6th November 2007 Archive

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  • QuickTime update fixes code-execution holes

    Install it now

    Security 06 Nov 00:15

  • Harold and Kumar go to Comcastle

    Save the Internet contests Laws of Physics

    Broadband 06 Nov 00:18

  • RapidMind takes multi-threaded magic to x86 realm

    It's hip profitable to be square

    Servers 06 Nov 00:22

  • 3Par does logical partitioning

    Vulcan approved, 7824.7 to one

    Storage 06 Nov 00:50

  • Police dismantle global child porn network

    92 people from 19 countries arrested

    Security 06 Nov 01:47

  • Google OpenSocial: after the hype, the holes

    Google API too sociable by half

    Security 06 Nov 01:50

  • Microsoft hawks Home Server

    Buy now. Get it sometime soon.

    Hardware 06 Nov 01:57

  • Cray's Barcelona moment arrives with XT5 systems

    Processors for all seasons

    Servers 06 Nov 05:57

  • SiCortex does desktop supercomputer

    Cluster Catapult

    Servers 06 Nov 06:03

  • Companies still clueless about their software spend

    Boards missing software's hidden value

    Small Biz 06 Nov 08:02

  • Googlewhack trick used to slip junk mail past spam filters

    Spammers feel lucky

    Security 06 Nov 08:02

  • Government acts on Land Registry fears

    Downloads reduced on fraudster fears

    Government 06 Nov 08:02

  • BBC tech chief: You Freetards don't matter

    And no one gives a toss about DRM. So there

    Media 06 Nov 09:02

  • Kylie Minogue launches social networking site

    KylieKonnect - for all your Oz songbird needs

    Bootnotes 06 Nov 09:41

  • Seagoing Missile Defence tests this week

    US cruiser to stand off attack from Hawaii

    Science 06 Nov 09:47

  • Amazon Prime comes to Blighty

    All your deliveries for £50

    Bootnotes 06 Nov 09:52

  • Hardcore Dalek builders plan galactic domination

    Project Dalek - be afraid

    Bootnotes 06 Nov 10:02

  • Croydon unleashes cyberwar on barking dogs

    Yelping mutts beware Web 0.2

    Government 06 Nov 10:11

  • Northgate details election business manifesto

    Cast your votes

    Government 06 Nov 10:16

  • UK iPhone customers to get fairer usage

    But some usage is more fair than others

    Mobile 06 Nov 10:23

  • Ireland still good for foreign investment

    Emerald Isle a golden opportunity for multinationals

    Small Biz 06 Nov 10:33

  • Biostar unwraps AMD 770 chipset mobo

    Hardware 06 Nov 10:42

  • Biologist 'discovers' scentless giant peccary

    Pecari maximus, or 'Caitetu Munde' to his mates

    Science 06 Nov 10:51

  • Symantec gobbles up Vontu

    Joins the DLP jamboree

    Storage 06 Nov 10:58

  • American Radiohead fans are 73% more irrational - survey

    And 99% of downloaders lie to pollsters?

    Media 06 Nov 11:05

  • RIM focuses on really small business

    Five can now go BlackBerry picking

    Small Biz 06 Nov 11:20

  • UK anti-piracy group gets new flag waver

    FAST Lovelock love-in

    The Channel 06 Nov 11:29

  • 'PlayStation-deprived' teen admits part in plot to pop parents

    Allegedly offered dad's truck in payment

    Games 06 Nov 11:32

  • China goes lunar

    Satellite arrives, all looking good

    Science 06 Nov 11:42

  • EU unveils air passenger 'risk profiling' plan

    A terror-scoring machine just like George's...

    Government 06 Nov 11:46

  • Brain gene map: a route to Alzheimer's cure?

    All about the proteins

    Science 06 Nov 11:54

  • Alibaba.com soars on magic carpet

    IPOpen sesame

    Financial News 06 Nov 12:01

  • Leopard data loss glitch uncovered

    Moved to tears

    Operating Systems 06 Nov 12:08

  • Sony unveils third-gen 'portable' PS2

    Less baggage

    Games 06 Nov 12:23

  • Canon Ixus 860 IS compact camera

    Another hit from Canon?

