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After months of denial, Microsoft cops to IE vulnerability

Microsoft has finally accepted responsibility for its role in a security weakness that allows malicious websites to run harmful code on an end user's machine. The acknowledgment of the vulnerability in Internet Explorer comes after three months of saying the burden lay with third-party software makers whose programs actually accepted the nasty payloads.
Dan Goodin, 12 Oct 2007

Onetime Google nemesis cranks click-fraud crusade

Advanced Internet Technologies once took Google to court over click fraud. But that was small potatoes.
Cade Metz, 12 Oct 2007

MPs slam criminal assets recovery IT 'mess'

The agency set up to recoup the ill-gotten gains of criminals lacked the appropriate information systems, according to a group of MPs.
Kablenet, 12 Oct 2007

CoPilot 7 satnav kit finds its way to the UK

ALK Technologies will finally launch the latest release of its CoPilot Live satellite navigation software across Europe this month. Version 7.0 will arrive - coincidentally - seven months after it was originally promised.
James Sherwood, 12 Oct 2007

Mobile broadband to dominate in 2011

Mobile broadband is expected to become the dominant broadband platform worldwide in 2011, according to a new report.
Charlie Taylor, 12 Oct 2007
Recycle sign

Corporate computing going thin to go green?

MP Alan Whitehead reckons it is not unfair to compare the computer industry to the airline business: all efforts are focused on the end user experience, he argues, without heed being paid to the effect the business has on the planet.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Oct 2007
Flag Russia

Russian spammer murder hoax exposed

A yarn that a prolific Russian spammer was whacked by Russian hit-men is increasingly looking like a hoax.
John Leyden, 12 Oct 2007

Asian manufacturers race to ready iPhone-alikes

Guess what? Taiwanese handset makers are scrambling to ready iPhone-like communications gadgets and could have them out the door before July 2008.
Tony Smith, 12 Oct 2007
Steve Ballmer

Ballmer: Google is winning online

Steve "on the" Ballmer is telling anyone who'll listen about how Microsoft is taking a pasting from Google in the search advertising racket.
Christopher Williams, 12 Oct 2007

AMD Catalyst update promises big gains for gamers

AMD has posted the latest release of its Catalyst graphics chip drivers, claiming the software yields "significant performance gains" in a stack of games - DirectX 10 supporting titles in particular.
Tony Smith, 12 Oct 2007

Cassini team ties icy jets to tiger stripes

The tiger stripes at the south pole of Saturn's moon Enceladus are indeed responsible for the powerful jets emerging from the body.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Oct 2007

TV for those who enjoy massacres

AnalysisIn 1991, Bad: Or the Dumbing of America was published. Written by Paul Fussell, a man with experience of war, it pessimistically ran through all that was execrable in the United States with the realisation things were only going to get worse.

Intel X48 chipset to ditch DDR 2?

Intel's X48 high-end gaming-oriented chipset, the anticipated successor to the only-just-released X38 chipset, is set to debut in Q1 2008 - supporting DDR 3 memory only, it has emerged.
Tony Smith, 12 Oct 2007

Apple iPod Touch

2007's Top ProductsApple may be keen to tout the Touch's 3.5in display, but the first thing you notice about the new iPod is how thin it is. Front to back it measures 8mm - on paper not as thin as the 6.5mm thick iPod Nano, but you'd never really know unless you measured them both. The point is, the Touch is supremely skinny.
Nick Hawkesmoor, 12 Oct 2007

BOFH: A tragic accident

Episode 35
Simon Travaglia, 12 Oct 2007

Sony Ericsson releases Walkman, Cyber-shot phones

Sony Ericsson’s announced availability of two previously unveiled music-oriented handsets and the broader availability of an erstwhile Vodafone exclusive. The W910 and K850 were both announced back in June, while the K630 is essentially a rebadged Vodafone V640i.
James Sherwood, 12 Oct 2007
Evesham Technology

Evesham left debts of £6.8m

Defunct British PC maker Evesham Technology went bust owing creditors nearly £7m, the firm's administrators have revealed.
Kelly Fiveash, 12 Oct 2007

Giants carve up broadband punters

Rapid consolidation in the UK broadband market means it's now dominated by just six operators, who divvy up 94 per cent of home internet users between them.
Christopher Williams, 12 Oct 2007

Moto punts Pebl-like music phone

Motorola has launched the Pebl-inspired U9 music phone that was forecast way back in July. The compact curvacious sliderphone sports a bright 1.5in OLED external display to give it that MP3 player feel.
Tony Smith, 12 Oct 2007

EMI 'goes indie'

CommentA memo from EMI's new owner has got the music digerati very excited. In recent years they've been hoping some of the lovely lolly that's been lubricating the City of London would flow their way. Now their wish is coming true - and it might not be what they wanted after all.
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Oct 2007

Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize

He might have made a couple of mistakes in his Inconvenient Truth documentary, but we suspect Al Gore will consider his shiny new Nobel Peace Prize a winning blow in the PR war on climate change.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Oct 2007

Rebranding earthquake shakes seismic tech outfit

LogoWatchThose of us who view the inexorable spread of rebranding madness with a certain dread and not a small amount of horror had, until now, assumed that it was only Web 0.2 solutions providers, telcos, or self-important chip outfits with more money than sense who allowed themselves to succumb to the sound of whalesong and the pungent scent of joss-sticks.
Lester Haines, 12 Oct 2007

Motorola cuts a dash with 24-carat gold Razr 2

Motorola's no stranger to gilt-y pleasures. It's already offered Oriental buyers a lady-aimed gold-clad Krzr K1 and now here's a Razr 2 that's apparently been "re-imagined and reconfigured in the most luxurious materials... bathed in gold and clothed in snake-like skin".
Hardware Widow, 12 Oct 2007

