4th December 2007 Archive

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  • Bloody code!

    Multiple exit points

    Software 04 00:32

  • Secret mailing list rocks Wikipedia

    High School Musical 3

    Media 04 00:48

  • Open source model impacts EnterpriseDB staff

    Workers freedomed out the door

    The Channel 04 01:39

  • Frontline Wireless matches Google with 700-MHz bid

    'We are bidding to win'

    Broadband 04 01:46

  • Canadian loses $20K in phony eBay sale

    Account hijacking continues

    Security 04 01:50

  • IT pro admits stealing 8.4M consumer records

    Netted $580,000

    The Channel 04 02:00

  • Sun itching to release its virtualization platform

    xVM Ops Center gets a price tag

    Servers 04 05:02

  • Ofcom announces microwave spectrum auction details

    Britannia sells the waves

    Mobile 04 07:02

  • Geek gifts for Christmas

    Part Two: Please your geek

    Site News 04 10:02

  • Ex-HMRC boss gets shiny new civil service post

    DWP adds to UK identity crisis?

    Government 04 10:14

  • Brits declare Paris most pointless celeb

    Talented heiress fails to impress

    Bootnotes 04 10:19

  • Intel roadmaps P45, G45 chipsets for Q2 '08

    Fully Vista-friendly integrated GPUs too

    Hardware 04 10:36

  • World's oldest Roller goes for £3.5m

    1904 10hp two-seater

    Bootnotes 04 10:54

  • Oz video rental giants go Blu-ray only

    HD DVD camp 'missing the boat' Down Under

    Hardware 04 10:58

  • Nokia unveils eco phone and planet-friendly charger

    The mobile Evolves

    Phones 04 11:15

  • Poor take-up of e-tax system

    Biz won't fill in returns electronically, say MPs

    Small Biz 04 11:15

  • Less cash for more chips

    Consumers gorge on silicon

    The Channel 04 11:36

  • Creative ups Zen mem to 32GB

    Hardware 04 11:37

  • Beer makes people have sex with you

    US trick-cyclists in shock booze-nookie linkage

    Science 04 11:39

  • Appraisals are dishonest, waste of time

    Staff put a cross in the box

    Small Biz 04 11:49

  • Counterfeit Vista rate half that of XP

    And not for the reasons you think

    Operating Systems 04 12:13

  • Acute virus outbreak hits Tristan da Cunha

    'World's most isolated settlement' awaits urgent medical supplies

    Science 04 12:35

  • How to carve up the Digital Dividend?

    Ofcom consults the public while the EU mulls mandates

    Networks 04 12:47

  • Google slightly less open than Interpol

    Do no evil, but keep very, very quiet about it...

    Law 04 12:55

  • Nokia N81 8GB smartphone

    You wait ages for an 8GB Nokia then three come along at once

    Phones 04 13:02

  • Is Apple coding Leopard to run Windows apps natively?

    Or just making life easier for Parallels and VMWare?

    Hardware 04 13:25

  • Acer gives Dell notebook business a kicking

    Taiwanese firm buys way into second place

    The Channel 04 13:49

  • DARPA seeks network firing ranges for cyber weaponry

    Keep out, war-warez test in progress

    Security 04 13:50

  • Nokia pumps up headphone pair

    Hardware 04 13:58

  • Nokia to offer unlimited music downloads... for free

    If you buy a phone...

    Phones 04 14:20

  • MPAA's uni piracy-busting toolkit forced offline

    Copyright violation surveillance suite in potential pot/kettle fiasco

    Law 04 14:37

  • Mum defends suspected Kiwi botmaster

    Misunderstood youth

    Security 04 14:46

  • Wernher Von Braun's 1934 PhD thesis auctioned

    Declassified early work of Nazi/NASA rocket granddaddy

    Science 04 14:54

  • Information Commissioner faces MP grilling

    Committee hearing this afternoon

    Law 04 14:58

  • eBayers offload eBay Xmas prezzie on eBay

    Unwanted gift, going cheap

    Bootnotes 04 15:03

  • T-Mobile wins right to end sale of unlocked iPhones

    German Court rules against Vodafone

    Phones 04 15:39

  • Murdoch puts faith in online religion

    LinkedIn damned to hell

    Media 04 16:01

  • iPhone tops mobile browsing charts

    Interface driving usage?

    Mobile 04 16:03

  • Xmas hangovers to cost UK biz £790m

    Puking, shattered employees menace economy

    Small Biz 04 16:13

  • Asus dropped hard disk from Eee PC at eleventh hour

    Manual reveals all

    Hardware 04 16:26

  • Win 2000 anti-virus products fail independent tests

    Polymorphic virus fools mediocre security packages

    Security 04 16:30

  • Stock market breaks out mistletoe for Microsoft-SAP

    Old chestnuts, get your old chestnuts

    The Channel 04 16:34

  • VMware parades virtualization for the SMB masses

    Squirt the virt

    The Channel 04 18:09

  • LimeWire gets schooled in law by RIAA members

    Antitrust? Fuhgeddaboudit!

    Media 04 18:14

  • Privacy breach nuked in Canadian passport site

    Applicants' intimate details free for the taking

    Government 04 18:18

  • Vista vs XP performance: Some informal tests

    Who's the daddy?

    Software 04 19:51

  • Microsoft kills Santa Claus

    Christmas canceled due to salty tongue

    Bootnotes 04 19:58

  • iPhone's visual voicemail ain't so new

    Patent holder sees Apple in court

    Mobile 04 21:46

  • Verizon fondling Google Android?

    Strange bedfellows

    Mobile 04 23:29

  • Experts paint bleak picture of security in 2017

    Cyberterrorists and software stalinism

    The Channel 04 23:48