
Tony Baer, 10 Dec 2007

Ministry of Defence leaks counter terrorism traffic

For the past 20 months, the Ministry of Defence has been generous enough to provide detailed information about visits to its Counter Terrorism Science & Technology site.
Dan Goodin, 10 Dec 2007

Build your PDF and Excel reports with PHP

Hands onThe Portable Document Format (PDF) and Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet are commonly used for presentation of reports and data.
Deepak Vohra, 10 Dec 2007

Media player users beware: more vulns ahead

Security researchers are warning that popular media players offered by Microsoft and AOL are vulnerable to attacks that can completely compromise a user's PC.
Dan Goodin, 10 Dec 2007

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