9th November 2007 Archive

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  • Seagate sells R&D group to Xiotech

    Swap meet for Compaq and DEC exes

    Storage 09 01:00

  • HP goes octal with workstations

    Packing Xeon heat

    The Channel 09 01:08

  • Microsoft invades 'city of friendly people'

    $500m data center adds to good cheer

    Servers 09 01:14

  • Prosecutor concludes opening in Reiser trial

    'Single reason explains it all, and that's that this man killed her'

    Security 09 01:24

  • Fat or thin: an insider's view on Java's destiny

    Evolution, not revolution

    Software 09 02:10

  • 16,000 namesakes cry foul over US terror watch list

    TSA dedupers are slower than a slow thing in slow town

    Government 09 03:16

  • 15 years ago: the first mass-produced GSM phone

    Happy Birthday, Nokia 1011 (almost)

    Phones 09 08:02

  • BT Vision misses customer targets (by a shedload)

    We call shenanigans on IPTV numbers

    Broadband 09 08:02

  • Trading Standards comes a calling on Cardiff's software sellers

    Pulls a FAST one

    The Channel 09 08:02

  • Government postpones company law reforms

    But some parts may still arrive October 2008

    Small Biz 09 08:49

  • Dublin designer branches out with 'tree' PC

    Cultivates award

    Management 09 08:50

  • Resellers get shirty over FixITlocal

    'This is a local job for local dealers'

    The Channel 09 09:02

  • Tech spending fears hit Qualcomm shares

    Profits up but shares fall

    Financial News 09 09:58

  • Living brain in powerful robot body tech goes live

    For moths

    Science 09 10:01

  • The Government wants to copyright my thoughts!

    No.1 All that is solid melts into air

    Media 09 10:02

  • Chinese boffins in copper nanotubes acronym outrage

    What a bunch of...

    Science 09 10:16

  • Sony CEO: format war in 'stalemate'

    We were winning until Paramount got off the fence...

    Hardware 09 10:21

  • Blank media levy breaches should be criminal, say authors

    Report tries to stop EU scrapping levy

    Law 09 10:30

  • Queues start a day ahead of UK iPhone arrival

    Two for a pand...show us ya money

    Phones 09 10:40

  • Nvidia doubles profits as sales exceed $1bn

    Outpacing arch-rival

    Financial News 09 11:00

  • O2 relaunches XDA Orbit smartphone

    Orbit 2 faster, adds 'super 3G'

    Phones 09 11:23

  • BitTorrent site Demonoid.com downed by Canadian record industry

    'Your move freeloaders, eh?'

    Law 09 11:36

  • Six-month hangover for 60-pint Scotsman

    Ow ow owww my head

    Science 09 11:40

  • Apple hit with another class action

    iTunes gains another enemy

    Financial News 09 11:41

  • Asus to launch desktop Eee PC next year

    Laptop replacement?

    Hardware 09 11:42

  • Bacteria to blame for global warming?

    Nifty little hoax doing the rounds

    Science 09 11:55

  • Sapphire unwraps entry-level AMD 2900 GPU

    2900 GT to supplant 2900 Pro?

    Hardware 09 12:17

  • UK anti-fraud firms pool resources

    3rd Man takes Early Warning to the checkout

    Security 09 12:20

  • Mandelson tells US to change online gambling laws

    Stop discriminating

    Law 09 12:22

  • RIM sues LG over Chocolate, Shine brand

    'Black Label' too close to 'BlackBerry', firm claims

    Phones 09 12:57

  • Wave power prototype sinks after seven weeks

    AquaBuOY 2.0 'highly successful', says developer

    Science 09 13:02

  • UK gov offers £100m for innovation

    Political points make prizes

    Small Biz 09 13:10

  • The iPhone: Everything you needed to know

    The tears, the laughter, the previous coverage

    Mobile 09 13:11

  • Lily Allen gets 'social networking' TV show

    'An important voice of her generation'

    Bootnotes 09 13:18

  • Vodafone dials up 7.2Mb/s HSDPA USB dongle

    On contract and PAYG

    Hardware 09 13:57

  • Warner Brothers snaps up UK gaming firm

    TT Games joins the big league

    Financial News 09 14:01

  • Only the iPhone can save mankind

    To subscribe to The Register's weekly newsletter - seven days of IT in a single hit - click here

    Business 09 14:02

  • Second Skynet satellite to launch tonight

    Pay-as-you-go satcomms for the UK forces

    Science 09 14:04

  • Zero-day bug hangs over Oracle database

    Forget about it

    Security 09 14:33

  • iPhone 'killers' stand up and be counted

    Samsung? LG? HTC? Who'll crucify the Jesus Phone?

    Phones 09 14:41

  • Black holes blamed for super-charged cosmic rays

    That's 'active galactic nuclei' to you, sonny

    Science 09 15:06

  • Iomega eGo 160GB external hard drive

    Hard drive meets hip-flask

    Hardware 09 15:19

  • Synergy gone mad - travel agents to enrol for £100 ID card?

    Ideal if you're planning a getaway...

    Government 09 15:29

  • Nintendo confirms Wii DVD support coming

    But not in time for Christmas

    Games 09 15:35

  • AMD hit by birth defects lawsuit

    Ex-employee alleges chemical exposure damaged son

    The Channel 09 15:43

  • BOFH: How dangerous are your users?

    Click here to find out

    BOFH 09 16:06

  • Orbital tourism industry holds spacewear fashion show

    Client base chiefly comprising scantily-clad babes, seemingly

    Science 09 16:11

  • Christmas Doctor Who exhibition at UK Space Centre

    Inner children jump up and down

    Science 09 16:41

  • Alicia Keys hit by MySpace Trojan hack


    Security 09 16:59

  • Battery firm: iPhone could melt your brain

    If only it had a removable battery

    Mobile 09 17:01

  • Winona Ryder to suckle Spock in Star Trek XI

    Talented thespiatrix confirmed as Vulcan's mum

    Bootnotes 09 17:20

  • Analysts talk telephone numbers on mobile games

    Dot-com again

    Mobile 09 17:25

  • Oracle hunger fallout: Will Red Hat survive?

    Ex JBoss CEO says IBM might do the eating

    Open Season 09 19:19

  • Ballmerized Nigerian PCs might run Mandriva after all

    Despite $400,000 Microsoft whatchamacallit

    The Channel 09 19:29

  • Botmaster owns up to 250,000 zombie PCs

    He's a security consultant. Jail beckons

    Security 09 22:49

  • AMD datacenters more loyal but rare

    Intel allegiance a matter of metrics

    Servers 09 23:17

  • I'm a walking billboard .... bitch

    Don't be bluffed by Facebook's bluster

    Financial News 09 23:32