28th November 2007 Archive

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  • Google permits Dell to sell Dell servers

    Search appliance alliance

    Servers 28 00:12

  • Java 6 for OS X 'weeks away'

    Apple hole gets community stuffing

    Software 28 01:00

  • HDS adds mass to its NAS

    Quadruples capacity, births two boxes

    Storage 28 01:07

  • Next year's next big thing

    Big in 2007

    Software 28 01:12

  • The myth of the humble nerd tycoon

    Readers prefer Montgomery Burns to Larry & Sergey

    The Channel 28 01:36

  • Google preps magic GDrive

    Works even when you're offline

    Broadband 28 01:37

  • America's 8m victims of identity theft

    And that's only in 2005

    The Channel 28 06:49

  • Regulator can chase liquidator over phone scam fine

    Premium rate watchdogs score High Court victory

    Broadband 28 07:02

  • Dell fills out XPS laptop line

    Debuts 15in model

    Hardware 28 09:11

  • Toshiba to sell trees with laptops

    Branching out

    Hardware 28 09:20

  • Intel 'Moorestown' UMPCs to feature single-chip CPU/GPU

    Will you please welcome 'Lincroft' and 'Langwell'

    Hardware 28 09:56

  • UK's toads menaced by fungal attack

    'Severe decline' likely, scientists predict

    Science 28 10:02

  • Firm punts RaidSonic NAS server for £6.2m

    Inc VAT, we hasten to add

    Bootnotes 28 10:12

  • Businesses blind to the security risks of temporary staff

    Access without accountability

    Management 28 10:23

  • Declare Steve Fossett dead, asks adventurer's widow

    'We must accept that Steve did not survive'

    Bootnotes 28 10:35

  • Rare bug blights Lotus Notes

    1-2-3 hack risk

    Security 28 10:39

  • ICANN gets test results on internationalised domains

    Mao's model communist beta testers step it up

    Broadband 28 10:48

  • Verizon opens network in historic move

    GSM flexibility on CDMA network

    Mobile 28 10:58

  • Google adds terrain to Google Maps

    Light relief for users

    Applications 28 11:02

  • Dixons grinches Christmas

    There may be trouble ahead

    The Channel 28 11:03

  • The Romantics sue Guitar Hero for sound-alike imitation

    Cover version was too close to original

    Law 28 11:04

  • AMD ATI Radeon HD 3870 graphics chip

    Watch out, GeForce 8800 GT

    Hardware 28 11:10

  • Audit commission tells councils to get competitive

    If you're going to save £4.9bn, it's time to get creative

    Policy 28 11:15

  • Google agrees to cough Israeli blogger's IP address

    Anonymous defendant in 'slander' case

    Law 28 11:58

  • Fujitsu promises 320GB laptop HDD next year

    Rivals are already selling similar products

    Hardware 28 12:03

  • Greenpeace slams Apple Nintendo over eco-credentials

    Apple off the hook, a little

    Hardware 28 12:09

  • Capita-Lincolnshire IT venture scrapped

    'Deal not right for taxpayers'

    The Channel 28 12:18

  • Nintendo DS Lite sets UK sales record

    PSP left for dust

    Games 28 12:22

  • Online sellers warned on UK cheque clearance changes

    On the seventh day banks guarantee payments

    The Channel 28 12:36

  • US judge debenched for jailing entire courtroom

    'Inexplicable madness' provoked by ringing mobile

    Bootnotes 28 12:37

  • Apple Macs

    Getting to the core of the line-up

    Hardware 28 12:38

  • Microsoft funds object of IBM's mainframe fury

    PSI pockets $37m

    Servers 28 14:08

  • Sage clocks £1.16bn revenues

    Expects US biz to lag behind in 2008

    The Channel 28 14:08

  • Celebrity spam gang whips up a storm

    Stealth botnet responsible for huge spam surge

    Security 28 14:11

  • Orange to offer unlocked iPhones for €749

    €250 less than T-Mobile wants

    Phones 28 14:14

  • Tories: Europeans could get access to UK ID database

    Project STORK. Not STALK.

    Government 28 14:28

  • UK database of children delayed

    Till we find those pesky discs...

    Government 28 14:33

  • Virgin Media strategy boutique boss quits

    New strategy: Find a job

    Broadband 28 14:46

  • Brit office Xmas parties going to the dogs

    Bah humbug attitude killing festive joy

    Small Biz 28 15:07

  • Ofcom and EU face off for high speed broadband row

    Bureaucrats and Eurocrats set to butt heads on fibre investment

    Broadband 28 15:22

  • Capita ties up Prudential deal

    As one door closes, another opens...

    The Channel 28 15:42

  • O2 gets 225 guinea pigs drunk by phone

    London NFC trial gets underway

    Mobile 28 15:51

  • Exploding mobile battery suspected in S Korea fatality

    LG describes blast as 'virtually impossible'

    Mobile 28 16:30

  • Miscreants subvert search results to punt malware

    Using botnets to plant links and nurture zombie farms

    Security 28 16:37

  • Novell vs SCO will go to court after all

    Chapter 11 immunity lifted

    The Channel 28 16:44

  • US HD DVD player sales pass 750,000

    Demand accelerating

    Hardware 28 16:45

  • Turkey probes The God Delusion for 'insulting religion'

    God-botherer-botherer targeted for legal retribution

    Science 28 16:46

  • My new PC can't see my old iTunes downloads


    Hardware 28 16:50

  • PSP battery pack lets you keep on gaming

    Never rest again

    Games 28 16:56

  • EMI's Hands squeezes trade bodies

    Trim the fat

    Media 28 17:20

  • So many paths to Nirvana

    Playing God with ALM

    Software 28 17:51

  • Virgin Mary appears in Google's Iowa data center

    Blessed be thy server

    Servers 28 19:11

  • Nigerian keyboard firm sues One Laptop per Child

    No hugs and kisses for XO Laptop

    Hardware 28 20:00

  • Reported malfunction in PayPal Security Key

    False sense of security

    The Channel 28 23:00