    Hardware 06 Nov 12:44

  • LG to take on iPhone with 'super 3G' tablet

    Prada lookalike

    Phones 06 Nov 12:50

  • Macrovision update plugs zero-day DRM exploit

    The one that got away

    Security 06 Nov 12:55

  • Japanese cook up cancer-busting synthicurry

    Promising results from curcumin 'analogues'

    Science 06 Nov 13:22

  • TV Controller says goodbye, and hello

    Signs off controversial blog, reveals who he is

    Bootnotes 06 Nov 13:29

  • German law smites Warhammer fan flick

    Damnatus damned to eternal darkness

    Law 06 Nov 13:38

  • US doesn't need orbital battlefleet - pundit

    1900s style space-dreadnought arms race would be Bad

    Science 06 Nov 13:44

  • Batten down hatches, analyst tells IT bosses

    Two sets of books are better than one

    CIO 06 Nov 13:52

  • Freedom of speech 'safe' as Europe tackles the terror web

    Crackdown on 'virtual training camps'

    Government 06 Nov 13:57

  • IBM lines up blade, AIX updates

    AIX 6, Power 6, Uh-ho, now I'm scared...

    Servers 06 Nov 14:01

  • Brown reveals road pricing, emissions plans

    Queen: 'One will be charging to use one's Highways'

    Government 06 Nov 14:08

  • Microsoft Search Server 2008 takes on Google Mini, promotes SharePoint

    Have a taste, get hooked

    Developer 06 Nov 14:09

  • BT and Virgin Media to report broadband slowdown

    Investment or cuts? Whaddya reckon?

    Broadband 06 Nov 14:15

  • Femtocells get a bit bigger

    Operators sign up to promotional forum

    Networks 06 Nov 14:18

  • Apocalypse Postponed: Google's dog didn't bark

    The view from the LiMo window

    Mobile 06 Nov 14:23

  • Pentagon: Our new robot army will be controlled by malware

    Open-source hax0r IP-deathware apocalypse imminent

    Security 06 Nov 14:36

  • Writers' strike hits US talk shows hard

    You mean they actually script that crap?

    Bootnotes 06 Nov 14:41

  • P2P ID thief cops a plea

    From LimeWire to behind the wire

    Security 06 Nov 14:51

  • Sony sees red over PSP

    Games 06 Nov 15:15

  • iPhone to solve UK unemployment

    Is there anything it can't do?

    Mobile 06 Nov 15:24

  • Nicked DVLA documents used to sell stolen cars

    Don't buy white vans or Beemers in pub carparks

    Security 06 Nov 15:27

  • Florida cops issue shock 'Butthash' warning

    Fermented excrement, aka 'Jenkem', menaces schoolkids

    Bootnotes 06 Nov 15:30

  • Brown moots register for terrorists, DNA rights for MI5

    Counter-terror Bill trailed...

    Government 06 Nov 16:19

  • BBC.com begins commercial push

    Auntie pimped to foreigners

    Media 06 Nov 17:03

  • Firm claims fake spy rock plane drop prize

    Smart minichutes also do 'passports, money, satphones'

    Small Biz 06 Nov 17:17

  • Symbian licences up 56 per cent

    Good revenues too...

    Broadband 06 Nov 17:36

  • ICANN tweaks root DNS server

    Please update your machines. Or not

    Broadband 06 Nov 19:36

  • Swedes look to join online gambling party

    Ruling party explores liberalized regime

    Law 06 Nov 19:40

  • German court rules internet gambling ban an 'impossibility'

    Real politik ruling opens door for Bwin

    Law 06 Nov 19:46

  • Nope, it's not a Gphone

    Memories of Java

    Software 06 Nov 19:50

  • Phoenix hijacks Windows boot with instant-on

    Bios king introduces Hyperspace

    Virtualization 06 Nov 19:51

  • Mac OS X firewall blocks Skype and online gamers

    You realise, of course, this means Warcraft

    Operating Systems 06 Nov 20:08

  • Man wrongly detained for 50 days has ISP to thank

    I am not that number, I am not a free man

    Broadband 06 Nov 20:43

  • IBM fails to ship even the most meager four-core Opteron box

    Do you know the way to Barcelona?

    Servers 06 Nov 22:45

  • Yahoo! Bows! To! Mum! Of! Jailed! Chinese! Journalist!

    'We know we were wrong. But we didn't know it then'

    Law 06 Nov 23:22

  • Supermicro punts 'world's densest blade'

    X-Men's Wolverine may dispute claim

    Servers 06 Nov 23:35