29th November 2007 Archive

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  • Expressive e-commerce safe after judge sides with Amazon

    Unfrosted keyboards

    Law 29 00:29

  • P2P file-sharing recognizes no borders

    Everyone is doing it

    Data Networking 29 00:51

  • BEA portal product springs a leak

    Think Dumpable

    The Channel 29 01:00

  • Iron Mountain lands ICANN data escrow agreement

    Long time coming

    Storage 29 01:11

  • Inside job suspected in email database hack

    Red Cross leak tied to attack on marketing firm

    Security 29 01:17

  • Man sentenced to 20 years in murder of online rival

    Web of lies

    Security 29 02:11

  • How can I completely clear my PC of private data?


    Hardware 29 06:02

  • LG switches on 5000:1 screen

    Hardware 29 07:02

  • Norway apes American gambling folly

    Copycat UIGEA proposed by culture minister

    Law 29 09:24

  • Net watchdog goes pig-sticking on Comcast

    BitTorrent lovers unite

    Broadband 29 09:26

  • Latest QuickTime Exploit targets both Macs and PCs

    Equal opportunity pwner

    Security 29 09:31

  • Tesco in X-rated Lawnmower Simulator shocker

    If it's got grass on it, you've got to mow it

    Bootnotes 29 09:32

  • Gateway Inc fails to block rival's Gateway brand

    Door closed on 'gateway' challenge

    The Channel 29 09:55

  • Mobile growth outpaces fixed lines

    14-fold boom

    Mobile 29 10:07

  • Qinetiq announces UK layoffs, US sales

    Techies bailing out with GPS-assisted parachutes

    Financial News 29 10:17

  • Audit bodies should merge, report says

    'Super agency' could save £20m

    Policy 29 10:19

  • Carphone slated over iPhone porkies claim

    Buy some insurance, go on, go on, go on...

    Mobile 29 10:19

  • Vista provokes user synaptic collapse

    Logic feedback loop brain bomb

    Bootnotes 29 10:20

  • AMD tri-core Phenoms due February '08

    Two CPUs in initial run

    Hardware 29 10:28

  • QVC gets exclusive on Venturer budget HD DVD player

    But misses pre-Chrimbo deadline

    Hardware 29 11:05

  • Vodafone sends Manchester back to the 90s

    Third generation, what third generation?

    Mobile 29 11:27

  • Google wants to make renewable power cheaper than coal

    Plans to spend several thousandths of ad revenue

    Science 29 11:44

  • Video games blamed for England Euro flop

    A goalkeeper's fear of the Xbox

    Bootnotes 29 11:46

  • Publishers punt new web crawler blocking standards

    Rusty robots.txt for the scrapheap?

    Applications 29 11:50

  • Major chip maker seeks similar for SuperSpeed USB tryst

    Non-smokers preferred. No time wasters

    Hardware 29 11:58

  • Chilean hooker plans 27-hour charity sexathon

    Shagfest to aid disabled kids

    Bootnotes 29 12:07

  • Telecom Italia heads split

    New heads better than none

    Broadband 29 12:12

  • BT puts old phone books online

    Burial records from 1538 available too...

    Broadband 29 12:14

  • Galileo pork punchup takes unexpected twist

    UK, Germany in mutual backstab as Spaniards leap in

    Science 29 12:37

  • Boffins report lightning on Venus, our non-identical twin

    Mission accomplished for Venus Express

    Science 29 12:45

  • Microsoft offers $300m for web-washing ad campaign

    Marketing 101: If you can't innovate, advertise

    Software 29 13:08

  • Google Maps Mobile knows where you are


    Mobile 29 13:16

  • Cyber cold war fears grow

    120 countries have cyber-espionage capability, warns McAfee

    Security 29 13:24

  • Balls blames parents, computers for English literacy slide

    Bubblewrapping's too good for them

    Government 29 13:25

  • Public school IT supplier goes titsup

    To [not] serve them all my days

    The Channel 29 14:01

  • Solwise DMP-1120w UPnP/DLNA network media player

    Apple TV wannabe?

    Hardware 29 14:35

  • Facebook 'to drop' creeptech ad system

    Beacon extinguished

    Applications 29 14:37

  • Financial turmoil won't crimp IT budgets in 2008

    But what are you spending it on?

    Reg Technology Panel 29 14:42

  • Google trials GPS-without-GPS mobile navigator

    For all web-enabled handsets

    Science 29 14:43

  • Spend-a-penny SMS service starts flowing

    From sat nav to Sat Lav

    Phones 29 14:50

  • NASA reveals manned Mars mission plans

    Heading for the red planet

    Science 29 15:29

  • Wrappers offers padded add-on to keep your Eee PC cosy

    Hardware 29 15:45

  • Yahoo! and! Adobe! sign! ad-packed! PDF! pact!

    Acrobat Reader to display 'message from our sponsor'

    Security 29 15:54

  • US Army plans robot planes operated by non-pilots

    Pilots: 'This will set back robot planes for decades'

    Science 29 15:58

  • Cisco VoIP bug poses eavesdropping risk

    Noise on the wire

    Data Networking 29 16:04

  • Anti piracy group grapples with virtual world

    So how do you crack down on virtual pirates?

    Servers 29 16:21

  • Two UK web hosts go down

    Easynet and 1and1...

    Broadband 29 16:27

  • Peter Erskine calls it a day at O2

    Telefonica's European boss comes up for air

    Mobile 29 16:39

  • The wireless Christmas tree

    Hardware 29 16:48

  • Preacher jailed for £51m carousel fraud

    Thou shalt not make false VAT returns

    The Channel 29 17:16

  • Data breach costs soar

    Punters desert compromised firms

    Security 29 17:20

  • Dell sits on cybersquatters

    ICANN? No you can't

    The Channel 29 18:48

  • Paris and Britney top US kids' Santa naughty list

    No prezzies for you, you drunken knickerless strumpets

    Media 29 18:55

  • CBS to Pirate Bay: 'You're ok by us'

    BitTorrent site can use Last.fm API

    Media 29 19:14

  • Micron takes on solid state drives

    Another into the fray

    Storage 29 19:47

  • Green irony? Tech vendors don't get it

    The new gulags of Siberia

    Software 29 20:02

  • Azul finds a new CEO

    DeWitt finds a Chair

    Servers 29 20:14

  • I'm in privacy trouble ... bitch

    On Facebook's Beacon fiasco

    Media 29 20:16

  • How Web 2.0 evangelists make the Microsoft monopoly stronger

    Delusions of grandeur

    Operating Systems 29 21:29

  • Small mainframe vendors huddle against IBM

    T3 joins PSI lawsuit against Big Blue

    The Channel 29 22:28

  • Promiscuous Transitive beds Hitachi's boxes and sales folk

    The SPARC assault continues

    Servers 29 22:32

  • FBI crackdown on botnets gets results, but damage continues

    2 million zombies and counting

    Security 29 22:32

  • Microsoft loses battle of the piggybacking passwords

    The $140m activation code

    The Channel 29 22:36