26th November 2007 Archive

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  • Virgin America tunes up with YSlow

    Soaring open source skies

    Applications 26 Nov 00:02

  • Telling lies to a computer is still lying, rules High Court

    Discount scheme deception

    Law 26 Nov 09:05

  • Inmarsat wins ESA space satellite contract

    £360m boost for UK comms

    Science 26 Nov 09:16

  • Phones 4 O2

    O2 makes up with retailer, denies any relationship issues

    Mobile 26 Nov 09:22

  • Click here for the UK's worst-paid IT job

    Hard times for support engineers

    Bootnotes 26 Nov 09:24

  • Irish courts take tough line on data protection

    No HMRC debacle in the Emerald Isle

    Government 26 Nov 09:26

  • Second jellyfish pack moves on UK

    Mauve stingers spotted off Scotland

    Science 26 Nov 09:28

  • The mobile internet - always on our mind

    It's the way of the future. Really.

    Networks 26 Nov 10:02

  • UK Sidekick Slide sales suspended

    Local T-Mobile follows US lead

    Phones 26 Nov 10:06

  • Galileo tugs on public purse strings

    Germany opposes funding deal

    Science 26 Nov 10:17

  • Retailer touts sweat-swatting mouse


    Hardware 26 Nov 10:18

  • Commuters shouting into their mobiles? Just jam 'em

    There's just one problem. It's illegal

    Mobile 26 Nov 11:01

  • Government accused of sneaking out missile news

    Menwith Hill buried

    Government 26 Nov 11:03

  • Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS revamp due 11 December?

    'G92' replacement for old 'G80' part

    Hardware 26 Nov 11:11

  • Feds working round UK gov in BAE slime case

    Swiss banks cough, arms biz catches cold

    Law 26 Nov 11:12

  • Missing, presumed tardy: Orange IPTV

    Squeezed out

    Broadband 26 Nov 11:44

  • Tasers can be instrument of torture, says UN

    Further Taser-related deaths fuel controversy

    Science 26 Nov 11:48

  • Intel to debut GPU-in-CPU chips in 2009

    PCI Express 2.0 to become the system bus

    Hardware 26 Nov 12:02

  • Mio launches cheap-as-chips sat nav

    A to Basic

    Science 26 Nov 12:08

  • QuickTime streaming media exploit targets unpatched bug

    Don't RSVP to dodgy RTSP invites

    Software 26 Nov 12:14

  • Buffalo unveils 'world's most capacious' pocket hard drive

    Portable storage, and lots of it

    Hardware 26 Nov 12:18

  • Mars Express circles planet 5,000 times

    Seen lots, done lots, plenty still to do

    Science 26 Nov 12:19

  • Mobe, mobe, mobe. There - we've said it

    Linguistic democracy? We've heard of it

    Bootnotes 26 Nov 12:34

  • T-Mobile iPhones unlocked post-purchase by iTunes

    Easy way to SIM-independence for everyone else?

    Phones 26 Nov 12:50

  • China celebrates first lunar pictures

    A nation 'standing tall'

    Science 26 Nov 13:12

  • UK pushes token security line on child database

    Balls promise on ContactPoint

    Government 26 Nov 13:30

  • UK punters lose faith in phished brands

    Collateral damage

    Security 26 Nov 13:41

  • UK.biz faces severe penalties for hiring illegal workers

    And penalties for discrimination...

    Small Biz 26 Nov 14:11

  • Geeks gifts for Christmas

    Part One: Your festive shopping starts, and stops, here

    Site News 26 Nov 14:27

  • PSP 'Lite' passes 1m sales mark in Japan

    PSP workout proves successful

    Phones 26 Nov 14:50

  • Civil service apologises for HMRC data loss

    Very civil of them

    Government 26 Nov 15:20

  • Nominet plots one registry to rule them all

    All them phone numbers

    Networks 26 Nov 15:26

  • Melting ice kills polar bears, say boffins

    Starving, not drowning

    Science 26 Nov 15:41

  • Nokia - Qualcomm circus comes to London

    Another day, another court

    Mobile 26 Nov 16:00

  • US man sets himself on fire and cuts off his own arm


    Bootnotes 26 Nov 16:13

  • IBM to shove ads onto DVDs

    Patently horrifying

    Media 26 Nov 18:54

  • When good software gets complicated

    Build for simplicity

    Software 26 Nov 19:06

  • Cyber Monday® destruction tests Yahoo!

    Sears.com bites it too

    The Channel 26 Nov 20:43

  • Microsoft on the hunt for 'serious' Windows flaw

    Mass hijackings at risk

    Servers 26 Nov 20:53

  • HP goes even more virtual with Scalent

    Blade buddies

    Servers 26 Nov 21:08

  • Red Hat jumps on Amazon's cloud

    Marketroids come up with catchy name for enterprise service

    The Channel 26 Nov 23:21