22nd October 2007 Archive

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  • Finger-chopping jihadis derail MPs scanner system, claims MoS

    As opposed to cost, complexity, unfeasibility...

    Government 22 07:05

  • New tune for Microsoft software design?

    Stop milking same old cow

    Software 22 08:02

  • MDX: Why it will matter to application developers

    That's Multi-Dimensional eXpressions to you, guv

    Developer 22 08:02

  • SanDisk launches Flash video player for TVs

    Online content source too

    Hardware 22 08:45

  • Hampshire copper in bus flash outrage

    Boy in Blue unzipped

    Bootnotes 22 09:05

  • Delhi's deputy mayor killed by monkeys

    Wild animals do for SS Bajwa

    Science 22 09:10

  • Intel previews integrated DirectX 10 graphics core

    GMA X4500 promised to deliver 3x 3DMark06 performance

    Hardware 22 09:14

  • Skype mobile phone on its way?

    VoIP calls while you walk

    Phones 22 09:18

  • Safe drinking guidelines 'plucked out of the air'

    But stick to them anyway, alright?

    Science 22 09:22

  • L1NUX number plate roars onto eBay

    Well, ambles really

    Bootnotes 22 09:27

  • Identity and Passport Service announces ID supplier shortlist

    Eight make the cut

    Policy 22 09:38

  • Asus to offer Eee PCs pre-loaded with Windows

    MS readies pared-back Vista?

    Hardware 22 10:18

  • LG launches 'world's smallest' plasma TV

    32in model coming to UK next month

    Hardware 22 10:55

  • LaCie Golden Disk 500GB external hard drive

    Shiny shiny

    Hardware 22 11:02

  • Sheet music site forced offline

    Cease and desist for scores

    Law 22 11:04

  • Mobile tech: Crystal ball gazing

    Tell us what you want, what you really really want

    Reg Technology Panel 22 11:05

  • Toshiba to field HD DVD-equipped Xbox 360?

    Could even be integrated into an HD TV

    Games 22 11:06

  • Northern ocean filling up with CO2

    Joining the south in carbon un-sinking

    Science 22 11:10

  • Science facing funding crisis, MPs warn

    VAT discounts could help

    Government 22 11:14

  • Samsung shows 1cm-thick 40in LCD TV

    Hardware 22 11:34

  • ISP blows the whistle on router chip 'fault'

    Market-leading hardware doubted

    Hardware 22 11:42

  • Dealer debuts campest MacBook Pro in the universe

    Gold Blend

    Hardware 22 11:51

  • Microsoft cuts Xbox 360 prices in Japan

    Games 22 12:40

  • BT battens down Home Hub backdoor

    Lockdown shuts out pwners

    Data Networking 22 12:42

  • Orange UK's chief exec gets shuffled

    Has ex-CEO been tangoed?

    Mobile 22 13:47

  • Beeb confirms Davison-Tennant Who hook-up

    Moffat-penned sketch for Children in Need

    Bootnotes 22 14:06

  • Sensory jacket deals body blow to gamers

    Ow, stoppit

    Hardware 22 14:11

  • Schoolkid chipping trial 'a success'

    A big brother for every pupil

    Law 22 14:15

  • Best powerline Ethernet products?


    Hardware 22 14:18

  • Siemens buddies up with SMEs

    All your comms in one bundle

    Small Biz 22 14:20

  • Cops and Home Office plot uber-CCTV network

    Tracking all of the people, all of the time

    Law 22 14:26

  • Microsoft will not appeal EU monopoly fine

    Towel thrown in

    The Channel 22 15:00

  • Cops pull plugs on TV-links, claim 'facilitation of infringement'

    Copyright or copy-ridiculous?

    Security 22 15:10

  • Audi drives into mobile phone production

    All-in-one car key and phone

    Hardware 22 15:14

  • Chiltern Railways completes mobile phone ticketing circle

    NFC, what's that for then?

    Mobile 22 15:30

  • SAS man makes phone-based publicity lunge

    McNab in booky attention grab

    Mobile 22 15:36

  • Guardian launches Web 2.0 fix for Africa's problems

    15 million readers, one Ugandan village. That'll work...

    Policy 22 15:38

  • EU, US plan 'clear to fly' checks for visa waiver revamp

    US 'modernises' visa waivers, Frattini wants to join in

    Government 22 15:53

  • WiMAX? You mean 4G

    WiMAX gets welcomed into IMT-2000 specification

    Data Networking 22 15:58

  • Nanotubes offer self-mending aircraft wings, golf clubs

    Teeny pipes. Is there anything they can't do?

    Science 22 16:08

  • Virgin Media pins hopes on the broadband donkey


    Broadband 22 16:19

  • Citrix kicks off XenSource era by going bandwagon mad

    Virtualization, compliance, green IT and VoIP. What's left?

    Virtualization 22 16:58

  • HP buys Arab channel biz

    Oil, gas, SAP

    The Channel 22 17:39

  • EU stretches Google-DoubleClick inquiry

    The wait continues

    Law 22 17:41

  • Don't unit test GUIs

    A different viewpoint

    Developer 22 18:20

  • Dell PCs added to Staples diet

    Retail presence fastened

    The Channel 22 18:49

  • AT&T embraces let's-sue-Vonage fad

    'Sprint and Verizon got nothin' on us'

    VoIP 22 20:44

  • Manhunt 2 leaked by Sony Europe employee

    Eye-gouging warez edition an inside job

    Games 22 21:11