31st October 2007 Archive

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  • Uncooking the books costs Dell 'only' $92m

    Let the buybacks begin

    The Channel 31 02:39

  • 1and1's dedicated servers go titsup

    More of a little lie down, claims hosting firm

    Broadband 31 08:02

  • Best GPS-enabled Nokia phone?


    Hardware 31 09:02

  • Jordan mulls mamtastic epitaph

    Gravestone to read...

    Bootnotes 31 09:34

  • Judge extends Microsoft oversight till January

    As states look for five year extension

    The Channel 31 10:09

  • Sun: MoD has Bond/Potter/Klingon cloaking device

    Boffin predicts invisible sheds on market in 5 years

    Science 31 10:13

  • World to face laptop famine this Xmas?

    Plenty of demand, not enough parts

    Hardware 31 10:13

  • Tarzan's yell must be written in music for trademark registration

    Application denied on appeal

    Law 31 10:38

  • Samsung spins out world's fastest dual-layer DVD writer

    The 16X DVD+R dual-layer drive

    Hardware 31 11:01

  • Is storage becoming IT's Hummer?

    VMware blamed as storage nears top of leccy guzzle pile

    Servers 31 11:02

  • Glasgow is UK's runner-up in software piracy stakes

    Taking the low road

    The Channel 31 11:05

  • Software cracking tools open the door to malware

    One in six PCs harbour dodgy utilities

    Security 31 11:15

  • Blu-ray BD+ crypto tech to be cracked by year's end?

    Method discovered, claims software developer

    Security 31 11:39

  • Garmin trumps TomTom bid for TeleAtlas

    Hardware guys battling for content - plus ça change

    Financial News 31 11:47

  • Freecom MusicPal gets friendly with internet radio

    Hardware 31 11:50

  • Google corrals web 2.0 turkeys for Facebook fightback

    Everybody's API nowadays

    Applications 31 12:08

  • Sony updates Alpha 700 DLSR camera firmware

    Hardware 31 12:22

  • Likely Lib-Dem leader in 'no to ID card data' pledge

    Ah, but what about the card, Nick?

    Government 31 12:25

  • Alcatel-Lucent cuts off 4,000 workers

    Jobs go as losses grow

    Data Networking 31 12:26

  • UK boffins ID three new exo-planets

    Robotic sky scanner comes up trumps

    Science 31 12:32

  • Google phone-spotting reaches fever pitch

    Fishy tails and fishy tales

    Mobile 31 12:36

  • Trick or trojan - watch out for Halloween malware

    Don't download the dancing skeleton

    Security 31 12:43

  • Cisco offers $10m prize in small biz bingo

    Entrepreneurs and inventors required

    Small Biz 31 12:43

  • ANPR bags alleged uninsured pirate godfathers

    Discs, Daewoo, toner seized

    Law 31 13:11

  • Western Digital pitches pink product... for charity

    Are pocket hard drives, WD's forté?

    Hardware 31 13:22

  • World Cup Willie company loses case on own evidence

    Goodwill in trademarks can last years

    Law 31 13:29

  • Olympic ticketing system crashes under demand

    Fosbury flop

    Servers 31 13:39

  • Darling swings on capital gains

    Not exactly a U-turn, but almost

    Small Biz 31 13:59

  • OQO Model e2 UMPC

    Probably the world's best ultra-mobile PC

    Hardware 31 14:19

  • Toshiba DVR dumps HD to HD DVD

    But there's no cassette deck

    Hardware 31 14:33

  • Saga shuffles into social networking

    Hip replacement (for actually leaving the house)

    Applications 31 14:53

  • Oz nanoboffins punt paper-thin flak jacket plan

    Some kind of Robocop involvement. And geckoes, of course

    Science 31 14:57

  • IT exam overseer fails test

    APMG has accreditation suspended

    Management 31 15:04

  • Brussels asks Ofcom boss what he's on about

    When bureaucrats attack

    Networks 31 15:57

  • WD 'first to ship' 320GB laptop hard drive

    Out before Toshiba?

    Hardware 31 16:24

  • US military cyber warriors looking for a home

    Operation Pork Snatch is go

    Government 31 16:35

  • Student taser victim spared electric chair

    Don't kick me out of university, bro!

    Bootnotes 31 16:41

  • Newegg serves up Asus Eee PC to US buyers

    $400 a pop, in stock now, apparently

    Hardware 31 17:05

  • Virtual! stripper! game! targets! Yahoo!

    Captcha-busting Trojan warning

    Security 31 17:33

  • Midwich eyes consumer electronics

    Scoops up Invision

    The Channel 31 17:40

  • First GPL lawsuit in US settles out of court

    For real this time

    Law 31 17:47

  • Aspect-oriented programming and security

    Working together

    Software 31 19:35

  • How to escape the clutches of world+dog's VMware fetish

    Also, Diane Greene considers the meaning of life

    Virtualization 31 20:26

  • Macs seized by porn Trojan

    When nudity attacks

    Security 31 23:03

  • Intel saddles HP with new Itanium

    Why Montvale? Why?

    Servers 31 23:44