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We'll beat Microsoft and Sun, says Adobe's chief software architect

And so to Barcelona for Adobe Max 2007 Europe, the company's developer conference, where we caught up with chief software architect Kevin Lynch.
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Adobe: friend or enemy of open source, open standards?

I’m sitting in a session at Adobe Max Europe listening to Senior Product Manager Laurel Reitman talking about what a great open platform Adobe is creating.

US court demands stronger copyright filters for Morpheus

A permanent injunction has been imposed on the distributor of the Morpheus file-sharing software. A US court ruled yesterday that StreamCast Inc. must use "the most effective means available to reduce the infringing capabilities of the system."
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Teen accused of hacking emergency 911 system

A 19-year-old Washington state man is due in court on Monday to face accusations he hacked into emergency 911 systems and faked a call that a sent SWAT team to the home of a sleeping family 750 miles away.

Sun tries to flex R&D muscle with homegrown package manager

By the end of this month Sun Microsystems will release the first developer version of OpenSolaris in its "Project Indiana" incarnation.

Fujitsu punts Fibre storage arrays to SMBs

SNW Fujitsu Computer Systems is shrinking their Fibre Channel storage systems to woo the all-elusive SMB market. The de-bigulation was announced at Storage Networking World in Dallas.
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Cantec to click with Irish tech fans?

Irish computer chain Cantec Computerstore is embarking on an ambitious expansion programme, rebranding as Click.ie and creating 100 jobs over three years.

Sun clarifies client-side Java strategy (sort of)

Sun has given the world a (slightly) better idea of what's on the way from client-side Java.
Cade Metz, 18 2007
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PIN patterns go mobile

GrIDsure has teamed up with secure communications firm Masabi to create a mobile version of the pattern technology that's touted as a replacement to PIN-based identity systems.
Bill Ray, 18 2007

Avoiding x86 cuts iSCSI cost and watts

An iSCSI developer said it has bucked the trend towards using standard servers to power storage appliances, instead using specialist chips that it designed itself.

Slotload DVD drives and half-size discs

I bought an acer aspire L320, and it's one of those PC's that has no DVD drawer: you offer the disc and it just slides in. I have a webcam I need to install but the software is on a mini disc. Will the machine take it in and spit it out when I'm done?
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Government denies road charging 'blackmail'

The government has rejected suggestions by MPs on the Transport Committee that it is "blackmailing" local authorities into introducing congestion charging schemes. It said that it will not support charging unless there is a robust investigation to show that it will be beneficial.
Kablenet, 18 2007

Home Office minister invites DNA database debate

Home Office minister Meg Hillier has insisted on the need to debate the future of the National DNA Database.
Kablenet, 18 2007
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Ryanair ad banned for slating Lastminute.com

An advert for budget airline Ryanair has been banned by the UK's advertising watchdog after it made misleading and unfair comparisons with online travel agent Lastminute.com. The advert broke rules on truthfulness and comparative advertising.

Sony, Toshiba to form JV to fab PS3 chips

Sony is to sell the chip manufacturing plant it currently uses to produce Cell processors for the PlayStation 3 games console to Toshiba, part of a scheme that will see the two Japanese giants create an ¥100m ($858,000) chip-making joint-venture.
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Fire service may charge for shifting fat people

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service has announced it may introduce a fee for shifting fat people, after a sharp rise in the number of heavyweight call-outs.
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Skype rings up a loss for eBay

eBay made a loss of $938m in the three months ended 30 September 2007, despite increasing turnover by 30 per cent to $1.89bn compared to last year.

Facebook flotation 'years out', says Zuckerberg

Child-boss Mark Zuckerberg has told Silicon Valley's biggest web 2.0 circle-jerk that the imagined Facebook flotation they've been creaming over for months is still years away.
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Museum drops Watson talk in race row

The science museum has cancelled a talk by Nobel prize winner James Watson after the scientist, who won the gong for his part in discovering the structure of DNA, said that black people are less intelligent than white people.
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No-humping 20mph limit for London

Immediately following this week's demands by safety lobbyists fearing for their jobs that the UK adopt a default 20mph speed limit in urban areas, London Mayor Ken Livingstone popped up aboard the bandwagon (this happened so quickly, indeed, that one might suspect he was aboard in advance).
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Chris Pine steps into Kirk's shoes

Chris Pine will play Kirk in the forthcoming Star Trek outing, chronicling how the Enterprise crew met at Starfleet Academy and subesequently set forth on their first mission.

