23rd November 2007 Archive

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  • Model use cases that work

    Think succinct

    Software 23 01:02

  • Oracle pitches process over programming

    Platform change

    Software 23 02:02

  • EC report warns governments on e-trust

    'What trust?' asks IT security firm

    Security 23 06:02

  • Really, really big systems coming by 2027

    Less porn, more work

    Applications 23 07:02

  • Air France compensates 170kg passenger

    Big chap forced to cough for extra seat

    Bootnotes 23 07:02

  • Rogue nodes snoop on TOR traffic

    Noise on the wire

    Security 23 07:02

  • Watchdog raps MoD over Qinetiq sell-off bonanza

    Eyewatering Stealth raid by pinstripe execs

    Government 23 07:03

  • Employee sacked for texting in sick

    Dismissal 'petty and unfair', tribunal says

    Small Biz 23 08:41

  • Inventor of revoked payment patent says UK system is a joke

    It's not for the little guy

    Law 23 08:59

  • MS drifts towards over-the-top Java services with Musiwave buy

    Takes a leaf from Nokia's book

    Media 23 09:29

  • Met Police to pilot Tasers

    Electric justice for London

    Law 23 10:07

  • England flops shafted by enormous todger

    Croatian national anthem gaffe delights the crowd

    Media 23 10:11

  • Interim revenues slip at Business Systems

    Hardware hard to punt, solutions is solution

    The Channel 23 11:03

  • Blu-ray dominates Japanese HD recorder sales

    Can HD DVD catch up?

    Hardware 23 11:20

  • Nokia cranks up twisty-turny phone design

    Crank-based handset

    Phones 23 11:29

  • Information Commissioner pokes kids on social networking privacy

    Listen to The Man, kids. He knows how to look after data

    Law 23 11:38

  • Star Trek boldly goes on demand

    Virgin Media inks VOD deal with CBS Paramount

    Bootnotes 23 11:43

  • Nintendo Wii: the world's greatest console?

    Sales skyrocket

    Games 23 12:00

  • Skype crypto stumps German cops

    Police boss attempts to justify Trojan plan

    Security 23 12:01

  • BOFH: Spreading the festive cheer

    On the first day of Christmas, BOFH gave to me...

    BOFH 23 12:02

  • MS Explorer foundering after UFO strike

    Flagship crashes, freezes after unknown vuln penetration

    Bootnotes 23 12:03

  • O2 has Wigan-sized iPhone problem

    Just 26,500 activated, lots of stock

    Mobile 23 12:10

  • Save the BBC - by setting it free

    A Modest Proposal

    Media 23 12:28

  • Cisco fires Brazil chief over tax fraud charges

    'Code of conduct' violations

    The Channel 23 13:03

  • Linux desktops grow and grow and grow

    A dream no more

    Operating Systems 23 13:07

  • Palm Treo 500v smartphone

    Palm's best smartphone yet?

    Phones 23 13:11

  • Secure Java coding course aims to push best practice

    Mind the skills gap

    Security 23 13:44

  • Aston Martin to build new model abroad

    Manufacturer outgrows UK plant

    Bootnotes 23 13:45

  • Hitachi 'collision avoidance' bot does a Ballmer at press do

    Furniture-smashing robot rampage blamed on Wi-Fi

    Science 23 13:50

  • Missing data found on mysterious comet, Darling

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    Business 23 13:52

  • Sat Navs

    Today's hottest GPS gadgets

    Science 23 13:59

  • Amazon narrows patent after 1-Click reverse

    Lawyers on salvage op

    Law 23 14:35

  • Researchers find massive mud flow off African coast

    Sediment slunk 1,500km

    Science 23 14:36

  • Poll confirms Brits believe Jesus Phone salvation too costly

    US-centric strategy failing in UK. Shock.

    Phones 23 14:43

  • Gamer takes Microsoft to court over Halo 3 'errors'

    Poor playback causes fury

    Games 23 14:58

  • WiMAX licence owner wins right to be a mobile operator

    Celebrates by dissing the competition

    Mobile 23 15:06

  • Which video glasses?


    Hardware 23 15:08

  • El Reg fires up online standards converter

    Want to know your height in linguine? Click here

    Science 23 15:09

  • China condemns high-tech outsourcing

    By the Chinese space programme

    Science 23 15:28

  • New taskforce to discuss why more people aren't turning to digital

    What we need is another working group

    Bootnotes 23 16:11

  • French record industry, ISPs in entente to boot off file-sharers

    Sarkozy frowns on net peasants

    Broadband 23 16:12

  • BT looks to help medicine go down in Qatar

    Makes contract adjustments with the DoH

    The Channel 23 16:26

  • Adam Curtis : an audio special

    On Facebook, The Big Lump Theory ... and Popbitch Radio

    Media 23 17:02

  • Win XP also prone to random number bug

    Not hard to guess

    Security 23 21:27