27th November 2007 Archive

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  • Second ex-Brocade exec goes on trial over options accounting

    Backdating 2: Electric Boogaloo

    The Channel 27 01:20

  • HP wallops server rivals in Q3

    Mark of Pain

    Servers 27 02:08

  • Facebook and ABC News get political

    Barack Obama for the Stephen Colbert crowd

    Government 27 03:08

  • Reiser's ex-wife portrayed as sadomasochist

    Sought 'male companionship' on Craigslist

    Law 27 03:19

  • MoD budget train crash behind Brown v forces rumpus

    PM's choice: Outsource arms makers or squaddies

    Government 27 07:02

  • European online gambling party continues push eastward

    Bulgaria: not just for airbags anymore

    Law 27 10:06

  • Apple 'looking into' duff Chinese hard drive claims

    Responds to above-average drive failure rates

    Hardware 27 10:11

  • US woman fingered for Porky Pig drugs outrage

    Background check shocker

    Bootnotes 27 10:17

  • Cartels to face private lawsuits under OFT plans

    Extending the right to sue

    Law 27 10:26

  • OFT goes Christmas shopping to test website compliance

    Top 600 retail sites get festive health check

    The Channel 27 10:33

  • Firms fear disgruntled staff: report

    Employees the biggest threat to security and finance

    Business 27 10:40

  • Biometrics won't fix data loss problems

    Academics attack government untruths on ID

    Government 27 10:43

  • Intralot to offer Aussie punters lottery by cellphone

    Save the children, opponents cry

    Mobile 27 10:53

  • Child protection site to show Scottish sex offenders

    'Most wanted' to be pictured online

    Policy 27 11:03

  • Gov advisers pick six crucial techs for UK

    If you're not on the list, you're not coming...

    Science 27 11:13

  • Alba readying cut-price Blu-ray Disc player for Europe?

    Chinese maker claims order taken

    Hardware 27 11:14

  • FCC reveals Motorola Z6c handset

    Testing's complete

    Phones 27 11:20

  • Britain's home front must go green, study

    Living the green dream is 'crucial'

    Science 27 11:22

  • Firefox update puts lid on Jar bug

    Safe to surf

    Security 27 11:24

  • TV heavyweights build on-demand supersite

    BBC, ITV, and C4 ride Kangaroo

    Media 27 11:39

  • Sony pops cap on lippy-like music stick

    But 'drip-proof response' feature absent, alas...

    Hardware 27 11:58

  • New BAE destroyer launches today on the Clyde

    Another eyewatering day for UK taxpayers

    Government 27 12:07

  • Dell puckers up to Carrefour

    Retailer to sell PCs in Spain, Belgium, and France

    The Channel 27 12:09

  • Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T200 compact camera

    Sounds like a camera the Terminator would use

    Hardware 27 12:17

  • Webroot taps UK-based email filtering firm

    Anti-spyware firm moves into security services

    The Channel 27 12:18

  • Microsoft signs MOU with Siberia

    Training co-operation

    Servers 27 13:33

  • Blu-ray discs outsell HD DVDs almost 3:1 in Europe

    17 BD playback boxes bought for every one HD DVD unit

    Hardware 27 13:57

  • Mio re-routes its sat nav range

    Pre-Christmas update

    Science 27 14:02

  • Top government boffin urges rethink on GM crop ban

    And nuclear power

    Science 27 14:03

  • Xbox 360 gets friendly

    Make friends through gaming

    Games 27 14:13

  • Rose Tyler beams back into Doctor Who

    Billie confirmed for three episodes of series four

    Bootnotes 27 14:17

  • Is that a watch in your pocket?

    TAG Heuer joins rush to brand phone handsets

    Mobile 27 14:28

  • Boffins ponder Galileo signals as ocean monitors

    It will be useful

    Science 27 14:32

  • US navy's robot carrier plane building fast

    Droid Top Gun to make deck landings in 2011

    Science 27 14:38

  • UK firm 'recalls' 575 knee implants

    Excess of iron provokes durability concerns

    Science 27 14:41

  • Tag Heuer clocks onto mobile phone branding

    Watch out for this one... ahem

    Phones 27 14:45

  • Daft users and insecure web apps dominate threat index

    Software vulns are so last year

    Security 27 15:02

  • Nokia and O2 get on the tube

    Wireless payments come to London's tube

    Mobile 27 15:18

  • Al Gore climate change site hacked

    Penis pill outrage

    Security 27 15:20

  • UK gov superfast broadband summit decides... erm... nothing

    Don't hold your breath

    Government 27 15:39

  • Dinosaurs derail desalination drive Down under

    An inconvenient fossil find

    Law 27 16:00

  • 'Use me as a mouthpiece' - Guardian hack pleads

    How science journalism really works

    Media 27 16:05

  • Darling could backtrack on capital gains

    Tells CBI, UK.gov is 'open to suggestions'

    The Channel 27 16:10

  • Only bicarbonate of soda can save mankind!

    A new take on carbon sequestering

    Science 27 16:46

  • Choice breeds complexity for Linux desktop

    New tricks for old dog

    Software 27 19:03

  • Universal chief rues Apple's 'golden handcuffs'

    We'd love to leave, but the money's too good

    Media 27 20:28

  • Hacker defaces temples to OS X

    Apple fanboys crawling with maggots

    Security 27 21:47

  • Verizon agrees to personality transplant

    Sweet talks non-Verizon phones

    Mobile 27 22:20

  • Toshiba and NEC reaffirm 32nm chip marriage

    Fujitsu gets wandering eyes

    Hardware 27 22:58