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Multics source code released into the wild

M.I.T.'s Information Services and Technology organization has released the source code of MULTICS, a decades-old OS and important forebear of modern day operating systems.
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Illegal immigrant finds work as spook for the FBI and CIA

A former agent for the CIA and FBI admitted she illegally accessed government computers to obtain classified information about the radical Islamic group Hezbollah.
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Tutankhamun: the boy king comes to London

No IT angle There has been much fanfare in the press about the unveiling of King Tutankhamun's mummified face. The boy king has recently been installed in a clear, climate controlled chamber, confronting visitors to the Valley of the Kings with his mortality, and his humanity.
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Animal rights activist hit with RIPA key decrypt demand

An animal rights activist has been ordered to hand over her encryption keys to the authorities.

Windows update offers defence against shell bug

Microsoft released a critical patch involving IE7 and an important patch to guard against DNS (Domain Name System) spoofing on Tuesday.
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Oracle has commitment issues over Fusion

OpenWorld A week, former British Prime Minister Harold Wilson is famed for having said, is a long time in politics.
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Tesco slaps cutlery ban on under-18s

We're delighted to report this morning that supermarket monolith Tesco - famous for its cut-price Xbox 360 offer - is doing its bit to combat the degeneration of Blighty into a lawless land a la Democratic Republic of Congo in which rival bands of jenkem-crazed hoodies battle each other in the smouldering ruins of UK society.
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Saudi prince blows fortune on A380 'flying palace'

A Saudi prince earlier this week ordered the first A380 "Flying Palace" - a customised airborne kingdom which will set him back up to £400m, Airbus reports.
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Ofcom offers email alerts on military GPS meddling

UK comms regulator Ofcom are offering a new service sure to interest the electronic warfare buff and/or tinfoil-titfer'd conspiracy connoisseur. One can now sign up with the pipes'n'airwaves patrolmen for email alerts giving details of military GPS sat nav jamming trials.

Oracle bets business data on OpenSocial

OpenWorld They risk exposing personal and corporate data to attack, but that isn't stopping Oracle from wanting to employ Google's Gears and OpenSocial in the next version of its business software.
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Revenues and profits up at Norkom

Dublin-based Norkom has posted a 53 per cent jump in revenue thanks to strong sales in the US and Asian markets.
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Asylum seeker fingerprint database has security flaws, says watchdog

The European database of asylum seekers' fingerprints has security weaknesses, according to (pdf) Europe's privacy watchdog the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS).
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Spanish cartoonists fined for royal sex mag cover

The two cartoonists responsible for a July cover of Spanish satirical mag El Jueves, which showed Crown Prince Felipe rogering wife Princess Letizia, have been fined €3,000 each for their trouble, El País reports.

SanDisk pitches Flash cache tech at PC makers

SanDisk is to take on Intel's 'Robson' technology - aka Turbo Memory - by launching next year a PCI Express add-in Flash cache.
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How I wrote an iPhone application

If an El Reg hack can write an iPhone application then anyone can, so we thought we'd have a go and pass on our experience in the hope that others can build something more useful.
Bill Ray, 14 2007
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Crack a puzzle, win a WWII Enigma machine

A code breaking riddle that offers the chance to win a genuine World War II Enigma machine remains unsolved more than a year after the challenge was first posed.
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Indian man marries dog to lift mutt-murder curse

An Indian man has married a dog in the hope that the nuptials will lift a curse which has hung over him for 15 years since he stoned a couple of mutts to death, the BBC reports.

Euro HD DVD camp clams up on format sales figures

The European HD DVD Promotional Group has refused to back up claims that the next-generation optical disc format it's backing is the movie buff's favourite by revealing how many HD DVD players have been bought over here.
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Tiscali loses IPTV punters

Tiscali's IPTV service has been losing customers, it has emerged.

Crime-busting gator kills Florida fugitive

A man who attempted to escape pursuing police by jumping into a Florida hotel's alligator pool was killed by a vigilante reptile, Local 10 reports.
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Dimension Data profits and rev climb

IT services firm Dimension Data said today that total revenue rose to $3.8bn for the year, up by nearly a quarter on its 2006 results.
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Everest cell tower hibernates for the winter

The mobile-phone base station constructed 6,500 metres up Mount Everest has been dismantled until next summer, as not a lot of people want to make calls from the mountain during the winter months.
Bill Ray, 14 2007
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Dutch teen swipes furniture from virtual hotel

Dutch police have arrested an unnamed 17-year-old on suspicion of having swiped €4,000 worth of furniture from the virtual Habbo Hotel - the first such local arrest for "virtual burglary".

Intel pegs Q4 '08 for 4-series chipset debut

Intel's upcoming 'Eaglelake' chipset family may not make it to market until Q4 2008, it has been claimed. But the wait does mean the products will all get PCI Express 2.0 support and the ability to host DisplayPort-connected monitors.
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Russians offer Terry Pratchett-style droid luggage

Reports out of Russia indicate that a battery-powered motorised suitcase which automatically follows its owner will be on the market in 2009*.

