7th December 2007 Archive

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  • The day Microsoft 'embraced and extended' Java

    Infamy, infamy...

    Software 07 00:02

  • Seagate buys document analysis firm

    MetaLinks assimilated for undisclosed sum

    Storage 07 01:20

  • How much does El Reg cost the global economy?

    Putting a price on Vulture Central

    Bootnotes 07 09:02

  • Dotcom Bubble 2.0: The Musical

    The Richter Scales rock YouTube

    Media 07 09:40

  • AdultFriendFinder rapped for X-rated pop-ups

    Foisted explicit material on wide-eyed innocents

    Law 07 10:06

  • CIA erased waterboarding videos

    'It was done in line with the law,' insists top spook

    Government 07 10:17

  • Video watch: plays movies, tells time

    Hardware 07 10:33

  • DVLA coughs to data slip

    Details sent to wrong addresses

    Government 07 10:38

  • 419ers flash big bucks cashcard

    $920k - coming soon to an ATM near you

    Bootnotes 07 10:53

  • AMD DisplayPort graphics card spied on web

    Would-be HDMI killer arrives

    Hardware 07 10:55

  • Nokia confused over handset’s features

    Too much Christmas spirit?

    Phones 07 11:04

  • German Wikipedia attacked over Nazi symbolism

    Politician files charges

    Law 07 11:15

  • Fuel sensor glitch delays Atlantis launch

    Lift-off now pencilled for Saturday

    Science 07 11:23

  • Italy calls for anti-counterfeit commissioner

    Real action needed on faked goods

    Law 07 11:35

  • HMRC still looking for disks - just don't ask Microsoft's Santa

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    Business 07 11:48

  • Spinning, flashing Linux logo droid comes to UK

    Geek love

    Hardware 07 11:53

  • IBM buys Arsenal...

    ...Digital, another storage vendor

    The Channel 07 11:59

  • Campaign to name US street after Douglas Adams

    42nd Avenue, of course

    Bootnotes 07 12:01

  • BOFH: Xmas party: Get a wriggle on

    When the chips are waiting...

    BOFH 07 12:02

  • It's not too late to join the bioterror gold rush

    Follow the money

    Science 07 12:07

  • Wigan man traps todger in metal ring

    Cue fire brigade bearing handgrinder

    Bootnotes 07 12:08

  • Logic3 SoundStation3 PS3 speakers

    Three it seems, is the magic number

    Hardware 07 12:28

  • Sony ponders direct-to-PSP downloads

    Taking the PC out of the picture

    Games 07 12:35

  • IBM sues Asustek over patent dispute

    Big Blue calls for import ban as licensing row goes legal

    The Channel 07 12:45

  • Met plan moves police to out of town megabases

    Community support handles the 'accessible and friendly' bit

    Law 07 12:51

  • Teachers: Feel my Truthiness - Jimbo

    Is our children reverting, yet?

    Applications 07 13:23

  • Sony exec confirms PS3 will get Blu-ray Profile 1.1 this month

    But only one, German disc uses the spec

    Games 07 13:34

  • US Blu-ray Disc player sales pass 2.7m

    Close to HD DVD total - if you ignore PS3

    Hardware 07 13:48

  • Lebanese lottery scam suspect cuffed in Cyprus

    $10m Interpol target awaits possible extradition

    Security 07 13:49

  • LG launches posh music phone

    Phones 07 13:59

  • MI5, EPA clean up dirty bomb dirt

    Spooks vanquish phantom menace

    Science 07 14:17

  • Data centre looted in multimillion pound overnight heist

    Bogus bobbies raid King's Cross site

    Security 07 14:18

  • Verizon sued for GPL naughtiness

    Where's the source?

    Software 07 15:14

  • Eee PC: better with Windows?

    Eking out the power with XP

    Hardware 07 15:22

  • How to stuff all of Silicon Valley in a stocking

    The ultimate geek gift

    Bootnotes 07 16:20

  • UK gov: Feds will get BAE bribe files when hell freezes over

    Six month stonewall 'shows we know how serious this is'

    Government 07 16:30

  • Sega denies Dreamcast revival

    Trademark mysteriously updated

    Games 07 16:50

  • Microsoft, antitrust and blogtards

    Beast 2.0

    Letters 07 16:55

  • MS rejects Web 2.0 moniker for IE

    As you were

    Applications 07 16:57

  • Codemasters pledges to stay civil on file-sharing

    What, you mean the police have better things to do?

    Law 07 17:02

  • Police launch hunt for bogus bobbies

    Raiders used roof ruse to dupe data centre staff

    Security 07 17:23

  • MySpace celebrity hacker downs hacking forum

    Friendly fire

    Security 07 18:18

  • Western Digital drive is DRM-crippled for your safety

    Because you are a dirty criminal scumbag

    Storage 07 18:58

  • Microsoft wriggles on Volta concerns

    No Google clone

    Applications 07 20:28

  • Google's next web toolkit thinks it's better than you

    Fastest fingers in the West

    Applications 07 20:34

  • Top-secret US labs penetrated by phishers

    Coordinated attack

    The Channel 07 21:35

  • Novell, Red Hat and Gartner war with Facebook for PR flop award

    Save the fear leader. Save the hurled

    Open Season 07 23:44