Nokia slides latest Linux tablet onto market

Nokia took a direct pop at Apple yesterday as it unveiled the latest addition to its internet tablet range.
Joe Fay, 18 2007

Intel readies budget dual-core Celerons

Intel's Celeron line of budget processors will go dual-core in the new year, a prelude to a plan that will see the chip giant phase out single-core products, it has been claimed.

US phishermen trawl UK waters

The biggest source of attempts to steal personal bank details via email originates in the US, according to stats from UK anti-spam firm ClearMyMail.
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MySpace opens up to developers

MySpace will open up to third party developers within the next few months.
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Restored Vulcan takes to the skies

Updated Vulcan bomber XH558 today took to the skies for the first of three test flights following years of fundraising and a painstaking £6.5m restoration by the Vulcan to the Sky trust.
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UK.gov makes bizarre threat to throw self off internet

The UK Government has given itself until the end of next year to get its act together on accessibility, after which any .gov.uk site failing to achieve the minimum, Level Double-A of the W3C Guidelines will have its domain withdrawn. This brave, nay, foolhardy commitment could conceivably result in carnage across national, local government and miscellaneous hanger-on .gov.uk sites - and we can perhaps look forward to a more overtly outsourced future containing sites such as homeoffice.tv, mod.cn and basildon.eu.
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Post Office strikes with broadband delivery

The Post Office has quietly opened the doors on its aggressively-priced broadband service.
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Scottish? You're drinking too much

Over one million Scots are drinking at "potentially harmful levels", according to Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (Shaap) which reckons the real figure could be even higher.

Oz censor bans Soldier Of Fortune: Payback

Australian gamers looking forward to a fix of blood, guts and gore in Soldier Of Fortune: Payback will be disappointed - the country’s Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) has banned the game.

Fasthosts customer? Change your password now

Updated Fasthosts, "the UK's number 1 web host", has fired off emergency emails telling customers to change all their passwords after police were called in to investigate a major data breach.

Asus Maximus Formula Intel X38-based mobo

Review Intel’s new X38 chipset sweeps aside the elderly 975X and storms to the front of the queue as the natural choice for anyone building or upgrading a Core 2 Duo, Quad or Extreme PC. In essence, the X38 is a souped-up P35 with added support for the next-gen 1600MHz frontside bus (FSB) as well as Intel’s 45nm 'Penryn'.

Developer to demo 400Mbps powerline Ethernet

DS2, the Spanish chip maker behind one of the two rival ethernet-over-mains-wiring technologies, will next month demo a next-gen version of powerline that runs at up to 400Mbps - double today's top speed.

Sony slashes US 80GB PS3 price by $100

Sony has cut the price of the US 80GB PlayStation 3 to $499 (£245/€352), a prelude to the launch next month of the 40GB version, already announced in Europe and Japan.
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Mobile phones soon to be allowed on aircraft

Mobile phones will soon be heard on commercial aircraft, subject to regulatory approval. UK communications regulator Ofcom published a proposal (pdf) today that would license the right for passengers to make calls above an altitude of 3,000 metres.
Western Digital Scorpio 120GB HDD

WD claims highest hard drive density crown

Western Digital has claimed to have created the world's highest density hard drive platter, a unit that packs in 520Gb per inch squared - more than double the highest density products on the market today.
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Boeing trumpets 'relevant battlefield laser' raygun

Monster US arms'n'aerospace outfit Boeing is pleased as punch this week to announce that it has "successfully demonstrated" its new Humvee-mounted raygun, the Laser Avenger - intended to prove "that directed energy weapons are relevant to today's battlefield, and ready to be fielded".

iRiver rolls out portable DAB

iRiver hasn't deviated far from the popular Clix design with its latest B20 DAB radio-cum-MP3 player. However, the unit’s extendable external aerial gives it a cute retro feel alongside modern MP3 and video features.

