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Virgin America tunes up with YSlow

Me and my... Firefox plug inRavi Simhambhatla's latest project employing open source has been to juice up the web site for Virgin America, the US's newest carrier, so travelers can surf smoothly and purchase tickets without waiting for pages to build.
Gavin Clarke, 26 Nov 2007

Telling lies to a computer is still lying, rules High Court

A person can be guilty of deceit when he lies to a machine rather than a human, a judge has ruled. Renault sued over abuse of a discount scheme and won the deception-by-computer argument. But its case was thrown out because it profited from the abuse.
OUT-LAW.COM, 26 Nov 2007

Inmarsat wins ESA space satellite contract

Inmarsat is to build the UK's space satellite programme, with financial backing from three regional development agencies.
Kablenet, 26 Nov 2007

Phones 4 O2

High-street retailer Phones 4u and operator O2 have patched up their differences and will be working together again come December, though O2 claims this was always part of their plan.
Bill Ray, 26 Nov 2007

Click here for the UK's worst-paid IT job

Any support engineer out there who has fallen on seriously hard times and is right now subsisting on boiled cardboard while scouring the jobs ads in the hope that he or she can find some way of paying off the credit card bills before the bailiffs turn up and repossess the Wii is directed to this tempting offer up there in Leicestershire:
Lester Haines, 26 Nov 2007

Irish courts take tough line on data protection

The Irish legal system has deployed the ultimate weapon in the war against inadvertent loss of confidential data - a foolproof system of outside contractors coupled to shredders which ensures that no potentially sensitive information is ever read by anyone.
Lester Haines, 26 Nov 2007

Second jellyfish pack moves on UK

A second pack comprising millions of juvenile mauve stinger jellyfish has been spotted off the coast of Scotland, less than a week after an overwhelming attack by Pelagia nocticula killed 100,000 salmon at a Northern Ireland fish farm.
Lester Haines, 26 Nov 2007

The mobile internet - always on our mind

Reg Technology PanelIn the technology polls we've been running over recent weeks, we’ve been looking at the near-future of mobility, in terms of what configurations mobile users would find most beneficial (communications hub, anyone?) and what improvements they feel would make the most difference to their mobile experience (think: battery life and flat-rate access).
Jon Collins, 26 Nov 2007

UK Sidekick Slide sales suspended

T-Mobile has pulled the troubled Sidekick Slide phone from its the shelves of its UK stores following reports of “power cycle” faults in the US.
James Sherwood, 26 Nov 2007

Galileo tugs on public purse strings

EU states have hit upon a compromise deal that will allow them to fund the Galileo satellite project, and save some face. States voted to back a €2.4bn funding deal, drawing cash from unused farming subsidies, and restructuring research and industrial spending for the year.
Lucy Sherriff, 26 Nov 2007

Retailer touts sweat-swatting mouse

Sweaty palms afflict us all sometimes, but for office workers constantly plagued by hands that feel like a wet fish then a hand-fan’s ideal. Thankfully, one’s been built into a computer mouse.
James Sherwood, 26 Nov 2007

Commuters shouting into their mobiles? Just jam 'em

ColumnWhen a columnist starts off "Silent, but deadly..." you know he's trying to be funny; and Matt Rudd's recent praise for phone radio jammers is, clearly, not based on the fact he doesn't know what SBD actually means.
Guy Kewney, 26 Nov 2007

Government accused of sneaking out missile news

The Foreign Affairs Select Committee (FASC) has criticised the government for sneaking out plans to turn Menwith Hill into a missile tracking station for the United States' missile defence shield.
John Oates, 26 Nov 2007

Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS revamp due 11 December?

Nvidia will release its next 'G92'-based graphics chip, the GeForce 8800 GTS 512, on 11 December, it has been claimed. As its name suggests, the new part extends the existing 8800 GTS line up with a model that connects to 512MB of memory.
Tony Smith, 26 Nov 2007

Feds working round UK gov in BAE slime case

UK-headquartered global arms behemoth BAE Systems is in the news again this morning, as reports indicate that US anti-corruption investigators are gathering evidence against the firm despite stalwart obstructionism by the British Government.
Lewis Page, 26 Nov 2007

Missing, presumed tardy: Orange IPTV

Orange is cutting it extremely fine if it plans to meet its own target of launching an IPTV service in the UK this year.
Christopher Williams, 26 Nov 2007

Tasers can be instrument of torture, says UN

The UN's Committee Against Torture has declared that Taser use can constitute a form of torture, contrary to the UN's convention against the same.
Lester Haines, 26 Nov 2007

Intel to debut GPU-in-CPU chips in 2009

Intel's first next processors based on its next-generation 'Nehalem' architecture are due to appear a year from now, in Q4 2008. But the really interesting models will arrive during the first half of 2009: desktop and mobile CPUs with integrated graphics cores.
Tony Smith, 26 Nov 2007

Mio launches cheap-as-chips sat nav

Mio has launched an entry-level sat nav which it claims is ideal for first-time users or as a 'backup’ to your main device.
James Sherwood, 26 Nov 2007
Apple Quicktime 75

