25th October 2007 Archive

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  • Microsoft pays $240m for tiny sliver of Facebook

    Google shall not pass

    Financial News 25 00:16

  • US law on age proof in explicit images is ruled unconstitutional

    Record keeping duties removed from pornographers

    Law 25 00:39

  • Google funds hold Firefox fate (for sure)

    85 per cent of all revenue

    Financial News 25 00:54

  • Motorola: Apple will not open the iPhone

    Nix to Napster

    Mobile 25 01:00

  • More gnashing of teeth after Microsoft update brings PCs to a standstill

    Resource-hogging search app sprung on reluctant admins

    Hardware 25 01:04

  • UK Charts Company to recognise album sales on USB Flash disks

    Enter the DMD (Digital Memory Device)

    Hardware 25 08:34

  • Boeing, Ford in hydrogen engine fanfare

    'Future of aviation'. Erm, hold on a minute...

    Science 25 08:42

  • Grass up romantic sadsacks for only $4.99 a month

    Service turns dates with losers into money spinner

    Mobile 25 08:56

  • Call to curb 'frustrating' tax admin

    MPs urge business tax update

    Small Biz 25 09:05

  • Intel pays $250m to end Transmeta patent fight

    Inks deal for ten years of patents

    Hardware 25 09:11

  • MPs claim IT supply savings

    Whitehall saves taxpayer cash

    Policy 25 09:17

  • SCO gets offer for Unix biz

    Enough to pay the lawyers off

    Operating Systems 25 09:19

  • Vibro satnav to shake up GPS market

    Immersion branches out

    Science 25 10:06

  • Carphone seeks monthly punters

    Virtual network via Vodafone

    Broadband 25 10:14

  • Oz barmaid fined for crushing beer cans between jubs

    Cops unimpressed by crowd-pleasing stunt

    Bootnotes 25 10:40

  • Creative debuts iPod Shuffle-sized speaker

    Hardware 25 10:42

  • ICANN investigates domain name sharp practice

    Insider dealing probe launched

    Security 25 10:46

  • Bubblewrapped kids fall prey to net predators

    TV guru says: Keep kids safe, lock 'em out

    Government 25 10:56

  • T-Mobile UK slides out latest Sidekick

    BlackBerry for kids?

    Phones 25 10:58

  • US-EU online gambling haggle extended

    Mission of Mandy

    Financial News 25 11:02

  • Record industry pushes ISPs to cut off file sharers

    Inside the P2P talks

    Broadband 25 11:30

  • VMware posts 90% revenue jump

    Hypervisor hype drives sales

    Virtualization 25 11:52

  • Transformers director favours Blu-ray Disc

    HD DVD exclusives not a good thing, Bay says

    Hardware 25 11:52

  • Sign up for our virtualization e-Symposium or we'll kill a puppy

    You know it makes sense

    Virtualization 25 11:53

  • Steve Ballmer reveals why he can't change TV channels

    And OS competition extends to number plates

    The Channel 25 12:19

  • A380 touches down in Oz

    Passengers impressed with aeronautical behemoth

    Science 25 12:54

  • Cassini team spies moonlets in Saturn's A ring

    You can tell by the propellers

    Science 25 13:00

  • QinetiQ buys spooks' secure-messaging provider

    Boldon James joins the Q, triples in price

    Security 25 13:29

  • E-borders kills off UK-Ireland passport free travel

    And Ahern espouses the electronic frontier

    Government 25 13:44

  • Abit IP35 Pro Intel P35-based motherboard

    Good all-rounder?

    Hardware 25 13:45

  • Storm Worm retaliates against security researchers

    Nasty squall

    Security 25 13:58

  • Aussie boffin turbo charges copper broadband

    Who needs fibre?

    Data Networking 25 14:00

  • Find yourself with Satmap's sporty GPS

    Tougher than a TomTom?

    Science 25 14:02

  • How many $$$s does Apple make from an iPhone?

    Number crunching with Apple

    Mobile 25 14:18

  • Panasonic preps in-car Blu-ray player

    Are we there yet?

    Hardware 25 14:44

  • Opera adds bookmarks sync, revs Mac browser

    Sing hallelujah, it's in beta

    Applications 25 14:53

  • Yahoo! assists! searches!

    Anyone for strip poker?

    Applications 25 15:05

  • EC sidesteps dithering states to approve four new GMOs

    Bug resistant corn is on its way

    Science 25 15:34

  • Online trading site was left wide open

    Consultant reveals how even banks ignore security

    Security 25 15:42

  • UK Government tried to stop EU roaming cap

    Just looking after their mates

    Broadband 25 16:00

  • Trend Micro buys leak prevention firm

    Data-plumbing deal

    The Channel 25 16:04

  • Groovy way to MySQL

    Get your Groove on

    Developer 25 16:13

  • Google gets jiggy with MySQL

    Code-tastic whispers

    Developer 25 16:43

  • Microsoft-Facebook: Welcome to the Hotel California

    There was a dream that was web 2.0...sob

    Media 25 16:53

  • BEA will talk to anyone for $8.3bn

    We've already established what you are, now we're just working out a price

    Applications 25 17:09

  • Wii propels Nintendo sales to record heights

    Raises forecast

    Financial News 25 18:24

  • OOXML vs ODF: where next for interoperability?

    'A diversion from the real end game – the taking of the internet'

    Developer 25 19:02

  • EMC shares ride VMware madness

    77 per cent profit boost

    Storage 25 19:17

  • eBay employee 'torpedos' fraud trial

    Tired of waiting. Flew to Belfast.

    Security 25 19:48

  • World's toughest jobs: Microsoft's interoperability chief

    Putting the ability into Interop

    Developer 25 22:51

  • Techies oppose US patent reform bill

    Mr WebTV mounts forces

    Law 25 22:56