Tibco middleware in zero-day security flap

Security researchers have identified multiple unpatched vulnerabilities in a widely-used content distribution package.

PC sales boosted by Europe's laptops

Worldwide PC sales grew by 15.5 per cent in the third quarter of 2007 boosted by increased demand in Europe for laptops. Figures from IDC's Quarterly PC Tracker reveal US shipments of desktop machines continued to decline while laptop growth remained strong. HP was most improved of the big vendors, with growth of 17 per cent.
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Supersized stellar blackhole prompts model rewrite

Researchers have located the most massive stellar black hole ever discovered, just three million light-years away in a nearby galaxy. The stellar remnant is in a binary system known as M33, orbiting a huge companion star. The researchers say the find is "intriguing", because of what it suggests about stellar evolution.

Pump-and-dump scammers debut MP3 spam

Stock spammers have abandoned PDF files and image spam with a new campaign featuring MP3 files.
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North American cities go green under LED street lights

A city near Detroit is replacing all the bulbs in its street lighting with LEDs, following similar moves by a town in North Carolina and even Toronto.

Small biz needs to get safe online

Symantec is backing a scheme run by the UK government and police to get small and medium sized businesses to take online security and safety more seriously.
PC World

PC World feels the Vista pinch (again)

Slow adoption of Microsoft Vista has hamstrung profits again at DSG, the retail group that owns PC World.
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Bubbly billygoat-bursting boffinry brouhaha at MoD

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has finally been challenged by animal-rights groups over a long-running programme of experimentation in which goats - among other animals - have been deliberately given the bends in decompression chambers.
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Trouserless car-breaker fingers leprechaun

A Cincinnati man who broke into a car, crashed out, and was subsequently discovered by the owner having a trouserless kip claimed his presence in the vehicle was due to a leprechaun who had obligingly let him in.
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Big media gangs up on pirates, file sharers

A large group of media giants is poised to announce a new system for copyrighting content on t'internet.

Microsoft throws a party for MUC as AC/DC chucks filth off its website

Microsoft was in good spirits this week at the launch of its long-awaited "Microsoft unified communications software" in San Francisco, officially announced by chairman Bill Gates, business division president Jeff Raikes, and a guitarist in a red velvet jacket.

Sony's pitches photo storage pod

If you faint with terror at the prospect of organising a few family photos, how does the thought of arranging 50,000 into a digital "super album" strike you? Sony’s HDMS-S1D accepts photos from various sources, tracks them and enables slideshow displays on your HD TV.
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Nokia delivers huge profits hike

Nokia's swallowed an estimated 39 per cent of the global mobile phone market in its third quarter, sending profits rocketing 85 per cent.
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Absolute Poker probed for insider cheating

Absolute Poker is being audited by an Indian gaming commission in Canada following reports of an internal data leak that appears to confirm that an insider with the online poker site used real-time access to a recent tournament to engage in cheating.
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Cafe Latte attack steals credentials from Wi-Fi clients

Hackers have refined a new technique for breaking into Wi-Fi networks protected by the aging Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP).
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Erratic fleshies sabotage, wreck innocent flying robot

American air-safety authorities have issued a lengthy list of new recommendations regarding the operation of flying robots in US airspace, following the crash of a Predator drone on border-patrol duties last year.
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China hijacks Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! traffic?

It looks like China is hijacking web traffic from Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo!.
Cade Metz, 18 2007

Citrix preaches 'second mover advantage' over VMware

Analysis Pop quiz. You’re a $7bn software company that has all the sex appeal of a shy potato. What do you do?

How to get colour composite-video from an Apple TV

Updated I've been playing with Apple's Apple TV set-top box this week, and I have to say I like it. But Apple's missing a trick by not allowing those of us - me included - without HD TVs to make the most of the device. No matter: a simple hardware trick solves the problem.
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Video-sharing pact leaves Google out in the cold

Some of the world's biggest media companies have announced a copyright protection pact with a group of video-happy net businesses that doesn't include Google and YouTube.
Cade Metz, 18 2007