Creative Zen media player

Review Creative's latest MP3 player offers a 2.5in screen, video playback capabilities, photo viewer, voice recorder and an FM radio. It claims to provide 25 hours of battery life and is the size of a credit card. Sounds good on paper, but does it all come together in practice?
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Girls' school head condemns bubblewrapping of kids

A former British Army Lancer turned girls' school headmaster is the latest to come out against the practice of bubblewrapping children.
Joe Fay, 14 2007

Official: PS3 to get DivX through firmware upate

PlayStation 3 gamers will soon have access to DivX digital video content through their consoles after Sony yesterday agreed to a tie-up between the two companies.
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Integralis reports blissful nine months

IT security vendor Integralis said today that revenue had grown by more than 15 per cent to €111m for the first nine months of this year.

Testers give iPhone virtual keyboard the thumbs down

The virtual Qwerty keyboard on Apple's iPhone allows users to enter text as quickly as they would on another handset's physical keyboard, but they'll make rather more mistakes in the process.
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Access Palm OS now available... for Nokia!

Access, owners of the Palm OS now known as Garnet, have released a version of that platform for the Nokia Internet tablets N810, N800 and N770, providing access to the thousands of Palm applications still out there.
Bill Ray, 14 2007
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Brown announces new counter-terror plans

Prime Minister Gordon Brown today announced new security plans aimed at protecting the UK from the threat of terrorism. New funding, personnel and initiatives were laid out, and Mr Brown also said he thought a "consensus" could be achieved on the need to hold terror suspects without charge for longer than the current 28 day limit.

Nokia unleashes N82 smartphone multimedia computer

Nokia has rolled out the rumoured extension to the N series line-up, a candybar alternative to the N95 sliderphone, dubbed the N82.
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Murdoch Diggs WSJ's online future

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch has once again been banging the free-online-news-for-everyone drum, as his firm closes in on its takeover of the Wall Street Journal.

Nintendo sounds Wii-free Xmas warning

If you’re hoping for a Wii from Santa’s sack this Christmas, don’t get your hopes up, Nintendo has said. The console company today warned that there could be a worldwide shortage of its console this holiday season.
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Monkey butlers a step nearer as boffins clone macaques

American-based scientists report they have successfully produced cloned embryos from an adult male monkey.
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Red Hat turns to Platform for Linux cluster charge

SC07 Red Hat and Platform Computing have opted to attack the high performance computing realm together.
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CompuServe France headed for the knacker's yard

It might come as a surprise to some, but CompuServe, the name synonymous with the early days of the net, is still plodding on.
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Nokia gets thrown out of Dutch court

Nokia today saw its Netherlands case thrown out of court on the grounds they hadn't explained it properly, three weeks after the same thing happened in Germany - but the war of patents between the two companies continues.
Bill Ray, 14 2007
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NASA to trial Moon balloon pneumo-podule in Antarctic

NASA has today showcased plans to test its inflatable habitat technology - intended for deployment on the inhospitable surfaces of the Moon and Mars - by conducting a dummy run in Antarctica.

Xbox Live gamers to get game, gratis

Microsoft plans to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Xbox Live by giving away free games and MS points to the service’s gamers.
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EU launches bid to bin telco regulations

Lisa Simpson: "I mean, if you're the police, who will police the police?"

Open source and Dell join Sun server party

OpenWorld Like Al Gore claiming to have created the internet, Sun Microsystems claims it was a virtualization pioneer.

Microsoft vows cluster OS upgrade will include Linux nod

SC07 Microsoft's charge into the high performance computing game continues at pace. The software maker this week announced that its new cluster operating system - HPC Server 2008 - based on Windows Server 2008 will ship next Summer. In addition, the code dandy has fired up a Parallel Computing Initiative to develop more parallelized software for both HPC and business users.

SGI's new NAS box caters for storage sharing

SGI is launching an InfiniBand-based RDMA storage device to its freshly announced Nexis family of NAS storage systems.

Four years and 1000 promises land Solaris at Dell

SC07 By our count, it has taken Sun about four years and 1,000s of promises to bring Dell over to the Solaris camp in a proper fashion.
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B3ta served DMCA notice for Photoshop Prince challenge

Lawyers acting on behalf of Prince have sent out a flurry of US copyright infringement notifications to individual members of a popular UK website which encourages its community to create satirical images of well-known stars.

Apple TV goes to the movies

Sure, Apple TV is pretty close to useless if you wanna watch stuff on your television. But it's a godsend to at least one independent filmmaker.
Cade Metz, 14 2007
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Holy pancake appears on eBay

An American eBayer has auctioned off a week-old pancake for $338, claiming it contains images of Jesus and Mary. Or maybe Moses and Elijah.
Cade Metz, 14 2007