24th October 2007 Archive

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  • Ballmer: Microsoft will power the mobile revolution

    'Not Apple. Not RIM.'

    Mobile 24 00:22

  • Jesus phone raptures AT&T profit

    Net income increases 41%, revenue nearly doubles

    Financial News 24 00:37

  • Nasty PDF exploit runs wild

    Coming to an inbox near you

    Security 24 00:57

  • Ballmer again: AT&T and Verizon should rule the airwaves

    Phooey to Apple and Google

    Networks 24 01:03

  • Gov egghead: Companies should have daily PT

    Then only small firms will be fat cats

    Small Biz 24 08:40

  • W1NNT number plate vendor mocks L1NUX

    'No specialist training required'

    Bootnotes 24 08:44

  • MoD slashes IT jobs

    Tech posts among 1,000 for the chop

    Policy 24 08:48

  • MS and Turbolinux ink patent, single sign-on deal

    Conspiracy theories ahoy!

    Operating Systems 24 08:53

  • Virgin Mary pebble provokes holy online bidding war

    NZ simulacrum hits NZ$26k

    Bootnotes 24 08:55

  • NASA sats snap California wildfires

    Dramatic pics capture scale of inferno

    Science 24 08:56

  • StumbleUpon brings human touch to search

    Rate my website

    Applications 24 09:02

  • AMD three-core Phenoms to ship March 2008?

    Second, 45nm generation to follow a year later

    Hardware 24 09:03

  • Samsung unshutters 'first' 5Mp, 3x optical zoom cameraphone

    Is it a camera? Is it a phone?

    Phones 24 09:09

  • AMD confirms November launch for 55nm 'RV670'

    Demand driver?

    Hardware 24 09:24

  • Amazon sells 2.5 million Harry Potters

    No magical effect on profits though

    Financial News 24 09:53

  • Flaming kamikaze squirrel torches car

    Sciurine death dive does for Toyota Camry

    Bootnotes 24 09:55

  • Kazakhstan blocks opposition websites

    Borat unavailable for comment

    Law 24 09:56

  • IT managers caught in employees' illicit networks

    IM, VoIP create biz security risk

    Small Biz 24 10:15

  • Blu-ray outsells HD DVD 2:1 in US

    But lead narrowing fast

    Hardware 24 10:19

  • GMail shakes IMAP out of coma

    Mail protocol wasn't dead, only sleeping

    Applications 24 10:25

  • IBM patents making money from patents

    Paging MC Escher...

    Financial News 24 10:57

  • Korean software firm sues Microsoft

    Anti-trust damages sought

    Applications 24 10:58

  • Sony 'shuffles' out multi-colour Cyber-shot T2 line-up

    Hardware 24 10:59

  • Oracle and BEA swap public love letters

    'I want to be wooed'

    Financial News 24 11:08

  • Dell debuts XPS desktop for video buffs

    Video digitiser hardware on board

    Hardware 24 11:24

  • Toshiba: integrated HD DVD would 'limit' Xbox experience

    Giant denies it's working on a console

    Hardware 24 11:47

  • US: Missile shield 'deactivated' until Iran tools up

    Chill, Vladimir, we won't switch it on. Promise

    Science 24 11:54

  • Chinese lunar orbiter on its way

    Media trumpets Chang'e One mission

    Science 24 11:55

  • Developer deploys graphics cards to accelerate password cracks

    Magic words uncovered in 3-5 days, down from two months

    Security 24 12:09

  • Bad security products thrive on confusion

    High-drama obscures real risks, warns Schneier

    Security 24 12:09

  • Cathedral gun battle game not blessed with gaming award

    Wii Sports grabs the gongs

    Games 24 12:23

  • Jackie Chan records Olympic ditty

    We Are Ready (to kick imperialist sporting arse)

    Media 24 12:46

  • Pure Digital Evoke 1S DAB digital radio

    A DAB hand?

    Hardware 24 12:56

  • Petrolhead-friendly Porsche phone to drive out next month

    Gas not required

    Phones 24 13:33

  • Police bail OiNK admin after filesharing raid

    Government minister threatens anti-P2P laws

    Law 24 13:47

  • Hypersonic hydrogen airliner to bitchslap Concorde

    €10bn* funding could bring two hour London-Sydney flights

    Science 24 14:11

  • Next-gen Treo spied on web

    Phones 24 14:43

  • Legal loophole allows Manhunt 2 to be sold in UK

    Certificate not needed for downloads

    Games 24 15:00

  • Operators say 'told you so' on iPhone security

    Handset security report hits the streets

    Mobile 24 15:10

  • Dead dog floors 68 Namibian villagers

    Sick canine carcass off the menu

    Science 24 15:15

  • Microsoft offers pay-as-you-go CRM

    Goes for small biz biz

    Small Biz 24 15:28

  • Ubuntu's latest OS not so Gutsy

    Gibbon monkeys around with web access

    Operating Systems 24 15:31

  • Brussels arms bod: Don't buy Yankee deathware

    Pry my bloated tech base out of my cold dead fingers

    Science 24 15:58

  • XenSource preaches the joy of platform virtualization

    New management, new credo, same old enemy

    Virtualization 24 18:21

  • Appeals court rubber stamps FCC's DSL (de)regulation

    Hangs up on small ISPs

    Broadband 24 18:53

  • Rogue ActiveX controls menace users

    A new class at Vulnerability High

    Security 24 19:13

  • Facebook teams with RIM for Web 2.0 on-the-go

    Hints at Gphone launch

    Mobile 24 19:18

  • Microsoft frees up virtualization spec

    Hypercall API full of 'open promise'

    Virtualization 24 19:27

  • Small.biz flocks to Google Apps

    Some biggies, too

    Small Biz 24 19:51

  • TJX breach was twice as big as admitted, banks say

    World's biggest credit card heist now estimated at 94 million accounts

    Security 24 20:05

  • IBM buys storage services firm NovusCG

    Stockpiles ammunition against EMC and Symantec

    The Channel 24 20:13

  • Storage Virtualization: A Register survival guide

    You want it, you need it, we got it

    Storage 24 20:43

  • Swede with UK betting licence held in Amsterdam for 'breaking' ancient French law

    It's not every day you can say that

    Law 24 21:13

  • Websites steamed after their Google PageRanks fall

    Search-zilla takes a swat at link farms

    Media 24 23:33

  • Green Grid snuggles with US lobbying group

    Delivers three reports — members only

    Servers 24 23:43