5th November 2007 Archive

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  • Gov u-turn sinks EDS's Indian outsourcing plans

    50 staff told to return to India

    Government 05 Nov 09:43

  • Panic in smartphoneland

    Google to unveil phone; world ends at noon

    Mobile 05 Nov 09:48

  • Congestion charge dodgers register Bentleys as minicabs

    TfL to probe luxury cab trade

    Government 05 Nov 09:50

  • Fuel-cell UAV achieves 'record' distance

    Tech could replace battery whisper-drones

    Science 05 Nov 10:01

  • Shampoo boffins decode dandruff fungus' DNA

    Threaten own business model with promise of cure

    Science 05 Nov 10:06

  • E-Ten unveils 'affordable' satnav smartphone

    Phones 05 Nov 10:44

  • Telnic proposal spurs internal ICANN debate

    Road map at last for intractable Whois mess?

    Broadband 05 Nov 10:46

  • Warner slaps Nokia for Web 2.0 swap site

    New Age crud costs dear

    Media 05 Nov 10:52

  • How feasible is the personal communications hub?

    It's the comms capability that matters, not the device

    Networks 05 Nov 11:09

  • Rewriting the SaaS laws

    No need to commit your soul

    Small Biz 05 Nov 11:17

  • Asus spills AMD 7-series chipset beans

    Socket AM2+ mobos launched

    Hardware 05 Nov 11:20

  • Petty crimes, 150,000 kids and a million new records

    Police DNA database under fire

    Law 05 Nov 11:31

  • Evesham Technology creditors back administrators

    Liquidation looms

    The Channel 05 Nov 11:42

  • Wikipedia not a publisher

    France rules Wiki not responsible for site contents

    Law 05 Nov 11:49

  • Samsung samples SATA II 2.5in SSD

    Solid-state storage for laptops

    Hardware 05 Nov 11:58

  • MySpace ads zero in on user data

    Your move, Facebook

    Financial News 05 Nov 12:29

  • It doesn't take much to master MySQL

    Multi-user management muscle

    Developer 05 Nov 12:31

  • Lost CD may put pension holders in peril

    HMRC dodges cryptic question

    Security 05 Nov 12:49

  • Honda to put ultracapacitors on the road in '08

    MIT 'Electric shag' nanocarpet tech proposed

    Science 05 Nov 13:28

  • Heads roll at ACS

    Service co's shareholders left blowing in the wind

    The Channel 05 Nov 13:31

  • Shuttle crew completes daring wing repair

    'Now let's get outta here'

    Science 05 Nov 13:34

  • NHS will not appeal contract publication ruling

    Freedom of information could extend to private sector

    Law 05 Nov 14:51

  • Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard - Finder

    Part 1 - the new look'n'feel

    Hardware 05 Nov 15:14

  • Official: P2P music not harming Canada

    Should cheer up Leonard Cohen, eh

    Law 05 Nov 15:14

  • Gaming PC makers team for open standard monitoring spec

    Hardware 05 Nov 15:46

  • Security minister defends ID cards, longer detention

    'Computer giga-terror' threat explained

    Government 05 Nov 16:08

  • Publishers track down news lifters

    Software claims to spot cribbing...

    Applications 05 Nov 16:16

  • N-Gage fails to appear on Ovi

    Coming December, honest

    Mobile 05 Nov 16:18

  • Dell bets big on storage

    Opens wallet for $1.4bn buy

    The Channel 05 Nov 16:33

  • US airforce: Solar 'leccy is too cheap to meter

    Can you say 'innovative tax credit debt equity financing'?

    Science 05 Nov 17:11

  • Time Warner boss bows out

    Bewkes to whack AOL?

    Media 05 Nov 17:14

  • Google's gives the world (another) Linux phone OS

    SDK next week, phones next year

    Mobile 05 Nov 18:24

  • Visual Studio 2008 release by end November, Sync Framework announced

    Christmas comes early

    Software 05 Nov 18:36

  • The internet in your pocket?

    This time it's Google making the claim

    Mobile 05 Nov 19:19

  • Hack database, change school grades, go to jail for 20 years (maybe)

    Peoplesoft hack, allegedly

    Security 05 Nov 19:26

  • Microsoft talks Sync and BI for SQL Server 2008

    Digging deep

    Software 05 Nov 19:33

  • Cisco takes unified comms to the little people

    UC500 line gets bigger, Ethernet switches get smaller

    The Channel 05 Nov 19:48

  • Microsoft lifts Visual Studio usage restrictions

    Non-Windows platforms ahoy

    Software 05 Nov 20:14

  • The Register Virtualization debate is ready to roll

    Last call for questions

    Virtualization 05 Nov 20:20

  • Yahoo! Unveils! Another! Social! Networking! Also-Ran!

    Kick-starts Kickstart

    Applications 05 Nov 21:15

  • Navisite scrambles to restore web hosting service

    Planned server migration knocked thousands of sites offline

    Broadband 05 Nov 22:27

  • Start-up Arastra enters cheap 10Gig E fray

    Speedy little 48 port 1U device

    Data Networking 05 Nov 23:01

  • Get started with Silverlight

    A time to shine

    Applications 05 Nov 23:03

  • Sun pumps out a profit as shipments continue decline

    Selling less for more

    Servers 05 Nov 23:41