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California inches toward 300 megawatt solar plant

The California Energy Commission has accepted a construction application from solar startup BrightSource Energy to build a 300 megawatt solar plant in the high desert — the first large solar thermal facility proposed for California in 16 years.
Austin Modine, 03 Nov 2007

AT&T bestows international wireless plan on American iPhoners

AT&T has thrown a bone to all those iPhone owners complaining about ridiculously-high international roaming charges.
Cade Metz, 03 Nov 2007

EU cracks down on fake blogger astroturfing

Nothing beats word of mouth for getting people to put their hand in their pockets. So it didn't take long for cheeky marketing departments to cotton on to the power of blogs and pose as consumers praising their own particular widget to the skies to help lift their top line.
Phillip Carnell, 03 Nov 2007

Ming the clam battles wolfman over Jordan's jubs

CommentsBoffins have dredged up what is thought to be the world's oldest animal - a 405-year-old clam - and rather satisfyingly named it Ming. Unfortunately the clam seems to have since copped it, but the culpable scientists hope that studying it will lead to a greater understanding of the aging process - good news for current and future cane-shakers.
Robin Lettice, 03 Nov 2007

Manhunt, mods and maddened mothers

AnalysisIt took about 24 hours after the release of Manhunt 2 for hackers to remove filters that censor the video game's most grisly scenes.
Austin Modine, 03 Nov 2007
Robot on road photo via Shutterstock

Living with robots: The $3.5m DARPA Urban Challenge

Diary of a humanWell, here I am at the crack of dawn getting ready for DARPA's Urban Challenge - the $3.5m robotic race of the century.
Ashlee Vance, 03 Nov 2007

Dutch gov spies on Dutch newspapers (not true)

The Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment denies spying on the Dutch news agency GPD (Geassocieerde Pers Diensten), a joint news service run by 17 regional newspapers.
Jan Libbenga, 03 Nov 2007

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