19th October 2007 Archive

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  • Google back to wowing Wall Street

    Profits pumped 46 per cent

    Financial News 19 00:18

  • Analysts ecstatic over AMD's $226m loss in Q3

    'Nice job, guys'

    Financial News 19 00:26

  • Sony reaffirms IBM as 45nm Cell partner

    Cheaper chips for PS3

    Games 19 07:02

  • Thai police nab manhunt suspect

    Unscrambled child abuse pic operation leads to arrest

    Security 19 07:35

  • Bankers could get a kicking on Day of the MiFIDs

    Ambulance-chasers to target financial firms

    Management 19 08:02

  • Kiwi brewery offers lifetime's beer for stolen laptop

    But there's a catch

    Security 19 08:08

  • IBM and Sun reseller goes into administration

    PCS hits the ropes

    The Channel 19 08:48

  • Ixos unveils cubic speakers, not for squares

    They won't roll away

    Hardware 19 09:02

  • IP telephony: does it float your boat?

    Have your say

    Small Biz 19 09:09

  • Tech deals boost M&A activity

    £5bn spent in third quarter

    Financial News 19 09:34

  • Xbox 360 wrests US sales lead from Wii

    Halo effect

    Games 19 09:45

  • UK fast food peppered with salt

    Probe reveals 'shockingly high levels'

    Science 19 10:02

  • Neanderthals had key speech gene, researchers say

    But did they have much to say?

    Science 19 10:22

  • Did MoD chopper buzz sunbathing au pair?

    Conservatory wrecked in alleged low-flying 'frolic'

    Law 19 10:25

  • Ask.com firm palms off Excite Europe

    Changes hands more often than Abu Hamza

    Applications 19 10:35

  • Apple, Tesco 'most to blame' for music biz crisis

    The great unbundling

    Media 19 10:49

  • Slingbox Pro networkable TV tuner

    Tuner sandwich

    Hardware 19 11:02

  • BOFH: The bastard wants to know

    Are you faking it?

    BOFH 19 11:02

  • BT blows £250m on wind power

    Dialling down the carbon footprint

    Networks 19 11:02

  • Audioengine shrinks audiophile speakers for desktops

    Made out of kevlar and silk

    Hardware 19 11:08

  • Ballmer: I will buy 20 web companies a year

    Fat head, fatter wallet

    Software 19 11:20

  • Record labels to ditch CD singles for USB Flash drives

    Majors plan singles-on-stick releases

    Hardware 19 11:20

  • Beautiful faces, Trojans and Fasthosts

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    Business 19 12:02

  • EU plans ban on bomb-making info on websites

    Part of imminent 'ambitious counter terrorism package'

    Law 19 12:03

  • Apple iPhone is AT&T's top-selling handset - analyst

    Kids and oldies love it

    Phones 19 12:23

  • PS3 Eye digicam to arrive next week

    Keep an eye out for it

    Games 19 12:31

  • Public tracks down Gordon Bennett

    Also sniffs out dog's bollocks

    Bootnotes 19 13:04

  • Banking data fears over Fasthosts intruder

    Customers in the dark

    Security 19 13:08

  • Bad hair day for alternative browser users

    Critical Opera and Firefox bugs menace IE-refuseniks

    Security 19 13:18

  • Air chief: UK should have RAF astronaut

    Ballistic brylcreem boys for Blighty

    Science 19 13:30

  • Women's panties threaten Burmese Junta

    Ladies' smalls sap generals' vital energy

    Bootnotes 19 13:36

  • The first rule of Reg Club is...

    Thou shalt not...

    Bootnotes 19 13:39

  • Ships pollute more than planes

    More CO2 overall, not vessel for vessel

    Science 19 13:59

  • Becta reports Microsoft to OFT

    More interoperability woes for Redmond

    Software 19 14:01

  • Judge orders football website to name 'libellous' posters

    Owls boss gets the hump over strikers and hookers dig

    Law 19 14:21

  • Watson suspended by research lab after race row

    DNA pioneer denies allegations of racism

    Science 19 14:33

  • Cisco denies Brazilian tax lambada

    Shhh! That's the forbidden fraud

    Data Networking 19 15:03

  • Igor-style human, animal parts assembly on horizon

    Kit-form Lurch servants/monkey butlers for all

    Science 19 15:31

  • Ears turn to USB for virtual 7.1 sound source

    Who needs a sound card?

    Hardware 19 16:11

  • Leprechaun steals Gandalf's trousers, is offered starring role in The Hobbit

    While Microsoft invades your brain

    Letters 19 16:13

  • Cannon runs amok, kills nine fleshies

    Software glitch to blame for berserker?

    Science 19 16:21

  • Of opposable thumbs and software engineering

    Where will evolution take us

    Developer 19 21:26

  • 'Fiendish' Trojan pickpockets eBay users

    It's new and improved. And it just nabbed $8,600

    Security 19 21:36

  • Are PCs doomed to banality? Let's ask legend Dave Patterson

    Microsoft RAMPs up, while Google flies

    Semi-Coherent Computing 19 21:46

  • American football power nabs phone numbers for 13,000 StubHubers

    Spying on the field. Spying on the web

    Law 19 23:56