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Yahoo! Does! Adsense! In! Reverse!

Yahoo! today ushered in advertising network deals with three major publishers - Forbes.com, Cars.com and Ziff Davis Media, to add a little sparkle to its Q3 earnings.

QLogic hypes 'network consolidation' with FCoE

SNW QLogic is giving a preview of its latest gear at Storage Networking World in Dallas, including the claimed first complete Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) converged network.
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Microsoft throws unified communications party

Today, in downtown San Francisco, Microsoft's long-awaited lineup of "unified communications software" was officially announced by chairman Bill Gates, business division president Jeff Raikes, and a surly-looking guitarist in a red velvet jacket.
Cade Metz, 17 2007

DMSL punts local IT support to small.biz

BT reseller DMSL has created a IT repair service that will compete with the likes of the Geek Squad and PC World's Tech Guys by offering support services for home users and small businesses across the UK.

NAS box with integrated encryption?

I'm looking for a NAS box with encryption and the ability to back up to a remote server. I looked at the Freecom Data Tank, but I'm a little worried about the "encryption button" - does anyone know if this is, in fact, any good?
Mark, 17 2007

Nokia wants to reach out and Touch

Nokia has announced that S60, the popular interface layer for Symbian smartphones, will from next year allow users to prod screens with their fingertips - though apparently this innovation owes nothing to Apple's uber-phone.
Bill Ray, 17 2007
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Yahoo! accused! of! lying! to! Congress!

The House Committee on Foreign Affairs is calling Yahoo! chief executive Jerry Yang to a hearing on 6 November to explain why the company lied to Congress in early 2006 about its knowledge of the investigation into Chinese journalist Shi Tao.
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MiFID gives most firms a headache

Firms across Europe have just two weeks to comply with a law that aims to create a single European market for financial services. But most are struggling with the directive's record-keeping duties, according to survey findings published today.
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Cisco Brazil hit by massive police raid

Cisco offices in Brazil were raided yesterday and executives arrested during a massive raid against alleged illegal avoidance of import duties.

Bone phone promises clearer conversations

Japanese carrier KDDI has unveiled a 3G mobile phone that lets users hear a conversation through their bones, a technique it claims can give a much clearer conversation in noisy environments.

Symantec pushes Backup Exec with Altiris

SNW Symantec plans to integrate its latest Windows recovery software into the Altiris management platform next month. The move was made today in step with Storage Networking World in Dallas.

Hardware slowdown sours IBM numbers

IBM's customers are putting off big hardware buys until the firm refreshes its processor line, the company's latest financials show.
Joe Fay, 17 2007

AMD to launch DirectX 10 integrated chipsets next January?

AMD will roll out DirectX 10-compatible integrated chipsets for its desktop processors early next year, it has been claimed.
Bell Microproducts

Bell Micro still working on accounts probe

Bell Micro is still investigating its accounts and restating previous results, but yesterday gave preliminary figures for the third quarter of 2007 ending 30 September.
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Sony Ericsson feels margins pinch

Sony Ericsson has started to feel the margins pinch from its shift to lower-priced handsets, although it is still managing to keep a more successful balance than most of its rivals. Strong demand for its phones were the highlight of mixed third quarter results at Samsung, which remains hobbled by weakness in the semiconductor division.
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Seagate says storage demand better than expected

Seagate surprised itself in the last quarter by shipping 47 million disk drives, more than it had actually planned for.
Joe Fay, 17 2007

Panasonic preps 4x dual-layer Blu-ray burner

Panasonic has launched its second Blu-ray Disc burner capable of writing a BD-R disc at 4x speeds. This time, the drive can handle dual-layer, 50GB media.

Ofcom: no comeback for TV on analogue spectrum

Britain's communications watchdog has warned broadcasters they have no God-given right to reoccupy the analogue TV spectrum that they began vacating this week.
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Opera and Mozilla step up mobile browser pressure

The first key milestone on the road to a genuinely appealing mobile web experience is an effective browser, and the competition to provide that vital tool is heating up. The Apple Safari open source platform has made the running so far, both in the iPhone and Nokia's homegrown browser, which is Safari-based.
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OSI gives nod to Microsoft shared source licences

The Open Source Initiative (OSI) has approved two of Microsoft's shared source licenses. The controversial move paves the way for developers to use the Microsoft Reciprocal License and the Microsoft Public License as a valid methodology for creating open source applications.
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US Patent Office decimates Amazon's 1-Click Patent

Most of the claims in Amazon's controversial patent for shopping with a single mouse click have been rejected by the US Patent Office. It follows a campaign by a New Zealander who filed evidence of prior art with funding from readers of his blog.

