30th November 2007 Archive

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  • Dell hammered over record Q3

    Vendor eyes sales as turnaround key

    Financial News 30 00:07

  • Trade Commission probes HP-Acer patent spat again

    This time the other way around

    The Channel 30 00:24

  • Google fitted with (temporary) Digg implant

    Stops making sense

    Media 30 00:56

  • Electrical supe charged with damaging California canal system

    Facing 10 years

    Security 30 01:10

  • You've got OpenSolaris in my System z

    No, you've got System z in my...

    Servers 30 02:05

  • Dell moves 40,000 Ubuntu PCs

    Frugal faithful

    The Channel 30 02:11

  • Going green is good, but is it secure?

    Zero carbon doesn't have to mean vulnerable

    The Channel 30 07:02

  • HP sets sights on more - and bigger - buys

    Hungry eyes

    Applications 30 09:47

  • DHS building handheld lobster spy-beam scanners

    'A crustacean with an amazingly minuscule brain'

    Science 30 09:50

  • Samsung secures 2007 most inappropriate ad title

    Need an exploding mobe? Click here

    Bootnotes 30 09:52

  • Mobile phone cleared in S Korean quarry death

    'Accidental vehicular homicide'

    Mobile 30 09:52

  • Ofcom sets new deadline for mobile number porting

    From five days to two hours

    Mobile 30 09:58

  • Watchdog criticises UK gov websites

    Directgov more a case of 'Not Me Gov'

    Government 30 10:07

  • NZ police cuff teenage botnet mastermind suspect

    Bot Roast bust

    Security 30 10:14

  • New Ebola strain kills 16 Ugandans

    'Unusually mild', say health officials

    Science 30 10:16

  • EU tunes in to DVB-H

    Europe gets a single mobile TV standard

    Networks 30 10:21

  • PS3 demand booms in Japan

    Sales surpass Wii's monthly tally

    Games 30 10:22

  • 'Beer Hunter' lifts 40,000 pints of Guinness

    Audacious brewery raid

    Bootnotes 30 10:30

  • Nvidia GeForce 9s due Feb '08?

    And AMD prunes prices

    Hardware 30 10:38

  • Mother of God seen on USB Flash drive

    Pray you don't lose your data

    Hardware 30 10:51

  • Sidcup massive threatens Reg hack

    'My sisters got boxing tattoos'

    Bootnotes 30 11:06

  • Fasthosts customers blindsided by emergency password reset

    Webhost confirms hackers have raided servers

    Broadband 30 11:08

  • Boffins in live-monkey-brain robot weblink arms race

    Mainly useful for banana-related tasks thus far

    Science 30 11:17

  • HP delivers PC Q3 smackdown

    Acer makes tasty gain, Dell ambles along

    The Channel 30 11:19

  • Ford offers natter-interface car software in Europe

    Now Mondeo man can stay hands-on like the Hoff

    Applications 30 11:50

  • LG KU990 Viewty cameraphone

    Give a phone a touchscreen and suddenly everyone's interested

    Phones 30 12:00

  • BOFH: Friday madness

    There's only one way to get you through the afternoon

    BOFH 30 12:02

  • EU TV laws are coming

    Parliament says yes, oui, si, sim, tak

    Media 30 12:20

  • British teens score a C in international science poll

    Kids ask 'what's a C?'

    Science 30 12:22

  • New Zealander's Nokia explodes

    Battery detonation probe launched

    Phones 30 12:30

  • Hackers re-poison Google search results

    Tainted results punt scareware

    Security 30 12:43

  • IBM sues seller over alleged fake ThinkPad batteries

    Power packs claimed to be a fire-risk too

    Hardware 30 13:09

  • Nintendo DS to get movie, TV download service

    But not over Wi-Fi

    Games 30 13:18

  • Virgin downs 1and1 and Germany

    Part of a lager problem?

    Data Networking 30 13:45

  • Seagoing satellite launch stymied by La Nina

    Pacific rocketeers swept away by chilly currents

    Science 30 13:49

  • Net to be whupped by TV in attention battle

    Rumours of TV's demise may have been greatly exaggerated

    Broadband 30 13:55

  • Ofcom starts planning for the London Olympics

    Grab yourself a slice of free spectrum

    Networks 30 15:06

  • Random number bug blights FreeBSD

    The devil's in the detail

    Security 30 15:07

  • Nokia jumps on mobile ad-wagon

    But still 'experimenting'

    Mobile 30 15:08

  • 3 drags rivals into court over number porting

    As O2, Voda say latest Ofcom statement is overkill

    Mobile 30 15:26

  • Moto says hello goodbye to Zander

    Not RAZR sharp

    Mobile 30 15:37

  • HMRC still looking for those disks, UK.plc looking for scientists

    To subscribe to The Register's weekly newsletter - seven days of IT in a single hit - click here

    Business 30 15:40

  • Google will chase chunk of US spectrum

    Will they? Won't they? Yes they will

    Broadband 30 16:20

  • Zoho users logging into other accounts by accident

    See and be seen

    Applications 30 16:56

  • Fayrewood in bid talks

    Shares jump

    The Channel 30 17:14

  • Ugly view mars Windows Vista birthday

    Reality bites

    Operating Systems 30 19:53

  • Code scavenging goes formal

    Careful what you consume

    Software 30 21:03