QuickTime streaming media exploit targets unpatched bug

Hackers have created a proof-of-concept exploit for an Apple QuickTime player streaming media vulnerability.
John Leyden, 26 Nov 2007

Buffalo unveils 'world's most capacious' pocket hard drive

Buffalo has launched a 320GB handheld hard drive, which it claims is the world’s first 2.5in drive to boost such a quantity of storage capacity.
James Sherwood, 26 Nov 2007

Mars Express circles planet 5,000 times

Mars Express has completed 5,000 orbits of the red planet, just short of four years after it arrived on Christmas day, 2003.
Lucy Sherriff, 26 Nov 2007

Mobe, mobe, mobe. There - we've said it

We'd just like to clarify something this afternoon for the benefit of those commentators among you who have a) not been keeping up with developments regarding the word "mobe" and b) seem to believe that Vulture Central operates some kind of democratic system in which the unwashed masses are allowed to chip in their two bits' worth regarding what sort of lingo should and should not appear in the hallowed pages of El Reg.
Lester Haines, 26 Nov 2007

T-Mobile iPhones unlocked post-purchase by iTunes

What's the difference between the locked Apple iPhone sold by T-Mobile Germany and the much more expensive unlocked version sold by the same carrier? Not a jot, it seems: the process of unlocking the handset is handled post-purchase by iTunes.
Tony Smith, 26 Nov 2007

China celebrates first lunar pictures

China is celebrating the first pictures of the Moon beamed back by its Chang'e 1 spacecraft. The country's leaders hailed the mission as a success, but downplayed reports of plans to put a man on the Moon by 2020.
Lucy Sherriff, 26 Nov 2007

UK pushes token security line on child database

The British government is bending over backwards to try and calm fears that a new database of every child in the country will inevitably go the way of HMRC's child benefit database when it goes live next year.
Joe Fay, 26 Nov 2007

UK punters lose faith in phished brands

Email phishing attacks tarnish the reputations of targeted firms, according to a new UK survey. Two in five UK adults (42 per cent) quizzed feel that their trust in a brand would be "greatly reduced" if they received a phishing email purporting to represent it.
John Leyden, 26 Nov 2007

UK.biz faces severe penalties for hiring illegal workers

British businesses have been warned by the Home Office that they will need to prove the legal status of their migrant workers. At the same time, they will have to ensure they don't weed out illegal workers by using methods that could be construed as racist.
Kelly Fiveash, 26 Nov 2007

PSP 'Lite' passes 1m sales mark in Japan

Shed a bit of weight and you’re usually guaranteed some more attention, even if you’re an electronic gadget. Sony said today it’s sold over 1m units of its latest slimline PSP in the two months since its Japan debut.
James Sherwood, 26 Nov 2007

Civil service apologises for HMRC data loss

UK Identity CrisisEveryone whose information was included on the two CDs of child benefit recipients which the government lost should have received a written apology this morning.
John Oates, 26 Nov 2007

Nominet plots one registry to rule them all

Nominet, the not-for-profit that runs the .co.uk domain name database, has been awarded the contract to build the new Enum registry. Enum domains will map telephone numbers to web addresses.

Melting ice kills polar bears, say boffins

Al Gore might have been partly right after all. Melting sea ice could indeed be contributing to the death of polar bears, but the cause is more likely starvation than drowning*.
Lucy Sherriff, 26 Nov 2007

Nokia - Qualcomm circus comes to London

Qualcomm's assertion that Nokia is infringing key patents kicks off before the UK High Court today, with the traditional denials from the defendant and brash arrogance from the plaintiff.
Bill Ray, 26 Nov 2007

US man sets himself on fire and cuts off his own arm

A farmer from Kershaw County, South Carolina was forced to cut off his own arm to free himself from a threshing machine he got trapped in and set fire to.
John Oates, 26 Nov 2007

IBM to shove ads onto DVDs

IBM hopes to slip commercials onto your DVDs. Big Blue has asked the US Patent Office for the exclusive rights to a "system and method of providing advertisements during DVD playback."
Cade Metz, 26 Nov 2007
ABC childrens blocks

When good software gets complicated

A lot of recent articles have raised the issue of complexity in software (here, here, and here). So why is this subject back again? Surely it's been done to death? Apparently not. When I carried out a quick straw poll of some developers recently, few of them actually thought about avoiding unnecessary complexity in their software.
John Hunt, 26 Nov 2007

Cyber Monday® destruction tests Yahoo!

[Updated casualty list]
Austin Modine, 26 Nov 2007
Windows Vista teaser

Microsoft on the hunt for 'serious' Windows flaw

Microsoft bug squashers are investigating reports of a serious security vulnerability in Windows operating systems that could allow attackers to take control of vast numbers of machines, particularly those located off US shores.
Dan Goodin, 26 Nov 2007

HP goes even more virtual with Scalent

HP has hitched it wagon to server management whiz Scalent Systems.
Ashlee Vance, 26 Nov 2007
Redhat logo

Red Hat jumps on Amazon's cloud

Red Hat is opening the beta of its on-demand Enterprise Linux, hosted on Amazon's internet computing service.
Austin Modine, 26 Nov 2007

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