Orange's Apple deal to bear unlocked iPhones

Orange will indeed offer Apple's iPhone on France, but the most interesting aspect of the two firms' partnership will be the availability, for the first time, of officially unlocked handsets.
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Skype in MySpace hook-up

MySpace has agreed to let eBay's IP telephony damp squib Skype plaster its pages with click-to-call buttons.
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Pennsylvania woman in legal doo-doo for lav profanities

While swearing at work is apparently good for you, swearing in your bathroom isn't. Pennsylvania housewife Dawn Herb is preparing to fight charges of disorderly conduct brought against her after she swore at her unruly loo, and shortly afterwards a law enforcement officer.
Sarah Bee, 17 2007

Facebook promises stronger safeguards

Social networking site Facebook has reached agreement with the New York Attorney General to strengthen the way it polices its site to make it easier to remove obscene or offensive content.
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George Lucas announces Star Wars TV spin-off

George Lucas announced yesterday he'd "just begun work" on a live action TV spin-off set in the Star Wars universe, but warned fans not to expect a cathode ray tube outing for Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader.
Warning: biohazard

Boffins plot to disrupt underground black markets

Academic researchers are developing techniques to disrupt underground black markets frequented by malicious hackers and virus writers.
email symbol

Fasthosts admits email destruction fiasco

Fasthosts, "the UK's number 1 web host", has admitted to a botched update to its mail server that permanently deleted customer emails.

SAP sings 'Only You' to Yasu

SAP has snaffled up Indian rules management vendor Yasu Technologies, its second acquisition in a week.
Joe Fay, 17 2007
DVD it in many colours

LHC@home gets new home

The distributed computing project LHC@home is moving to London from CERN in Switzerland.
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Met's de Menezes photo 'manipulated', says prosecution

A composite image of Jean Charles de Menezes and Hussain Osman "was manipulated so as to mislead", it was claimed at the Old Bailey today. The composite was produced by the Metropolitan Police in evidence in order to illustrate similarities between the two men, and to show that police could have difficulties distinguishing the two.

Exchange Server 2007 - it's here, and it's waiting

Site offer Microsoft's Exchange Server has become a key component of IT with today's business world relying more and more on mobile computing and 24-hour connectivity.

Sony Ericsson S500i mobile phone

Review With its pulsing lights and back-to-nature themes, Sony Ericsson’s S500i is aimed at the supposed style-savvy consumer. But does this sliderphone have the functionality and appeal to really grab fashion-phone followers?
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iTunes battles Amazon with DRM-free price drop

Apple has responded to the launch of Amazon's DRM-free music download store with a price cut to its own iTunes Plus.

Serial typosquatter settles FTC charges

An internet hijacker who allegedly registered 5,500 copycat web addresses in a bid to divert lost surfers onto a porno site has agreed to hand over $164,000 to settle charges brought against him by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
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Mobile content site offers chance to bypass operators

Kiwi-based Voeveo will flick the switch tonight on a portal where anyone can upload mobile content and charge people to download it, in return for 30 per cent of the sale price.
Bill Ray, 17 2007

Samsung shows Symbian satnav smartphones

Samsung has expanded its smartphone range with two new models, the SGH-i550 and SGH-i560, both unveiled at this week’s Symbian show in London.
Flag United Kingdom

Revenue IT boss gets top job

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs' IT boss Steve Lamey has been promoted to chief operating officer.

LEDs replace hands in bonkers Japanese watches

These watches may look as though they’re from a future era, but the LED-based timepieces could be just the thing to adorn your wrist and compliment your I-LUV-UNIX T-shirt.
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Symbian CEO finds his 'inner caveman'

Smartphone Show The 1990s mania for Flintstones anthropology has been on the wane for some time. It was freighted with too many dodgy agendas, and people twigged fairly quickly that you can simply make up any "evolutionary psychology" you wanted. Studies such as the one that suggested rape provided evolutionary advantages didn't exactly help the cause. Stephen Jay Gould called it "Just So Stories", and EP turned out not to be an exciting new branch of science, or even social science, but gothic fiction - to be filed under "Creative Writing".

SNIA forms green coalition

SNW Trade organization SNIA, the Storage Networking Industry Association, has formed yet another eco-cause group.

Apple opens up iPhone to app developers

The iPhone and iTouch are to get a Software Developers Kit in February next year, allowing developers to create proper native applications for the platform and allowing it to properly compete with other smart phones, Steve Jobs announced on the company's website today.
Bill Ray, 17 2007
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Skype Trojan steals login credentials

Skype users, Beware a new Trojan that uses subtle social engineering tricks to try to steal your login credentials
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Ex-Linspire chief defects to Ubuntu

Former Linspire CEO Kevin Carmony has shown all the loyalty of a free agent athlete. Just a few months after resigning from Linspire, Carmony has traded in his old company's Linux operating system for Ubuntu.
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US ID theft bill seeks redress for victims

Senators on both sides of the House have backed a bill that would allow American victims of identity theft to seek restitution for the money and time they waste repairing their credit histories.

Removable hard disks make a come-backup

There's always something a little off-beat around the edges of these shows, and this time it was a small company, called Idealstor, pushing an ejectable hard disk called Teralyte as a replacement for tape backup.
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Early Visual Studio 2008 to bolster Vista?

It's been a long time coming - but the much-anticipated proper release of Microsoft's Visual Studio 2008 could make it to market before the end of the year. Officially the Visual Studio 2008 is slated to be part of a massive Microsoft product launch at the end of February 2008. But there has been talk that it will arrive earlier.
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RIAA aims lawyers at usenet newsgroup service

The Recording Industry Ass. of America has now attacked a company that provides access to internet newsgroups.
Cade Metz, 17 2007
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Azul investor removes invisibility cloak

When Java server appliance maker Azul Systems announced a new round of funding last month, one investor caught our attention - JVax Investment Group.