10th November 2007 Archive

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  • Mind the Gap Saturday: The mobile worlds of China and the West

    Program accordingly

    Mobile 10 00:02

  • Fedora 8 spins into action

    For the Electronic Labs buff in you

    Operating Systems 10 00:09

  • Remembering the Commodore PET 2001

    Don't trust anything over 1MHz

    Vintage 10 01:25

  • IndiaTimes website 'attacks visitors'

    Targets multiple vulns, some new

    Security 10 01:47

  • WiMAX woes as Sprint dumps Clearwire

    Never mind the finishing line, where's the start?

    Broadband 10 02:23

  • Dwarfs threaten Kepler and Newton

    Dark matters

    Science 10 07:02

  • Never use an internet translator to hire a gorilla

    Butthash and flying cows inside

    Letters 10 12:02