15th November 2007 Archive

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  • eBay Trojan morphs to snare motor victims

    As eBay security czar discusses new measures

    The Channel 15 Nov 00:03

  • AMD rolls out DirectX 10.1 Radeon HD 3800 GPUs

    Top-of-the-range peformance at mid-range price

    Hardware 15 Nov 05:02

  • VeriSign slims, cuts jobs to focus on security

    Digital certificate firm looks to offload communications biz

    The Channel 15 Nov 09:18

  • Experts cast runes on Google phone security

    Paranoid Android

    Mobile 15 Nov 09:38

  • Sun sends Netra blades through 10GE wringer

    For the protocol-pinching telecom

    Servers 15 Nov 09:40

  • Californian sues Comcast over BitTorrent throttling

    I demand to have my mind blown

    Broadband 15 Nov 09:52

  • Fusion confusion, and anger, for Ellison

    Audience smack down

    Developer 15 Nov 09:53

  • Yahoo! Ratchets! Open! Source! Grid! Platform!

    Stuffed elephant rising

    Servers 15 Nov 09:56

  • UK tightens borders with single agency and screening system

    But union concerned at 'flawed' pilots

    Government 15 Nov 10:25

  • Hynix touts 'world's first' 1Gb GDDR 5 chip

    Thanks for the memory

    Hardware 15 Nov 10:30

  • Public shows new data protection nous

    We know our rights, man

    Security 15 Nov 10:47

  • Retailer pitches £1000 £10,000 Nintendo Wii

    Grand gesture

    Games 15 Nov 10:54

  • Tor embassy 'hacker' raided by Swedish Feds

    Don't want no more of the spyin' game

    Security 15 Nov 11:00

  • Xbox girl-on-girl game upsets Singapore

    Mass Effect banned

    Games 15 Nov 11:01

  • Ariane 5 is go: Skynet 5B military chat-sat on the way

    Launch 'reflects Arianespace strategic role'

    Broadband 15 Nov 11:01

  • Nvidia to launch 'G98' GPU next month

    Die-shrink speed boost

    Hardware 15 Nov 11:45

  • Will bird flu stuff our Happy Christmas?

    Oh no, the turkeys are on fire...

    Science 15 Nov 11:48

  • Punters call for laptops with built-in mobiles

    GSM/Microsoft ask 'how can we improve your notebooks'?

    Mobile 15 Nov 11:56

  • MPs reject Ofcom's Nathan Barley quango

    The New Media Gravy Train stops here?

    Media 15 Nov 11:57

  • Vietnamese cops jailed for death row pregnancy ruse

    Allowed drug smuggler to get up the duff

    Bootnotes 15 Nov 11:58

  • Nokia 7500 Prism mobile phone

    If it's good enough for the Sugababes

    Phones 15 Nov 12:02

  • MoD announces new defence tech wishlist

    X marks the spot on pork treasure map

    Government 15 Nov 12:11

  • Vodafone responds to iPhone rip-off

    Can we charge more than that? Oh, yes we can

    Mobile 15 Nov 12:12

  • Atos Origin reports mellow and fruitful Q3

    UK not singled out this time

    The Channel 15 Nov 12:14

  • Silicon Fen fails to soak up web 2.0 cash

    Cambridge loses out to London

    Small Biz 15 Nov 12:17

  • AMD announces next-gen CrossFire... sort of

    Two-, three- and four-GPU tech debuts on firm's website

    Hardware 15 Nov 12:26

  • Bike bonk bloke cops three years' probation

    Pedalphile warned not to remount

    Bootnotes 15 Nov 12:30

  • Veterans form VC fund for small biz

    Seeding, funding and mentoring

    Small Biz 15 Nov 12:33

  • OFT hammers auction sites on consumer info

    DSReputable practices

    Small Biz 15 Nov 13:12

  • Mayor Ken buys hydrogen buses for London

    Possible break with Chavez?

    Science 15 Nov 13:14

  • Sierra Leone launches 'Operation Wash Lunatics'

    Freetown scoured for grubby nutters

    Bootnotes 15 Nov 13:15

  • Global warming not to blame for warmer North Pole?

    Boffins blame ocean currents instead

    Science 15 Nov 13:27

  • MySpace makes kids fat, claims minister

    Sure it's not the bubblewrap?

    Government 15 Nov 13:42

  • Ofcom stings ISP £30k for silent treatment

    Broadband switching investigation stonewalled

    Broadband 15 Nov 13:44

  • No2ID calls in pledge cash to 'probe' ID Act's enabling laws

    Legal fund prepares for actions...

    Government 15 Nov 14:03

  • Microsoft stuffs Sage with free accounts software

    Trying to get into SMBs' good books

    Small Biz 15 Nov 14:08

  • Watching the Earthrise over the moon

    And set again

    Science 15 Nov 14:14

  • US PS3 sales rocket after 40GB console debut

    80GB model's price cut a cause too?

    Games 15 Nov 14:14

  • Half of computer users are Wi-Fi thieves

    Wardriving criminals

    Security 15 Nov 14:23

  • Red Hat and Hyperic have meeting of the mimes

    Sorry, minds

    Servers 15 Nov 14:32

  • Honda hits reverse on £50k fuel cell cars for '08

    SoCal beta-testers to lease FCX Clarity

    Science 15 Nov 14:46

  • Asus: 'no plans' for 10in Eee PC

    Upcoming 8GB model will have 7in screen

    Hardware 15 Nov 16:03

  • Canadian Taser death caught on camera

    Vancouver Airport amateur footage shocker

    Bootnotes 15 Nov 16:13

  • Raytheon to deliver 'paging system' for submarines

    Seagoing lone wolves finally get BlackBerry treatment

    Science 15 Nov 16:27

  • IBM offers cloudy blue datacentre vision

    Look, that one's shaped just like a rack server

    Servers 15 Nov 16:28

  • Neuroboffins develop mind-reading computers

    Please think clearly after the tone

    Science 15 Nov 16:32

  • PowerColor punts overclocked ATI 3850 cards

    Hardware 15 Nov 16:45

  • Databases still open to basic attack

    Firewall free

    Security 15 Nov 18:00

  • Best Buy sells 'last Wii' twice

    Nintendo Economics 101

    Games 15 Nov 18:37

  • US unleashes six bloggers in assault on Islamist propaganda

    And if that doesn't work, Second Life may also be enlisted

    Government 15 Nov 19:29

  • Start-up aims nanotube memory at iPods, phones and servers

    NRAM to rise in '08

    Servers 15 Nov 19:31

  • Colossus faces off against PCs in code-breaking challenge

    Valves vs transistors grudge match

    Security 15 Nov 19:41

  • Canada wins the great co-ed cluster challenge

    Nice box, ey? Give me a beer

    Servers 15 Nov 22:18

  • World of Warcraft spykit gets encrypted

    Increases effective stealth level by 5

    Security 15 Nov 22:49

  • Red Hat haunts Ellison's Linux dream

    Must try harder

    Operating Systems 15 Nov 23:19

  • With one bound, Apple is free of 54 security bugs

    Mighty patches

    Security 15 Nov 23:29

  • Russian piracy crackdown targets the opposition

    'Selective enforcement'

    The Channel 15 Nov 23:36