YouTube gatecrashers trash 16th birthday bash

A quiet birthday party in Chippenham, Wiltshire turned into a near-riot after details were posted on YouTube prompting over 100 uninvited teenagers to gatecrash the bash, Reuters reports.
Lester Haines, 12 Oct 2007

Simon Pegg to play Scotty

Brit thespo Simon Pegg, who's previously entertained the crowds in Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, will play a young Scotty in the next celluloid Star Trek outing, Reuters reports.
Lester Haines, 12 Oct 2007

US demands air passengers ask its permission to fly

Under new rules proposed by the Transport Security Administration (TSA) (pdf), all airline passengers would need advance permission before flying into, through, or over the United States regardless of citizenship or the airline's national origin.
Wendy M. Grossman, 12 Oct 2007
BEA logo

BEA rejects Oracle bid

UpdatedOracle has made a surprise $6.7bn bid for middleware developer BEA Systems.
Christopher Williams, 12 Oct 2007

Allen telescope array begins alien hunt

The first section of the Allen Telescope Array (ATA) has been powered up and is embarking on its mission to listen to a million stars.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Oct 2007

Hackers unlock iPhone - again

Hackers have struck back against an iPhone software update from Apple that disabled unlocked phones. The iPhone Development Project has developed a method to install third-party apps and use upgraded iPhones on GSM networks other than AT&Ts, The Unofficial Apple Weblog reports.
John Leyden, 12 Oct 2007

Nintendo updates Wii

Nintendo has announced several changes to the Wii games console’s Internet Channel, urging gamers to become more web-savvy with their Wii.
James Sherwood, 12 Oct 2007
Redhat logo

Red Hat, Novell sued for patent infringment

Just days after Steve Ballmer again raised the spectre of patent lawsuits being filed against Linux companies, Red Hat is being sued for patent infringement.
John Oates, 12 Oct 2007

Moon-like Bluetooth speaker is out of this world

Crater-face is usually a term reserved for pre-pubescent teens and South American generalissimos. But Sony Ericson’s MBS-100 Bluetooth speaker also looks set for some name-calling if its lunar-like design's anything to go by.
James Sherwood, 12 Oct 2007

Medion finds a place on Sainsbury's shelves

Sainsbury’s clearly thinks it’s onto a nice little earner with Medion notebooks, so it’s stocking up for Christmas.
James Sherwood, 12 Oct 2007

Branson: saviour of Northern Rock

Tiresome action-billionaire Richard Branson's Virgin group is in talks to take the helm of listing mortgage outfit Northern Rock, it's been revealed today.
Christopher Williams, 12 Oct 2007

American betting exchange craps out after four months

The state of Louisiana has apparently had enough of Betcha.com, a peer-to-peer betting exchange similar to Intrade or Betfair but based in Seattle, the Seattle Times reports.
Burke Hansen, 12 Oct 2007

Digital downloads get pop-tastic applause

Unless you've been living under a rock recently you'll have noticed that the digital music industry has been flip-flopping all over the place this week.
Kelly Fiveash, 12 Oct 2007

Zend crafts application server PHP implant

Zend Technologies is turning to application server vendors in the next phase of its work fine-tuning PHP for enterprise development.
Gavin Clarke, 12 Oct 2007
fingers pointing at man

Compellent IPO a driving force?

The storage biz has once again birthed a surprisingly successful IPO — but how will adolescence treat it?
Austin Modine, 12 Oct 2007

Ruling allows US tech firms to dodge an immigration bullet

Technology firms in the US just won a last-minute reprieve from a fusillade of new, and potentially devastating, immigration rules.
Kevin Fayle, 12 Oct 2007

Security vuln auction site pulls in research

A controversial marketplace for security exploits and vulnerabilities said it has exceeded expectations with the submission of more than 150 vulnerabilities in its first two months of operations.
John Leyden, 12 Oct 2007

AP sues Moreover over aggravated aggregation

News agency Associated Press (AP) is suing Verisign over that company's unlicensed use of AP news stories. The suit relates to Verisign-owned news aggregation site Moreover.
OUT-LAW.COM, 12 Oct 2007

CDW's flight into private equity is complete

CDW, America's biggest computer dealer, left NASDAQ today, on completion of its takeover by a couple of private equity firms. They are called Madison Dearborn Partners and Providence Equity Partners, in case you're interested.
Team Register, 12 Oct 2007

Tons of free music ... and other global injustices

Real MailAh, let's hear it for "consensus". These days, consensus is a splendid, many-sided thing that can mean anything you want it to mean - and whatever it is, you'll find the supporting evidence on the internet. Which is great news for hacks, who love to be soothsayers to the nation - and tell us what we're really thinking.
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Oct 2007

Universal recruits enemies for Total war on iTunes

Universal Music chief Doug Morris is reportedly aiming to join forces with Sony BMG and Warner to topple the iTunes store.
Austin Modine, 12 Oct 2007

Watchdog chucks life raft to White House backup tapes

A government watchdog group that alleges the Bush Administration has illegally failed to maintain more than 5 million emails has filed a temporary restraining order that would require administrators to preserve all remaining backup tapes.
Dan Goodin, 12 Oct 2007

EA aquires Bioware and Pandemic

Gaming megapublisher and dev sweat shop operator Electronic Arts plans to buy VG Holding Corp, owner of BioWare and Pandemic Studios, for $860m.
Austin Modine, 12 Oct 2007

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