1st November 2007 Archive

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  • Reg lexicographical Shock Army liberates mobe

    ICT confirmed dead amid ruins of linguistic conservatism

    Bootnotes 01 00:23

  • Music in China: The Inside Story

    Behind the Great Wall of sound

    Media 01 08:02

  • Is the Xbox 360 Elite a multi-region DVD player?

    Hardware 01 09:02

  • Whois reform: ICANN says let's run more tests

    You know, we shouldn't rush into anything

    Broadband 01 09:56

  • Royal Navy presses IT Crowd for nuclear missile 'servers'

    'Sometimes I just turn it off then on again'

    Servers 01 10:00

  • Learning Ruby

    Hot on syntax

    Software 01 10:02

  • LG fills its DVD rewriter gap

    20X writer now available

    Hardware 01 10:16

  • iPhone rubber fingers not a hoax, inventor insists

    Latex slip-ons to protect your display

    Hardware 01 10:29

  • Police fight to retain 30 year old petty crime records

    Appeal information commissioner's ruling

    Law 01 10:31

  • USPTO shake-up derailed by injunction

    No fair changing the rules during the game

    Law 01 10:32

  • Developer keeps software rights as implied term argument fails in court

    Ownership claim not stated in contract

    Law 01 10:51

  • Computerland predicts 'satisfactory' year

    Sailing by

    The Channel 01 10:52

  • Singapore Airlines bans A380 rumpy-pumpy

    Mile-high passion killers

    Science 01 10:57

  • Qimonda samples GDDR 5

    Hold up, we're only just adopting version 4

    Hardware 01 11:04

  • US ban on internet access tax gets seven year extension

    But the option's still open

    Law 01 11:06

  • 'Seat of your pants' gaming chair comes to UK

    Hardware 01 11:33

  • Pirate Bay aims to sink BitTorrent

    File-sharing arms race

    Applications 01 11:33

  • Fujitsu Siemens says bye-bye to VXA

    While Infortrend says hello to 2.5-inch RAID

    Data Centre 01 11:37

  • Speed-cam fines topped out in 2005

    Strangely, UK.gov eased off in 2006

    Government 01 11:41

  • Biofuels make poor people even poorer

    Oxfam warning

    Science 01 11:54

  • Nokia and Vodafone music services go live

    iPhone: attack best form of defence

    Mobile 01 11:56

  • Tycoon to offer $760m for affordable orbital launch

    Bubble-baron Bigelow buys ballistic-balloon boost

    Science 01 12:01

  • Microsoft to search browsers for JavaScript compatibility

    Online irony

    Software 01 12:02

  • Samsung glass breakthrough to slash LCD TV prices?

    Works out how to use window glass

    Hardware 01 12:07

  • Asus intros 'quietest' HD DVD drive


    Hardware 01 12:41

  • How just thinking about terrorism became illegal

    What's on your hard drive could mean hard time

    Law 01 13:15

  • Texan boffin fixin' to make cheaper fuel cells

    Joins Honda camp in opposition to Toyota, Google

    Science 01 13:20

  • Police aim to stamp out virtual child abuse

    Focus on Sadville grooming fears

    Law 01 13:26

  • T-Mobile Sidekick Slide messaging phone

    Still doesn't quite cut it with kids

    Phones 01 13:47

  • X-Files movie sequel is go

    Few details forthcoming on 'supernatural thriller'

    Bootnotes 01 13:57

  • Japanese officials in tables-turned GPS tracking rumpus

    Pork payola probe plans protested

    Mobile 01 13:58

  • Ofcom's 0870 rip-off reforms stumble at the final hurdle

    Burglar bungling delays consumer protection

    Law 01 14:20

  • Privacy advos demand 'do not track list' for websites

    As web marketeers tune up for FTC privacy meeting

    Law 01 14:26

  • Germany rolls out ePassport II - it's fingerprinting good!

    Enhanced security is 'tamper proof'

    Government 01 14:45

  • Star formation? All a bit of a wind up

    Magnetically speaking, you understand

    Science 01 15:21

  • Domino's pizza prices may rise

    Programmer salary demands rocket accordingly

    Management 01 15:27

  • Lenovo ditches IBM from ThinkPad early


    The Channel 01 15:31

  • Acer and HP patent rumble rumbles on

    Lawsuits aplenty

    The Channel 01 15:40

  • Half-petaflop IBM BlueGene supercomputer plan announced

    Open source supercomp OS next year

    Servers 01 15:51

  • Docklands train runs off without operator

    Stop the train, I want to get on

    Bootnotes 01 16:02

  • Virgin Media downed by Manchester arsonists

    Halloween spooks cable operator

    Broadband 01 16:06

  • IBM launches $1.5bn IT security push

    Compliance and control

    Security 01 16:16

  • Web 2.0 - carry on, don't lose your job

    Been there, seen that

    Applications 01 16:20

  • Met Police guilty in de Menezes case

    Large fine plus costs

    Law 01 16:35

  • IEEE powerline networking group selects HomePlug AV

    Will choice be confirmed at second ballot?

    Broadband 01 17:19

  • Irish man rescued after falling for 419 scam

    After being swindled, man traveled to Ghana to recover funds

    Security 01 17:59

  • Ubuntu laptop clan trapped in hard drive hell

    OS 'not to blame' for maniacal disks

    Hardware 01 18:10

  • Laggard Apple lets Leopard virtualize

    Tired of thinking different

    Hardware 01 18:33

  • Mandriva bigwig (nearly) accuses Ballmer of b-word

    17,000 Nigerian Linux boxes mysteriously switched to Windows

    Hardware 01 19:17

  • HP accelerates server accelerator effort

    Like code on a rocket ship

    Servers 01 19:42

  • DARPA selects 11 robotic grunts to take driver's license test

    Shudder. Have you seen R2D2 parallel park?

    Hardware 01 20:44

  • Irish jobs safe following HP plant closure

    One site fits all

    The Channel 01 22:06

  • NASA delays space station repair to ponder tear

    What do you mean nobody brought the glue?

    Science 01 22:30

  • Leap Wireless gives MetroPCS the cold shoulder

    No Solicitors

    Mobile 01 22:34

  • Google succumbs to German cybersquatter's advances (maybe)

    'I would like to perform a lot and also be paid well'

    Business 01 23:04

  • Cisco borgs Securent for $100m

    And sprays China with cash

    Data Networking 01 23:33

  • Avnet buys Aussie networking distie


    The Channel 01 23:54