30th October 2007 Archive

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  • Woman murdered after answering Craigslist ad

    24-year-old sought babysitting job

    Security 30 00:10

  • Prince's anti-YouTube crusade halted by American mommy

    Let's all go crazy

    Media 30 00:11

  • IBM rubs its junk for solar industry

    Refurbishes wafers for the silicon-starved

    Hardware 30 04:56

  • When antivirus products (and Internet Explorer) fail you

    Null hypothesis

    Security 30 07:02

  • Sick Brit yobs graffiti dog

    Complete collapse of law and order imminent

    Bootnotes 30 09:45

  • DARPA looking to verify imported military chips

    Unscrewing the inscrutable

    Data Centre 30 09:57

  • Googlite explains PageRank tweak

    'Down with link sellers'

    Applications 30 10:01

  • Battle of Britain pilots actually crap shots

    Kill/loss ratio 'unimpressive', historian claims

    Bootnotes 30 10:02

  • UK.gov lambasted for ignoring peers' cybercrime report

    Either stupid or ignorant, fumes security researcher

    Security 30 10:23

  • OLPC wants $200 for its $100 laptop, please

    And sells 100,000 units to Uruguay

    Hardware 30 10:45

  • Modest reform efforts mask tough issues in gTLD reform

    ICANN serves up waffles at workshop

    Broadband 30 10:51

  • Second Life mounts assault on reality

    Aided, abetted and bedded

    Media 30 10:55

  • Scottish decision threatens PFI contract secrecy

    NHS Lothian and Consort ordered to disclose deal details

    Policy 30 11:00

  • Rhys Jones 'killer' named on YouTube

    Silence broken

    Law 30 11:10

  • Samsung roadmaps 42in OLED TVs for 2010

    Plasma successor ramping rapidly

    Hardware 30 11:15

  • Becks shows Scientology some rispek

    But Tom doesn't proselytise, insists Goldenballs

    Bootnotes 30 11:16

  • Guardian blogborg takes aim at global warming

    Saves planet one lightbulb at a time

    Science 30 11:21

  • Dogs blast hunter with shotgun

    Trigger-happy mutts do a Dick Cheney

    Bootnotes 30 11:26

  • Bin charging back on as Brown gets dizzy

    Chip'n'bin misery for celebrity muckrakers foretold

    Policy 30 11:47

  • Data recovery firm sounds Mac hard drive damage alert

    'Critical' flaw with China-made HDDs?

    Hardware 30 11:52

  • Hundreds for chop as Tiscali launches Pipex jobs purge

    Hoff offed

    Broadband 30 12:06

  • Nintendo to fire Wii Zapper into Europe for Xmas

    Take aim...

    Games 30 12:11

  • US airforce checked out for synthi-fuel by 2011

    What will you do after the war, skipper?

    Science 30 12:31

  • Europe delays accidental ban on MRI scans

    Rethinking electromagnetic exposure limits

    Law 30 12:33

  • Brussels politicos: More cash for Galileo, pronto

    'Indispensable strategic tool'

    Policy 30 12:35

  • Toshiba spits out tasty H1 profit

    Despite 'sluggish' HDD and mobile phone sales

    Data Centre 30 12:48

  • Pentax Optio Z10 digital camera

    Perfect Pentax - or Optio gone awry?

    Hardware 30 13:08

  • Morse signals stability in current year

    Trading in line with expectations

    The Channel 30 13:16

  • Sony: we'll have sold 132m PS2s by 31 March 08

    Console still a contender?

    Games 30 13:30

  • Leopard on a PC?


    Hardware 30 13:37

  • Wii broke my ribs, Zelda finished me off

    Wii Tennis elbowed?

    Games 30 14:07

  • Reaper aerial killbot harvests its first fleshies

    Hapless meatsacks slaughtered by flying mechanoid

    Science 30 14:10

  • Google jumps ahead of ITV1 on Q3 ad revenue

    Web blows raspberry at the telly

    Financial News 30 14:25

  • Bank and mortgage scam nets ID crooks thousands

    Why settle for just emptying an online bank account?

    Security 30 14:39

  • Whois database targeted for destruction

    Sunset strip

    Broadband 30 14:41

  • Cops coax half-naked Czech wolfman from Cardiff tree

    Top that headline and win a Mini Metro

    Bootnotes 30 15:01

  • BT banks on windmills to throw greens off its scent

    UK's biggest leccy guzzler's crusty nightmare

    Servers 30 15:14

  • How ASP.NET began in Java

    And the truth about Project Cool

    Developer 30 15:44

  • Lords debate airline liquids ban

    Exploding Marmite threat revealed

    Government 30 16:05

  • Male pattern boldness

    New software design patterns to play with

    Developer 30 16:06

  • FTC demands bigger spyware penalties

    Raising the fine line

    Security 30 16:36

  • McAfee pays $51m for Hacker Safe

    Goes mad for certifying

    The Channel 30 16:40

  • Sony paints PS2 white... for a while

    Old console, new colour, karaoke bundle

    Games 30 16:42

  • US tech industry backs Buffalo in Wi-Fi patent spat

    I raise you my eBay loophole and call your injunction

    Broadband 30 17:54

  • Obama pledges Net Neutrality, Ewok safety

    Your virtual candidate calling

    Broadband 30 18:02

  • EMC satisfies management fetish with Voyence

    Beware IBM, HP, Dell and Sun

    Data Networking 30 18:31

  • Buzzword bingo for Microsoft's Oslo

    Pick a date, any date

    Applications 30 19:34

  • DMTF accepts new format for portable VMs

    Hopes to simplify interoperability

    Virtualization 30 19:51

  • Woman admits fleecing shopping network of more than $412,000

    Website glitch allowed her to receive items gratis

    Security 30 21:49

  • Apple's Leopard leaps into action

    Two million copies and counting

    The Channel 30 21:55

  • Vyatta does open source networking with a mean streak

    Tell Cisco what you really think

    Data Networking 30 22:24